Punishing: Gray Raven

Last Updated: 2022-09-01 Current Version: 1.12.1
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One of the better if not the best ARPGs that you can play on a mobile platform and soon™ on PC as well. Story takes time to lift off but everything after the 'Lost Chapter' is written pretty well starting with 'Fake Ascension'. Gacha system is pretty good except the weapon banner and the events are with some exceptions enjoyable. Biggest con is the accelerated road map. We are chasing the CN version meaning less time between patches and less rewards. Harder for FP2 to get into. Worth a try.


I'm honestly unsure about this game. It has A LOT of potential but some features (or lack thereof) kinda ruin the experience. There's sometimes issues logging in, where im required to reselect the account and log in again. I find it a huge bummer that the story isn't voiced AT ALL which makes it pretty boring... However the UI design and especially the characters are gorgeous! I'll continue playing but I'd be very happy if the story was voiced at some point. 4/5 stars for now!


I just started playing and I'm veeery happy with it!! I like the story so much and the characters are so cool and unique! The gameplay is really fun, but I wish I could enjoy it at full graphics and resolution. Even tho the optimisation isn't perfect, it did surprise me that I was able to play it from a less expensive phone with decent frame rate.✨️✨️✨️

Punishing: Gray Raven is identified as an RPG action ultra-stylish game, and it was introduced to the gaming world by the Kuro Game. Here it is placed on a futuristic earth, which has been advanced with technology, and a cybernetic apocalypse has destroyed this earth. Punishing the deadly virus has already taken the world, and as a commander for the Gray Raven Squadron, you are going to take back the earth and defeat the struggle of the infected.

Fast Paced Thrilling Combats

Punishing: Gray Raven has been made out of real-time action combats where the players will have to go through a thrilling adventure, and these all must be done to save their world. The players will have to unleash their best skills with the best weapons to do the greatest damage, and the combats are filled with deadly combinations of abilities as well as attacks.
The players looking to play the best part in their combats have LDPlayer 9 with the best options and optimizations done to the game.

Powerful Heroes to Handle the Battle

Every hero in Punishing: Gray Raven has been made with the use of the best powers, and they all will fight against the infected ones on the planet earth. Players can unlock them from time to time with levels, and they will also be featured with their own personalities. It is the right time to earn your experience points by choosing the best hero to fight in combat and do your level-ups to become a more powerful force than ever.

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