Punishing Gray Raven Reroll Guide and Reroll Tier List with LDPlayer


Punishing Gray Raven is an RPG game with so many characters on it, and they all come with different performances that are unique to one another. It is a must to choose the best hero here for your squad as it is the only way of dealing with combat, and in this gaming world, your apocalyptic world has to be saved with high-ranked soldiers. Every soldier group will feature its own leader that should guide the troop, and this best character will always be coming through a Punishing Gray Raven reroll.






If we talk more about this Punishing Gray Raven reroll feature, it helps a player pick up the most suitable character to get started with the game and is the starting point of your journey. So if you want to change the hero or start your journey with the most suitable hero in this game, you have to follow up with the game's tutorial, and here we bring you the steps for it.


How to Reroll Punishing Gray Raven?

Reroll in this RPG game will be starting at the beginning of your game, and taking a chance to do it will open the doors for selecting the most powerful hero for your journey. In this case, we identify the strongest characters as the tier S, and the game also asks you to spend so much of the in-game currency to do this for one time.


More about your tier S characters and the other units available in this game can be found by referring to our Punishing Gray Raven tier list.



So to have a Punishing Gray Raven reroll, there will be two methods to follow. Among them, one method will take more time than the other. But as usual, both these methods will take considerable time from the players.


You can level yourself into level 10 as your first method of rerolling, and it can be done by finishing off 12-story missions. The second method is asking you to reach for the pity 40. And this is the hardest Punishing Gray Raven reroll method because it takes days to complete, and there are so many quests and missions to complete.


Punishing Gray Raven Reroll Steps

When you have finished and passed all the requirements that the game is asking to reroll, you can just go with the steps to reroll. These steps are not that hard, and if you can follow up on them properly, then it will be operated easily.


  • First, finish the Tutorial Mode and note that it might take some time to finish. The tutorial helps a player unlock some game features, which will further aid in rerolling.


  • After you have finished with the tutorial phase, head into the story missions and try your best to complete them quickly. There are a total of 12 quests in the game and if you take the right time in the right way, know that it won't take much time, only some minutes,


  • When you have completed all the missions, it will make you unlock the gacha system of this game, and it allows you to earn the Black Cards, known as the game's in-game currency.


  • Save this currency up to 2500, so you can further use them for your beginner banner.


  • The beginner banner will allow you to have over ten summons from the game.


  • Go with the S tier selector here and avoid taking duplicate characters by changing the tier selector. So you are not getting the same character repeatedly, and note that you can't use the same characters together.


  • If you have earned your favorite and the strongest hero here, you can stop the process from here and do a reroll once again. This will take time from you.


  • To have a reroll again, you need to uninstall and reinstall the game.


  • You can delete the game data from your app to restart the process so that you will delete your current user account and start with a new account with a new username.


As we mentioned here, the whole Punishing Gray Raven reroll process somewhat takes more time to do it again. So if you didn't make it to the desired hero, you would always end up with frustration because you have to do a lot of things in the most extended time. But this will no longer be an issue if you have the best android emulator: LDPlayer, with you, and here is how it is going to help you.



Punishing Gray Raven Reroll with LDPlayer

  • Download the LDPlayer as your first step


  • Install and visit the LD Store to search for your Punishing Gray Raven game there


  • Install the game


  • Put aside the game after you have downloaded it, and then open the LD Multiplayer. This is used to create clones from your main emulator.


  • Create as much as clones you want from the game


  • Open your all cloned emulators and then go to the Synchronizer tool from the menu. This is used to sync all your copied emulators for one.


  • And now, you can start your gaming through all your copied emulators.


  • You can now reroll from all these created instances, and they will all be operated at once. So you won't take much time, and even if you didn't earn your best hero from a one reroll, many performed here simultaneously. So no more extra time taking, and your favorite hero is also earned here.


What Units to be Reroll in Punishing Gray Raven?

We would definitely recommend you to go with the tier S heroes as they have the most balanced and advanced way of gameplay. They are top of their skills, and they can do an excellent job in your combat. if we explain some more about the best units, we can recommend you for


  • Kamui – Tenebrion
  • Lee Entropy
  • Karenina – Ember
  • Nanami – Pulse
  • Liv – Luminance



And that is all we have brought to you from this Punishing Gray Raven reroll guide, and now you know how you can do it most quickly and easily. You hold the key to a quick and successful hero through LDPlayer, and you can now have your rerolls in the best and an advanced way with the proper knowledge taken from here.

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