Project Slayers Leveling Guide to Be Better at Your Gameplay (Roblox)


Roblox is back with another game, which is turned into the RPG game genre this time. Project Slayers is your RPG game set in a world that is full of villages and large cities. Here we have to deal with so many enemies as well as friends with different adventures, and you choose to be either a demon or a human. Deciding what you need to become is your sole choice but leveling up isn’t. Since the threat is growing more and more in your village, you may have to contribute more with your fighting as it is the only way to win. And for that, you need to level up, and here is your Project Slayers leveling guide.




In this game, your path to victory is not coming in a smoother way because it is generally packed with a lot of struggles. There are many combos to deal with and so many fights to handle, and what you encounter in your last seconds cannot be decided because things happen suddenly in this Roblox RPG game. There are enough threats to deal with in this game, which is why players must develop their skills and fighting capabilities.


So to do a level up, we can utilize several methods with multiple aspects. Firstly, you will have an overall level to you in this game, and when you add more and more skills to you, you will be able to reach the mastery level. It is very important for a player to do level-ups for them because it can unlock so many special moves, raise the damage, and teach you many things. So here is your Project Slayers leveling guide, and let’s see what methods we have here to level up for the best gameplay.


Complete Your Quests

As the first thing that we can recommend from this Project Slayers leveling guide, you better move on with quests. As a player, completing the quests given to you by the game is a must because they can offer you some EXPs. Although the amount of EXPs you earn here will not be a huge amount, it can increase yours more efficiently than doing nothing.


If you accept quests on a daily basis and do some fights against the enemies to defeat them, it clears you a way to earn EXPs, and they are offering you the EXPs like Somi, which is taken from the starting village. If you need to look into some more ways to earn EXPs, you can also try taking down your NPCs. So it will add a little bit of extra effect to complete your quests.


Fight against Bosses as well as Enemies

This is also another best method for leveling up, as we recommend from this Project Slayers leveling guide, and this can be called the best method to grind our overall levels. So try your best to farm some bosses as well as the NPC enemies to battle and give your all efforts to defeat them. So every time you manage to defeat an enemy or a boss, the game will offer you with EXPs.


Remember that the amount of EXPs you earn will be decided on the damage you are causing to that particular enemy. If you manage to do them more damage, more EXPs are also going to be earned.


Buy 2x EXP Boost

The next thing that we are going to talk about under this Project Slayers leveling guide is going for the 2x EXP Boost purchasing. You can look into this option whenever there is no other way to gain levels in the game or if the level raise rate isn’t satisfactory for you. In this case, players can spend some Robux and then purchase this 2x EXP Boost.


Once you purchase, 2x EXP Boost will only last 15 minutes. But it is also going to be doubled along with the progress you made in the game. Suppose you go into more fights and do more and more quests from the game. These are directly contributing towards earning more EXPs. You can go to the menu and then find the coin pouch icon to make a purchase for this 2x EXP Boost, and it will cost about $115.


Speak to the Trainer

If a player is trying to master their skills, there is one thing they should keep their head on the trainer. And it can also make your way to Project Slayers leveling. You can master your skills with all demon arts and breathing by talking to a special trainer. But remember, you cannot just go and talk to them because your levels need to be higher if you really want to be trained with these special trainers along with their abilities.


Leveling Up Your Skills

To do more Project Slayers leveling, you just need to level up your skills too. There are several skills to look after here; these are not the overall levels but the skills. When you go through the game, you will see many skills available to you that you can directly level up, which can be done until you reach the Mastery.


Every level a player will have to earn these skills will contribute towards raising the damage. And it also unlocks new moves for players. New moves keys will be available are the gears from the menu. If a player manages to equip a certain skill, it is going to be revealed to them, and it will show the players how many EXPs they basically need for having a level up here.


As we said earlier, there are several skills you can utilize to master, and basically, we can name 5 of the Katana, Breathing, Claws, Demon Art and Fists.


Battle Continuously

If you really want to level up all the masteries in this game, the recommendation we can give from this Project Slayers leveling guide is to fight. Fighting can master your skills, and you will be able to utilize these skills more helpfully in the battles. You must select a combat skill, either a weapon here or use both in fights. Fights may have happened between agent bosses or NPCs as well. Don’t mind who you are fighting; just use these two for both.


And we also like to recommend you decide on fighting against powerful enemies as well. They can earn you more than you currently have, and try your best to complete so many combos as well. It helps a player to gain more damage out of their battles.


Use Gourdes


One of the best methods to have a Project Slayers leveling is the Gourdes, and it doesn’t ask players to deal with more grindings as well. Gourds are placed on the Butterfly Mansion, and they are basically placed there for purchase on Wen. There are different sizes for Gourds, and everyone will help you to progress depending on these sizes. Some gourdes will specifically help a player to raise their Demon Art as well as the Breathing.


Players can see their progress by going into the menu and then to the book. Here the players will be given the opportunity to buy their game pass and then see their grind levels.


Buy 2x Mastery Boost

Here is another pack to buy for Project Slayers leveling, which will not be the same price as the previous 2x EXP Boost. This pack helps a player speed up their whole procedure, and they can purchase it from the shop menu. 2x Mastery Boost will last for over 15 minutes and will contribute to doubling all the EXPs a player needs to become Mastery and raise their skills. And yes, to buy this, you need to pay with Robux, and the pack will cost about $250.


How to Level Up with Efficient Battling?

The thing is that you need some familiarity with the game settings if you really want to deal with high performance, which also applies to the battles. So we recommend you go with the best android emulator: LDPlayer, as it can create a private controlling system to do better at your battles.


The Keyboard Mapping feature will help you improve and set the most engaging keys like A, S, W, and X for controlling your attacks, battles, movements, and so on. Create your own key settings to dominate the battles and make it a contribution towards your Project Slayers leveling.



And this marks the end of our Project Slayers leveling guide, and keeping track of these points will help you to do a lot better at your gameplay. Go through every recommendation we have discussed and see how better you can turn your gameplay into a higher one.

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