Punishing Gray Raven Codes December 2022


Punishing Gray Raven is a sensation for many RPG lovers, and ever since it was released, the demand for this wonderful game has not ever been reduced a little bit even. But that is not the only point for making this game way more popular, and KURO technology also made sure to offer players some freebies. These are something that helps you to rise in the game, and here are the Punishing Gray Raven codes that create the way to earn these free rewards.






This game is set in a Sci-Fi story, which makes you experience several chapters packed with battles, weapons, and many styles you have to face against a robotic army. So here are our Punishing Gray Raven codes to help you rise from these battles and to have a better contribution to your gameplay.


Active Punishing Gray Raven Codes


  • pbnia6p0g – global server code to redeem free items
  • rbhegkd0g – global server code to earn free items
  • pb26ji40g – works on the Taiwan server
  • pbmw3z30g – works on Taiwan server
  • pb5dj6s0g – works on the Taiwan server
  • pbsz5dd0g – works on the Taiwan server
  • aitecteb – works on Taiwan server
  • GR777 – works on the Taiwan server
  • 1stanniversary0g
  • wearegrayraven0g
  • pgrhappybirthday0g


Note that you cannot change a single part of these codes, although they seem to make no sense because a single change done to one word, a number, or anything will make the code no longer work. And also, these all come up with a time limit, and you better be quick to redeem your free rewards.



Learn more about Punishing Gray Raven with our guide for everything from here.


How to Redeem Your Codes from Punishing Gray Raven?

Redeeming steps are simple, and you do not need much effort. So are the steps.


  • First, make sure to complete the tutorial and then go to the main screen of your game.


  • A notification icon is placed on the screen. Tap it


  • There will be a box placed on the screen’s bottom side where you can type your code. Take one code from our list and type it in there.


  • Redeem your best free rewards


How to Have Additional Codes from Punishing Gray Raven?

If you want to have more codes from this game, you can check out the official website of the game, their Twitter, and also the Facebook page. The Discord channel and the Reddit page will also announce new codes, so you can keep checking them as well.


Moreover, keep an eye for this guide as well because we are updating with every new code released to the Punishing Gray Raven.  


How to Play Punishing Gray Raven on your PC? h2

It just needs the best android emulator: LDPlayer, and the steps are simple.


  • Download and install 32 or 64-bit versioned LDPlayer to your computer


  • Head into the LD Store


  • Go to its search bar and search Punishing Gray Raven in there


  • Install the game and enjoy your best gaming


Playing this game from this kind of best emulator will offer you more optimized gameplay than ever, and it will especially help you do an efficient rerolling with its best features. Moreover, the advanced features that come with LDPlayer will help you a lot in dealing with combat, battles, and more.



So these are the available codes that we have for Punishing Gray Raven up to now and when they are being updated with new codes, make sure to come back to us.

Download Punishing: Gray Raven on PC