Play Together Fishing Guide


Play Together is an arcade based mobile game released recently. This is a game with cute anime which gamers of all ages can play. It happens in the world named Kaia Island, and you will find several mini-games and customizations in the game. The uniqueness and speciality of this game are the features that interact as a combination of social platforms. The players can make friends from the entire world on the island.


Play Together Fishing Guide


In-Play Together, you will find fishing as a significant activity throughout the game. So, you can sell the prized catches to obtain in-game cash. This is named as aka stars. You can use them in the fish than in your house and can show them to your friends. You can get a fishing rod, fish tanks and aquarium also. After going through this fishing guide of Play Together, you can enhance your angling skills and collecting more fish by having a download Play Together on PC and playing. 


Play Together | Fishing guide


When you are commencing to play the game in the Plaza Kaia island, you must purchase a fishing rod. That will be your first equipment in the game. When you enter the game, you can buy a fishing rod from the fishing store. You will see the fishing store on the right side of the main screen and then you have to fix it.


There will be a navigate button on your map. Then see the map pointer on the screen, and it will support you to go to the fishing store from your current position. When you come to the fishing store, as a player, you need to deal with NPC. Then click on the icon of the shop. The shop will give you two options. The first one is to purchase a fishing rod, and the second one is to sell fish.


Play Together Fishing Guide


Play Together | fishing shop


The map will show the location of the fishing shop. There will be an arrow in the left lower corner of the screen, and it will help you go to the shop. When you go after the arrow, you can see the shop close to the Ferris wheel. You will see the shopkeeper in the shop and then click on the cart icon. It will be on the speech bubble above the shopkeeper. Then there will be a button Purchase fishing rode on the main screen. You have to click on that. 


Play Together Fishing Guide


Play Together | fishing rod


When you buy a fishing rod from the fishing store, you will see different fishing rides. They are produced using other materials, and the price will vary according to the value. These are the types of fishing rods.


  • Wooden fishing rod -This is a primary type of fishing rod that has been produced using wood. It will cost x450 stars, and it has an acorn ornament around it. The fishing rod will be excellent for novice anglers. 


  • Feline fishing rod – This will cost x750 bucks. The rod can enhance the opportunities of grabbing an uncommon fish up to 50%.


  • Duck fishing rod – this rod will cost x2.250k bucks. It can enhance the successful opportunities by 15%. You have a 100% chance of grabbing an uncommon fish.


  • Amateur fishing rod – this rod will cost x30 gems. There will be an enhanced chance of success by 20%. It has an increased chance of grabbing an uncommon fish by 100% and a rare fish by 50%.


After purchasing a fishing rod, you have to click on the Dock. It will appear below the location list on the right side. You will see it near the shop and the Ferris wheel. Probably, you will do not need the map to find it. 


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Play Together Fishing Guide


Play Together |selling a fish and placing a fish in the tank 


When you are catching a fish, first you have to equip your fishing rod and then go to the fish location. The fish might be in the pond, camping ground lake, swimming pond, Dock, my house, and waterfall. You have to check all these places where you can see water. The ideal place to fishing will be the pier next to the Dock.


Once you go to the edge of the pier and close to the water, there is a red backpack with a closed umbrella. You can open the tools section by clicking on that. To equip your fishing rod, you have to click on the icon like a bag or a backpack. It will appear on the right side. Then using the toolbar, you can equip the fishing rod. The toolbar will appear as the third icon from the left side. 


After equipping the fishing rod, you have to go to the location where you see a fish. You can Cast the line by clicking on the icon named Caste. It will appear above the jump button. You have to wait more patiently when you see the shadow of the fish near the bait. Sometimes, the fish may move without baiting it. So, you have to move it playfully around the fish. This will be a bit complex at the beginning. Consider more about the timing. 


When a fish appears, you will see an exclamation mark. Then you have to click on the icon Reel fish when the fish begin to bait to catch it. There will be a vibration effect, and rapid movement happens with the appearance of the exclamation icon on your character. Then, press the store button in your backpack. There is no limit to catching fish. So, you can do it with pleasure. Click on the store after a successful catching. 


At the shop, click on the cart icon above the shopkeeper and press the sell icon. You can sell or take it to a house and place it on the aquarium or the fish tank. To sell the fish, you can view your recent catching of fish and then click on the blue button at the bottom of the screen. 


Then you can sell the fish. You can purchase a fish tank, and it will be available at the furniture shop. A primary fish tank will cost x450 stars. To place it in the fish tank where you prefer, click on the fishing tank, choose the fish you desire, and put it in the tank. 


Play Together Fishing Guide


Play Together | catching a fish


You can catch rare and bigger fish in the game. To get an Amateur rod by saving x30 gems, you have to click on the right time. Then you can get a rare fish.


List of fish


There are around 160 fish in the game, Playing Together. The complete list of fish that you have discovered will display in the illustration book. To find that, you have to click on the mobile phone like icon on the right side. Then select illustration book and fish book. You can click on a fish and find the place where you can catch it. 


Use the Keyboard Mapping Feature on your gameplay of Play Together with LDPlayer. Here, try to create your own keyboard movements and make your gameplay smooth than practising on set key settings. 




Play Together is an enjoyable game to play by a gamer in any age category. If you are a beginner player, a simple guide is to catch the fish with less effort. Once you see a fish, you can either keep it with you to show your friends or you can sell it if you like. So, through this guide, you can catch different types of fish with less effort, and it will also make the path to get more rewards.

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