Octopath Traveler: CoTC - Game Review & Gacha Rates


Being released in October 2020 for the Japanese market, finally Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent is available for the Western Market. If you have played other chapters from this series, you will easily recognize the style of the game. Beautiful retro graphics with Pixel art, Fully voiced Japanese Characters and Main Story dialogues, and music from Square Enix will let you embark on emotional stories. The game is Single Player with Gacha Element, maybe you are familiar with similar titles like Another Eden. Let’s embark on this adventure together!





What is Octopath Traveler: CoTC?

Octopath Traveler: Champion of the Continent is a newly released (for Global Market) Turn Based Single player RPG, with Gacha Element. Like any other Octopath travelers series, the game is heavily focussed on Stories for any character. Discover the background of any summonable hero, while also enjoying 3 main Story chapters called “The Ring of Wealth, Power and Fame”. Play with a plethora of Champions and form a 8 size party, with different combinations of Classes! Have fun battling big bosses in the Hunts, hard enemies for Sub Story and Traveler Story content, while experiencing the best music provided by Square Enix and Retro Pixel Graphic. If you liked the Octopath Traveler Series for Switch/Pc, this new Spin-off is what you wanna play!


Game Content

Main Story




At the start of the game, you will summon a random 5 stars character that will act as yourself for the game story. After a short tutorial, you will need to choose 1 of the 3 Main Story (Wealth, Power and Fame) but don’t worry, you can complete them all by time. Story mode will let you explore, find strong monsters, buy Weapons and Armors at the shops, rest in the Inn, find treasure chests etc.


Traveler and Side Story



After you finish Chapter 1 of your Main Story, you’ll unlock Traveler Story and Side Story.


  • Traveler Story: After you get a character, you will unlock their story. Doing it will rewards you with Experience Nuts, Ruby and Influence


  • Side Story: Secondary Story that usually will give you ruby





The “Hunt” feature (unlocked later in the main story) lets you fight strong bosses (mini boss and big boss at last) for great rewards, like a lot of Experience Points and also Items that are required for unlocking 5 Stars Character Potential.





The “Find” option will let you watch videos ads for rewards 6 times a day (3 for each option)


  • Defeat Crafty Cait: Watch a video and then fight an easy fight vs Cat for a lot of exp and some money


  • Cait Treasure: Watch a video and get a random reward


Character & Battle Guide




The Characters you will summon in the game will need different kinds of items for improving the combat performance:


  • Equipment: Buy it from merchants, drop it from bosses etc. 


  • Skills: You can unlock Passive/Battle Skill spending JP (Job Point) 


  • Limit Break: Depending on character, you can use character dupes stone or universal stone for limit break your characters and increase them level to a maximum of 100


  • Awakening: Same as Limit break, you can use Dupes or Universale Stone for Awakening, unlocking passive effect, battle skill slot etc.




The battle screen have many feature that are important for your game progress:

  • Turn List: Check it in the upper part of the screen, to maximize your damage output with buffs or debuff etc.


  • Switch/Switch All: You can switch 1 or multiple characters from Front to Rear line. Rear Character will regain HP/MP


  • Attack: All characters will basic Attacks or skill you have selected before


  • Boost All: You can consume your accumulated point for attack multiple times at once with all characters.


  • Skills: If you tap on a character name you can choose what skill to use


  • Break: Once you hit the target “X” times with Weapon / Elements that he’s vulnerable to, the target will be unable to atc for 1 turn


Gacha Rates

Guided Traveler (Paid Banner Only)




The “Guided Traveler” banner is only available for 4 days after you start play, and it’s a “Paid Banner”, if you don’t know what it mean, it can only be used with Paid Ruby, so normal Ruby obtained with the in-game quests/events are not usable. If you wanna roll on this banner when you start the game, the lowest price for 300 Ruby is around 30$ (converted on your value). Here’s the rates:


From First Pull to Ninth:

4.5 / 5 Stars Characters : 4% (2% for 4.5 | 2% for 5)

  • 3.5 / 4 Stars Characters: 40% for 3.5 | 18% for 4
  • 3 Star Characters: 38%


For the Tenth Pull:

  • 5 Star Character: 100%


Chance Encounters (Free / Paid Banner Only)



Paid Version

The “Chance Encounters” banner Paid Version is a One Pull x Day Paid Banner. 


Free Ruby Version

The “Chance Encounters” (Free Ruby Version) is the same as the Chance Encounters but it has no limitation on how many times you can pull on it.


Banner Rates (Both)

  • 4.5 / 5 Stars Characters : 4% (2% for 4.5 | 2% for 5)
  • 3.5 / 4 Stars Characters: 40% for 3.5 | 18% for 4
  • 3 Star Characters: 40%



There’s no pity for the banner itself, but once you summon (30 Times for Paid Version or 200 Times for Free Version) you will receive a sort of pity compensation, the “Veteran’s Sacred Seal” that will give you a random 5 Stars Character.


Chosen Traveler (Free Ruby Banner)



The “Chosen Traveler” banner is the first “Rate up” banner in the game at release, featuring Tressa. The banner has a pity system at 200 pull from the Exchange feature. You can also choose to use 40 “Tressa Fragments” you get from pulling (1 every 1 Pull) for “Tressa’s Guidance Stone” x15 if you already own the character before reaching the pity. Here’s the rates:


Banner Rate

  • Rate Up Character: 1.2% (0.4% for 4.5 | 0.8% for 5)
  • 4.5 / 5 Stars Characters : 2.8% (0.2% for 4.5 | 0.15% for 5)
  • 3.5 / 4 Stars Characters: 40% for 3.5 / 18% for 4
  • 3 Star Characters: 38%


After you summon 200 times, you will receive enough “Tressa’s Guidance Stone” for Exchange the character in the banner shop


Sacred Guidance



The “Sacred Guidance” Banner is only available when you have the currency for it, same as other currency based banners. It has no pity and no rate up. Here’s the rates:


Banner Rates

  • 4.5 / 5 Stars Characters : 4% (2% for 4.5 | 2% for 5)
  • 3.5 / 4 Stars Characters: 40% for 3.5 | 18% for 4
  • 3 Star Characters: 40%




Should i Play it? Pro & Cons


Fully Voiced Story / Characters

Retro Style Pixel Art 

Lots of Character & Team Combination

Wonderful Music



Paid Banners

Pity at 200

Low Free Ruby Income

High Priced Ruby 

Character need Dupes for Awakening


LDPlayer 9 - Temporary Fix for Playing



Since the game is being blocked on Emulators, here’s a temporary fix for play it in LDPlayer9 


  • Open Your Emulator
  • Before starting the game, turn on “Airplane Mode”
  • Start the game
  • Wait for the “Connection Error”
  • Press the Little Square button on the lower right part of your emulator and turn off “Airplane mode” for get your internet connection back to work
  • Re-Enter the game and press Retry
  • Now you can play!
  • Remember to do this every time you log out / in from the game