Play Together Complete Pets Guide


Play Together has cemented itself as one of the best MMORPG games of all time. With tons of fun things to do, pets are an intriguing and dynamic part of the title. Today, we've compiled a complete guide for Pets in Play Together that teaches you how to purchase them, take care of them and ultimately hatch them! If you haven't already, you can download and install Play Together using LDPlayer for free.




Pets are quite a fun aspect of Play Together. While they are merely cosmetic, they do add to the flair of your character. Since the game is mainly a social MMORPG were showing off amongst your friends and flaunting your wealth is common, having a pet only adds to the extravagance.


Getting a pet is the hardest part of the game. Accumulating enough resources and gems to get one of the premium pets or even getting a pet at all can be quite hard. However, once you have the egg ready, it is only a matter of time and how vigilant you are to get to the final strides.


Getting Your First Pet:



Play Together Complete Pets Guide


To get your first pet, you can start with the beginner mission, which is named "Try talking to the pet shop clerk." This is a beginner Mission and introduces you to your first pet. If you haven't taken a look at Beginner Missions already, these are meant for those who have just been introduced to the game. If you have not accessed them already, you can find them on the top left corner of your screen, where a pinned note is present.


To get a pet, head onto the pet shop present in the plaza (Kai Island.) If you are unable to find this particular shop, you can always use the smartphone icon present on the right side of your screen to end up finding the shop, which is present in the in-game map as well.


After talking to the shop clerk present there, you will receive a free egg that is of normal rarity.


Hatching An Egg:


To hatch an egg, you will need to start fulfilling its desires which ultimately levels it up enough to be hatchable. Hatching an egg in the game is relatively easy and does not require a lot of work. Here are the steps you need to follow:


  • After receiving the egg from whatever means necessary, you can take it along with you and explore the world.
  • Now, find your red backpack icon present on the right side of your screen. Head onto to the pets section present there and click on the particular egg that you just got.
  • Now, the egg will start following you around as you move around the map. It will bounce and scurry around, which gives it quite a cute outlook.
  • Now, perhaps the most important part about hatching the egg is its desires. A particular egg will have desires depending on what pet it is. The higher the rarity of the pet, the more comprehensive its desires. You will start noticing over time that an egg might behave differently on different occasions. Each time that it does that does note that it is only craving for attention and nothing more. You can also tap on the egg at particular intervals, and it'll let you know of its desires.


As soon as you buy an egg or get it for free, it is immediately presented to your backpack, where you will need to take it out and have it follow you before it starts asking for demands. It will generally take you about a day or two of fulfilling various random missions before accomplishing the 50 hearts needed to hatch the egg. Thankfully, the process isn’t very tedious and can be done extremely quickly. You can always click on the egg to see how many hearts it currently has and how much more you will need to end up getting it hatched.



Play Together Complete Pets Guide


After you have done this, you will start fulfilling your pet's desires and gain hearts and stars as well. The most important part about hatching an egg to form a complete part is the hearts. These are the core component behind actually hatching the egg into a pet. You will end up receiving eggs when you start completing its desires in a given amount of time.


Understanding Desire:


Each desire that a pet has must be done in a given particular time limit. Usually, you will need to finish that desire before the timer completely sets off. While you won't be negatively losing hearts if you don't complete a desire, it affects the overall time it takes to successfully hatch a pet. Here’s a complete Tips and Tricks guide for Play Together that helps you get started.


On average, the game provides you with just a few minutes (5-10) depending on the desire to complete said task. Don't worry. These tasks are quite easy to complete and require minimal effort. After you complete a desire, another one will come up randomly as you play the game. These desires are relatively rare, especially if the rarity of the pet is higher. So, make sure to complete them as soon as you get them before they end up expiring and cost you.


Some very popular pet desires are if your pet wants to sleep. If your pet wants to sleep, it will have a Zzzz chat bubble on it. You can then tap on the particular pet you have to get more information about what you should be doing.



Play Together Complete Pets Guide


If you are a beginner player and haven't furnished properly, then the easiest thing you can do is go to the pet shop present near the market. There, you will find a free bed. Now, go ahead to that bed and start tapping on the icon present above it. Your pet will instantaneously hop towards that bed if they are sleepy. Now, a circle will start appearing above the egg that fills up over time. Once your pet is well-rested, you will end up getting both stars and hearts for your caring attitude.


If your pet ends up needing a bath, you will see green waves radiating from the egg. Counteracting this is relatively easy and only requires to head to the pet shop to find a very small bathing tub present there. Now, click on the icon on the tub, and once again, just like the bed, your pet should automatically stick to it. Now, you will need to wait about 1-2 minutes before the circle that appears at the top of your pet fills above. Once it does, your desire has been accomplished, and you will also end up getting stars and hearts.


Another need that your pet has is playtime. An essential need, you can head on to the pet shop and get close to the toy section present near the shop. Once you are present there, you will need more than 1000 stars, and you can then purchase a toy for your pet. You can earn stars from fishing or through other activities present in the game. If you haven't already, you can look at our fishing guide for the game for more information about the subject.


After you have purchased the pet toy and want to play with your pet, here’s what you need to do to use it efficiently:


  • Use your hearts to fill up the heart meter. As you pull your toy out using the red backpack, you will end up getting more hearts over time (also through other activities.)
  • Once you hit 50 hearts exactly, you will be able to hatch that particular egg.
  • Your egg will also want to go for a balloon ride or hit the Ferris wheel and enjoy it. In any case, you can check both of these locations on the map to bring your pet there and fulfil its desires even further.
  • As you hatch your pet, you will also end up unlocking more tricks. These are just commands that add more value to your pet, ranging from coming here to sit and more.
  • You can tap on your pet and then click on the paw icon to use any of these commands.
  • If you want to use more commands, you will need to upgrade your pet to levels 3, 4, etc. These two are cosmetic traits, but they can add more flair to your pet. Leveling up your pet is the same as levelling up your egg. You will fulfil its desires which grants you hearts which provides you with more hearts which are the sole way you can level your pe tup.


Purchasing More Eggs:


There are two different types of pets in the game. You can purchase both of them in the Pet Shop. To get them, you’ll need to head to the shop found near the mart. You can use the game’s smartphone to find it.


Once there, you will find two large eggs present right near the shop clerk. You can then move closer to any of these eggs and click on the shopping icon on the left to find a list of Normal Eggs. These haven’t hatched and will require the same process of hatching as earlier. Currently, a single egg that is of normal rarity will cost you about 2000 stars.



Play Together Complete Pets Guide


Once you get to the shopping cart to the right, these will contain a list of premium eggs. These contain premium and rare pets, which can only be purchased gems. You can end up completing missions and collecting crowns to get more stars/gems. You can also purchase gems.


Pet List:


As mentioned earlier, there are different types of Pets in the game. Here's a list of all of them:



  • Pink Pig
  • Mackerel Tabby Cat
  • French Bulldog
  • Pig


Uncommon Pets:

  • Brown Pig
  • Black Pig
  • Tuxedo Cat
  • Calico Cat
  • Yellow Tabby Cat
  • Rose Bengal Cat
  • Schnauzer
  • Dalmation


Rare Pets List:

  • Swabian Hall Pig
  • Spotted Pig
  • American Shorthair
  • Siamese Cat
  • Russian Blue
  • Bombay Cat
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Pug Bichon
  • Beagle


Epic Pets:

  • Turkish Angora
  • Zombie Mutt
  • Bull Terrier
  • Goofy Rooster
  • Swift Cleaner


No matter what egg you buy, do note that the chances of getting a particular pet are very randomized. While there is a higher odd that you won't repeat pets very often, it certainly is a possibility. Moreover, most of these pets have a lower or higher drop rate, and not all of them are evenly distributed.


Here are the stages of a hatched pet:

  • Level 0 / 1: Egg
  • Level 2: Egg Hatches into a pet
  • Level 3: Pet Learns a Few New Tricks
  • Level 4: Pet will turn into an adult
  • Level 5: Pet starts sparkling (Can be seen by everyone and is purely a cosmetic effect with no gameplay impact whatsoever.)


The metric in which they are differentiated by each other is due to their subjective cuteness. If you find a particular pet, there's a high chance that you won't get it the first time. With time, you will be able to get most of the pets in the game. The biggest issue will remain the Premium Pets as you will end up getting a lot of duplicates alongside the fact that gems are generally harder to accumulate than another currency and resources since it is premium.


While we do not urge you to pay to play for pets as they are mainly meant for aesthetic purposes, we certainly respect your position. Moreover, do note that while there's a very low chance that you might need all the pets in a quick duration, over time, you will be able to get most of them.


You can also keep your pet in your home if you want. If you do want to store pets, you will need to purchase fencing around your house so that no pet can escape. You can buy furniture from the furniture shop.


Are Pets Worth It?


Play Together Complete Pets Guide



Unlike most upgradeable in this game, a Pet is just merely cosmetic and does not add to your overall resources or power in any way or form. We do not recommend going of ra pet unless and until you are well-established in the game. There's a high chance that you'll end up going for a particular common pet after its aesthetic look but will quickly regret the decision as you find a much better option in the Premium Section.


While this is completely reliant on how many gems you have, saving a few of your resources at the beginning of the game instead of buying a cosmetic addition is certainly a smart move.




With everything sorted out, you should have a pet ready with you in no time. While hatching is an easy process, it is quite obvious that getting to the point of purchasing an egg is where the true grind lies. While it is a cosmetic effect, having a pet is fun to have.

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