Punishing Gray Raven Rerolling Guide and Rerolling Tier List

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Punishing Gray Raven is a hack and slash game with many different Structures and Ravens to play within the game. The game offers you many options to create your dream Waifu team with two additional side characters supporting the player. These support characters will swap when called via the Ping method and use different combos depending on the Orb color they are called upon on the battlefield.


Punishing Gray Raven Rerolling Intro


Today in this guide, we will talk about Rerolling in PGR and how to do it. After explaining the method, we will discuss whether if it is worth it or not.


When can you start Rerolling?


It takes around 10 min to get to the point where you can start summoning. You need to finish 1-12 from the story missions and reach Commander Level 10 for 10 pulls. The above-mentioned is the short Reroll method.


The longer Reroll method should take till the first Pity is at 40. To get to that Pity, you need 3-4 days doing all the missions, daily quest rewards, daily achievements.


Is there a Tier List for Reroll?


Yes, there is rerolling in the game, the small reroll takes you 20 minutes, and there is another one that takes you three days.


Yes, some characters are better than others, but it is more of a priority list than a Tier list.


How to Reroll?


The first thing you need to do is use the multi-Instance function of LDPlayer; once that is up, you need to make a few clones of the main instance in which you have downloaded the game. Choose 4-cores and 4GB of RAM as PGR can be resource-intensive.  Don't forget to name the main instance as Master Clone so you don't accidentally delete it. Also, don't delete data from the app menu if you are using a multi-instance function from an emulator and LDPlayer in this case. For mobile, you could do that.


Steps to Reroll:


  • Complete the Tutorial
  • Finish 1-12 of the Story missions
  • Unlock the Gacha system
  • Save 2,500 currency to draw from beginner banner
  • This gives you your 10 summons
  • Keep the S-Rank selector for the end
  • If you get your favorite S-Rank from the gacha, keep it
  • Use the S-Rank selector and select the complementing Construct to your pulled one
  • If you don’t get what you want?
  • Logout from current account
  • Delete the data if you are on mobile and clear the cache
  • Delete the non-required instance if playing on an emulator
  • Login again to start from scratch


Additional Method by Rerolling through LDPlayer:


Even if we think that Rerolling is a waste of time in PGR, it can be accessible when doing with LDPlayer and using its Multi-Instance Sync Feature. The Multi-Instance Sync Feature lets you reroll more than once with different instances. Please follow these steps to do the reroll with LDPlayer.


  • Download the LDPlayer to your PC.
  • Install it to the PC and start your search for PGR on the LDPlayer or Google Play Store. Download and install the game on your PC.
  • Please do not start the game after you've downloaded it. Close the game and open the LDMultiplayer tool. Take the main emulator and make clones of the emulator.
  • You can make copies of the clone as many times as you can.
  • Open all the cloned players made this way and click the feature of Synchronizer in the LDPlayer menu. Select them all and start syncing.
  • By following these steps, you can start PGR to all the copied emulators.
  • Start PGR this way, and keep playing until you have the Ravens you want. If you don't get your favorite characters from the clones method, follow any of the first three steps above and continue.


Should you reroll in PGR?


The biggest question in the Gacha Game is whether you should be rerolling. Following is a short summary of rerolling in PGR. Rerolling is restarting a Gacha game to get different units from the tutorial or early summons.


Punishing Gray Raven Rerolling worth it or not


Usually, Gacha games give a few summons into the tutorial to "teach" you how to use your premium currency. Often the tutorial guarantees a max rarity unit, which is why you might want to reroll for a specific unit, or you want to use the early summons for the low chance of getting a max rarity character. Or it so happens that after a few days of playing the game, you find out that you don't like the character you are using and would like to change the gameplay. The second is that you want to make a perfect Waifu squad in the game, which you aren't getting. Then you might want to reroll


Short Version:


Here is the short version; rerolling in PGR is not worth it, in our opinion, and we don't recommend you do it. It simply takes too long, and the odds are too low to be worth it. Also, don't forget that you will be getting the S-Rank selector, which will let us outright choose our favorite among the starting roster.


Punishing Gray Raven Rerolling short version


Let’s see why rerolling is not worth it in PGR because the tutorial only gives you one pull, and you always get the B-rank version of anatomy from it. B-Ranks being the lowest rarity units in the game, and by the time you unlock the gacha system, your Commander's level will be10 which rewards you with 1/10th pull, plus you’ve earned 3-5 extra pulls from the stage clear awards and the beginner’s quest at this point.


These are normal non-tutorial pulls so that you could get an S-Rank from them. However, every pull on the beginner's banner or the default banner has a 0.5% chance to be an S-Rank, so you’re banking on getting the 0.5% chance with those 10-15 pulls. To reach the tutorial section in the game, it takes you about 20 minutes.


Rerolling High-Time Investment Version:


Finish beginner banner of 40 pulls > Clear your temporary account > Play till you finish the beginner banner again > repeat until you get the character you want.

The above is the other way of rerolling by finishing the beginner banner and restarting if you don't get what you don't like. For this, you need 40 pulls in total, and to achieve that, it needs 2-3 days of your time. Level 10 gives you a 10-pull (2,500 Summoning Cards), while the next boost in currency is at Level 50, which takes a few days.


You are getting Black Cards from clearing story missions and beginner quests. PGR doesn't give out a lot of summoning currency, the reason being you don't need much if the rates are great and the characters are quality over quantity. That approach heavily limits the Rerolling you might be looking for. There is no way to speed this up either unless the global launch gives out more than 10 pulls.


Gacha games want you to come back day after day, so there will likely not be one big drop of premium currency at the start. PGR is still a Gacha game at the end of the day, even if it's one of the fairest.


Following are the rewards you can get by pre-registering;

  • 200 Black Cards
  • 20,000 Cogs
  • 2 CEM IV
  • 2 Construct XP Pod (M)
  • 2 Overclock Alloy
  • Lucia Lotus Coating-Daybreak


Finally, use your S-rank Selector after you have done your first 40 rolls or achieved your Pity.


Best Characters to Reroll for and Tier-list:


Tier List:


Following is the Tier List for PGR. Please note that all of this work well even if they are A-Rank structure, all you need to do is use them with the right partner. We classify this list as Tier 1, which is OP, Tier 1.5 is termed as best, Tier 2 is good, etc.

  • S Dark Kamui – Tier 1
  • S Alpha Crimson – Tier 1
  • S Liv Hope – Tier 1
  • S Nanami Pulse – Tier 1.5
  • S Karenina Ember – Tier 1.5
  • S Liv Luminance – Tier 1.5
  • S Lee Random – Tier 2
  • A Bianca Zero – Tier 2
  • A Live Lux – Tier 2
  • A Watanabe Pulsatina – Tier 2


The lower Tiers are not worth mentioning for this reroll guide, and you can get the complete Tier List for the game in our guide for that.


Punishing Gray Raven Rerolling Karenina


Our Recommendations:


You should focus on choosing who to reroll for if you get a DD from pulls, get a healer from the Selector, and vice versa. Secondly, element types and DDs will have elemental themes, and some Structures will be best in their element group. You will be eventually building teams for all the elements and powering them up. Nonetheless, when starting, and that is what this guide is for, you need a farmer Structure that you can Carry your whole roster with. Plus, you should reroll or focus on that Raven that you enjoy playing with and don't get bored with them.


Alpha – one of the best DDs in the game and one of the sexiest. She is one of the most used and featured characters in the game. You can spend all your currency, and you still won't feel sorry if it takes too long to get her; she is worth it. A mysterious enemy was first encountered by Gray Raven during an operation in City 015, leaving a strong yet casual impression. Her elements are 100% PHY.


Vera Rose – A queen of a structure, Leader of the Cerberus Corporation. She has been the core of the experimental squad for long-range connection technology. Her extreme ways of doing things and harsh, elusive attitude have made her a controversial character. Her elements are PHY (20%) Dark (80%).


Kamui Tenebrion – Kamui Tenebrion has transformed this frame. The heavy armor does not simply protect it from external threats, and it also holds back the dangerous power within. Able to toggle between Bastion and A Tenebrion modes to perform different attacks. Kamui, the Dark Tank, can lower the enemy's Dark Resistance, and he goes well with a Dark DD on the team to pair with Kamui. He has slow attacks, but his fluidity makes up for it. He is a 50-50% PHY-Dark elemental.

Specialty: Mixed Damage (Able to inflict PHY and Elemental DMG), Form (Switch: Signature move can switch attacking forms).


Liv Hope/Luminance – Brand new frame compiled from Liv's memories and data recovered from ancient ruins. The pure white outfit seems almost sacred. Special levitation devices on the feet and a jetpack on the back give Liv great mobility. Liv, the Support.


Punishing Gray Raven Rerolling Liv


Nanami Pulse – Nanami’s enhanced model, equipped with IR-005 propulsion wheels, allowing her to speed across the battlefield at ease. Nanami, the Tank, is a fire character, and she can lower the Fire resistance of the enemy; and she is 50% PHY, 50% Fire DD. Synergizes with champs that deal fire damage.


Specialty: Mixed Damage (able to deal PHY and elemental damage), Resistance Reduction (able to reduce primary resistance of enemies).


Punishing Gray Raven Rerolling Nanami


When you finally decide which of these you want, remember that it doesn’t matter if you're starting Raven is a Tank because you can build them like a DD. They will perform well as they'll become a Tanky DD and successfully use them until you get a much better and actual DD.




If you follow the short reroll method, you have very few Gacha chances to roll an S-Rank Raven. Meanwhile, with the long process, though taking much longer, you may get an S-Rank. The best method to choose, whether it's short or long, is to do with the Multi-Instance feature of LDPlayer to do 3-4 rolls at one time to make the process more fruitful.

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