Star Healer Game Review, Tier List & Gacha Rates


Actually released in Open Beta (but your progress won’t be deleted, so you can start playing it right now!), Star healer is a fast paced Shooter game with a gacha component for Characters, Weapon and Pets! If you like super colored games, with exciting music, colorful characters with Chibi style, super cute pets and super chaotic stages with tons of flashy skill and combos, that’s the game for you!


Let's play Star Healer on PC and find out.





What is Star Healer?

Star Healer is a newly released 2D Side scrolling Action/Shooter RPG. In Star Healer you are Sakura, a girl who has been taken to the galaxy of sweetness, where everything is made of sugar! But even a sugar land has its bitter time, and with the invasion of a virus who wanna destroy the world, you must save it with the help of new companions! Team with up to three characters that you can fully control and switch between them, geared with different weapons of your choice and with the help of Pets! You can customize your character with Sugar Cubes (a sort of gear) and can use different sets of weapons based on your preference (from a ranged weapon to a melee). 


Game Content Explained

Game Console



This is literally the “main story” mode of Star Healer. Here you have different planets (Actually 7 with 10 stages each) and you fight hordes of monsters with usually a boss at the last stages. You need to clear the previous world to continue exploring them. On the game console you can also play “Plot” stages to experience the story of the game and get rewards, and “Mission” that are tasks that reset every day, and give you rewards for completing them. You also unlock “Hard Mode” of worlds after completing them in normal mode.


Golden Mount



Golden Mount is a time-based content where you can earn different rewards (Jelly - Stars - cubes, etc.) based on how fast you can clean it! The faster you kill enemies, the more rewards you get! You need a ticket to enter it and will refresh with time.


Resources Region



The Resources Region is the best place for gathering different kinds of rewards (even Stamina!) once/twice a day! It requires you to complete the corresponding region to unlock the stage, and consume some stamina to enter it, but the rewards are great so it’s totally worth it!





In Simulation you can check all the Characters, Pets and Weapons you have already unlocked, while also clicking on them to level them up or evolve.


Boss Briquet Shop



This is the Real Money Shop of the game. It actually covers a lot of tabs, from Daily gift, where you can receive daily income and a character with skin for a price, it also changes everyday, so check if often if you are interested! Gift packs that give you jelly (summon currency) with different prices, Skins for your characters to unlock, Jelly Privilege for a 30 days long rewards everyday, and Jelly / Gumdrop top up where you can spend real money for game currency.


TV Dog



The TV Dog is the place to check the Daily Login rewards, while also gathering free stamina at 6:00 - 12:00 - 18:00 every day for free! Always check it when you log into the game!





The Achievement Tab offers a lot of rewards (especially summon currency!) every time you complete one of them. They are divided by different categories, from Simulation (giving you rewards for leveling up) to battle (doing X damage or Kill X boss/monsters) to the collection (Unlock heroes or receive special mails etc.)





Although you may think Mailbox is where you only receive normal mail, you are wrong! The Mailbox in this game is super special, since every time you finish a new stage, level up a character, or unlock a new one, anything you do in the game, you will receive Special mails from characters, or pets! They will say thank you, tell you stories and always reward you with Gacha currency! Isn't that sweet as the game itself? 





With the Merge function you can use Characters / Weapon and Pets dupes to increase the blood purity of your most used units and weapons / pets. Increasing blood purity will give you more stats and power, but also the used currency will disappear, so choose carefully!


Black Hole



With Black Hole, you can get rid of unused Characters, Weapon or Pet and receive material based on the type of unit you have consumed. This way you can get rid of dupes in exchange of exclusive materials/fragments and coins.


Candy Washer



With Candy Washer you can consume unused sugar cubes to enhance the power of your most used ones! You also need to choose to spend Stars or Electric source as currency for enhancing.





The Event tab has plenty of time-based events that will change with time. At the OBT time, there’s multiple events running on!

Operating Activities will reward you for simple task like logging in or complete stages, 7 Days Reward will give you a Weapon, currencies and a character on the last day, Corresponding Pull is a high cost stage, but it reward you with  exclusive items for your characters, Candy Pirate is the major event at the moment, complete stages, collect currency and redeem a lot of valuable items from the event shop! 


How to Become Stronger




Your character, same as your weapon and pet, must be leveled up and geared for being strong. Here’s what you have on your character screen:


1 The Skin of your character you can choose to wear
 2 A picture mode for your character
 3 The best weapon for your character to use 
 4 Promote your character with Dupes
 5 Increase the level of your character with Energy 
 6 Your character stats and skill description




Your weapon is the main source of your damage, so leveling it up and promoting it is a must. On the screen you can see:


1 The Weapon damage type 
2 The Promote for increase stats consuming dupes
3 The Level up function that uses energy
4 The stats of your weapons and damage type/range etc.





Pets are lovely companions that will help you with different kinds of skills. The best part is Pet can’t die during battle, so having them leveled up and strong is the best! In the pet tab you have:


1 The promote function that uses dupes
2 The level up system with energy
3 The Pet stats and Skill description





Characters, Weapon and Pets, all together need different kinds of resources (like the one on the screen) for Promote. Best places for getting those resources is directly explained by click on them (Normal/Hard stages and also Resources Region)

Remember to gather those resources every time a Character, Weapon or Pet reaches max level, so you can promote and stars-up. Starring up also changes the skin, usually, improving its visual aspect!


Gacha Rates & Tier List

Activity Pool



Activity Pool is the classic “Rate up Character” banner, but in Star Healer the pool is diluted with weapons and pets. It changes every some time (usually 2 or 3 weeks) and provides the highest rate for trying to get a character. The pity for exchange the featured character is 200, here’s the rates:


  • Common 66% (Hero 20% / Weapon 26% / Pet 20%) 
  • Rare 30% (Season UP hero 2% / Hero 9% / Weapon 8% / pet 11%)
  • Legendary 4% (Season Up Hero 1.2% / Hero 1.4% / Weapon 1.4%)


Sugar Pool



In Sugar Pool, you can only get Sugar Cubes for your Characters, Weapon or Pets. Here’s the rate:


  • Hero Sugar Cube 32% (Mint S. Restore Candy / Lichee Damage Candy / Blueberry Energy candy 5% | Orange Armor Candy / Grapes CD Restore Candy 9% | Strawberry Recovery Candy / Honey Shielding Candy 18%)


  • Pet Sugar Cube 38% (Pink Attack Candy / Golden Speed Candy / Dark Green Crit. Candy / Vivid Red Crit. Candy / Brightness S. Restore Candy / Purple Penetrating Candy 11% | Green Durability Candy / Blue Armor Candy / Cyan Shielding Candy 27%)


  • Weapon Sugar Cube 30% (Attack Gummy / Speed Gummy / Crit. Gummy / Crit. Rate Gummy 7% | Penetrate Gummy / Reload Gummy / Attack SPD Gummy 14% | Capacity Gummy 9%)


  • Sugar Cube (R1 85% | R2 10% | R3 4% | R4 1%)


Permanent Pool



In Permanent Pool you have all the released Characters, Weapon and Pets in the game (Excluded the rate up who prolly will join later). Here’s the rates:


  • Common 66% (Hero 25% / Weapon 20% / Pet 20%)
  • Rare 30% (Hero 10% / Weapon 10% / pet 10%
  • Legendary 4% (Hero 1.4% / Weapon 1.4% / Pet 1.3%)


Jelly Pool



In the Jelly pool you can spend less currency for pulls, but with high risk to get not the Character / Weapon / Pet you want cause this pool also features resources! Here’s the rates:


  • Material Item: 40% (Resources)
  • Common 40% (Hero 13.4% / Weapon 13.3% / Pet 13.3%)
  • Rare 17% ( Hero 5.6% / Weapon 5.6% / pet 5.8% )
  • Legendary 3% ( Hero 1.2% / Weapon 1.2% / Pet 0.6%)


Star Union Pool



Star Union Pool is similar to Jelly Pool, where you can get both Characters Weapon, Pet and Resources, but it’s the only Pool that contains Magic Eye! So if you wanna pull it, here’s the rates:


  • Material Item: 40% (Briquet Coins / Yellow stars)
  • Common 40% (Hero 13.4% / Weapon 13.3% / Pet 13.3% )
  • Rare 17% ( Hero 5.6% / Weapon 5.6% / pet 5.8% )
  • Legendary 3% ( Magic Eye 3% )


Star Healer Tier List



Since this game is a 2D Shooter, every character can work fine and you can have fun playing them, but there’s some character that can perform better then others! Here’s some of them if you wanna aim for one!


Should I play it? Pro & Cons!




  • Super Colorful Stages 
  • Good Music
  • Super Chibi looking characters
  • Character and Pets change aspects with Star up!
  • Good Gacha Rates (4%)
  • Auto Battle is enough good




  • Stamina can be a problem later
  • Need Dupes for improve Power
  • A lot of Gacha Pools diluted with resources
  • High Pity (200)
  • Can be boring to play after some time





With LDPlayer as your Emulator, you will enjoy Star Healer on PC with the best performance! Smooth 60 Fps for fast paced games like this is a must, while also fully configurable Keyboard UI or even Gamepad, it’s all your choice! Enjoy Star Healer with LDPlayer, and have fun in the game!

Download Star Healer on PC