Project Slayers Codes to Earn Free New Spins  (Roblox) July 2022


Roblox is a platform that always manages to do wonders for the gaming world, and this universe is always updating with new content as well as new games. Project Slayers also emerged in the gaming world as a result of it, and it takes you through a combination of manga as well as anime. Since this game is an influenced project from the Demon Slayer, it surely comes with a lot of actions to achieve by all players, and fighting with enemies is not always the easiest for a player. And that can now be simplified with the use of Project Slayers codes.





We must say that this game is not the usual anime game you have used to play before, and it is aiming towards exploring the map and fighting with enemies. So the game will offer players rewards as well as secrets for every successful decision they make. You will not be put into a warrior role here. Instead, you should earn Wen, which identifies as the experience of this game as well as the currency. To make these all succeed, you need to have more experience and clan spins, as well as the demon art and spins, and those are going to be offered by the codes.

So this Project Slayers codes guide has been designed to let you know what will be the current working codes for today and what has been added to the list with more rewards. Every code we have mentioned here will help you reach for the items we mentioned before, and here is your perfect method to earn more spins as well as the Wen. So let's start.


Working Project Slayers Codes

shutdownnumb2 – this code comes with 15 demon art spins, 35 clan spins as well, as a daily spin

miniupdate – this code will reward you with 40 demon art spins, 75 clan spins as well as 3000 EXP

shutdown! – here, we have set to earn a daily spin, 15 demon art spins, as well as 35 clan spins

miniupdatedaily – this code offers the players five from the daily coins
300klikes – earn some rewards for free

Several significant facts that you need to keep remember before these Project Slayers codes. The first rule from the codes is that you cannot change their words. It might be silly that none of these codes comes with a perfect matching or with an order but know that they all work when you type them correctly on your redeeming panel.

Next, every code we mentioned here will expire soon as it comes with the game's shortest life span. So you should not wait and make your steps somewhat speedier than usual.

How to Redeem Project Slayers Codes?

The steps are not that hard and they are very simple to earn Project Slayers codes. It only takes you through a simple procedure as follows.

1. Open the Platform Roblox

2. Launch your game in there


3. Open the Project Slayers menu


4. Then go to the book icon from the game


5. Choose a code from our list and enter it in the displayed box. You can type or

copy-paste from this list


6. Redeem and have your best free rewards to advance the gaming

To do more advancements and leveling ups rather than using codes, you can refer to our Project Slayers leveling guide.

How to Earn More Project Slayers?

If you want to earn more of these Project Slayers codes, you can refer to the game's discord server, and it will come up with all the new codes released to the game. And following up on the social media channels of this game will also help you to reach the codes easier than any other players.

Moreover, we invite all players to refer to this guide as well, so it won't make you go through several channels to search for more new codes. We update this guide as soon as new codes are released, so stay tuned with this guide.

How to Play Project Slayers on Your PC?

The most efficient and optimized version of the LDPlayer has been released with a new version now and if you are looking for the best way to have more advanced gaming, the best android emulator LDPlayer 9, is your solution. This is not an emulator that just makes you play the game on a PC, but also it gives you the opportunity to advance the gameplay with many optimized features.


First of all, before you access these advancements, you need to take the game to your PC via LDPlayer 9, and here is how you will do it.

1. Download LDPlayer 9 by referring to the LDPlayer official website

2. Directly step into the LD Store, which holds several apps there to find your game.

3. Search the game name Project Slayers in the search bar

4. If you didn't manage to find the game here, you can still drag and drop the game to this LDPlayer window, as it also gives you the opportunity to play the game without any issue.

5. Install the game and enjoy your best gaming experience

We recommend LDPlayer 9 here because it can advance your controls by setting up the easiest key settings for all your movements with the help of Keyboard Mapping. The other thing is that if this game takes too many repeating actions, it is also simplified by the LDPlayer 9 through Keyboard Macros, where it is going to set one key for all those repeating movements.

And suppose there is a process that takes the same steps in a repeating cycle. In that case, it also can be solved with the Operation Recorder feature from the same emulator, as it allows you to perform a set of actions in a loop without your contribution. And that is how you will advance the game more than ever.


So this ends the Project Slayers codes guide us, and it is now the right time to have your best rewards with the best codes. Don't forget to speed up things as you have only a limited time, and make sure to earn your best support through your codes as it is the best way to ease up the gaming.

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