Moonlight Sculptor Mastering the Art of Raiding


Moonlight Sculptor is an MMORPG that takes place in a vast open-world environment. The game has many different terrains to explore enemies to fight and weapons to choose from, just like other MMORPG's raiding is an essential part of Moonlight Sculptor. It allows the player to fight with Strong enemies by teaming up with other heroes and giving them a sense of purpose. To learn more about the game check out our beginner guide on Moonlight Sculptor.


What Are Raids?



Moonlight Sculptor Mastering the Art of Raiding


Raids are basically dungeons that contain potent enemies that can be only accessed at a specific time. These enemies are nothing like bosses that the player faces in-game. They are more robust, sturdier and faster than most foes that a player goes Against in-game alone. In raids, a player cooperates with multiple heroes to hunt down the monsters and obtain some special rewards in return for it.


Raid Participation Condition:


In Moonlight Sculptor, players can only participate in raids once they reach level 40 on their character. After reaching level 40, the game will show the player a tutorial and teach the player how to get into one. To access the raid tab in-game, a player needs to open up the Bag and then select raid. Here the player can choose from all the different raids that are currently available.


Raid Monster Emergence:



Moonlight Sculptor Mastering the Art of Raiding


In Moonlight Sculptor, Raids start at 9:00 AM depending on your server local time, and they last until midnight. During this time period, every 3 hrs, a raid boss spawns on the map, and it's entirely RNG based. These Raid Monsters give players some preparation time, so the best thing is to get your items in order and form your party before their emergence.


Starting the Raid:


As soon as a boss appears, the game will send out a notification. The player can start this raid by clicking on the notification or by going to the main menu and clicking on the raid option. The entry for the raid is opened only 5 minutes before the raid boss Emergence. Once the monster emerges, the raid is closed, and no more heroes can join the raid, so it's very important to enter on time so you won't be left behind.


Hunting the Raid Monster:


After the raid, boss Emergence players have only 20 minutes to deal with the boss. You will be provided with two options if you somehow die during this span without killing the raid boss. The first one will be to revive in the direct place, but the player will have to spend some butterflies on this one. The second option will allow the player to spawn to a nearby location which isn't very convenient, but it's the better option if you are free to play player.


If somehow you manage to leave the dungeon, you will be returned to the field, and you will not be able to join the raid again. The game will also detect any kind of inactivity for a prolonged period of time and will automatically kick the player out of the field. So, if you want to get your hand on that sweet reward, you should refrain yourself from leaving the dungeon.


Killing the Raid Monster:



Moonlight Sculptor Mastering the Art of Raiding


Due to the difficulty of the Raid Monster, the reward that comes from them can be really good. If a player somehow manages to slay a raid Monster with the help of other heroes, the player will be able to see their ranking and their raid awards. The ranking is determined at the end of the game by taking the total damage felt into account. The player with the highest-ranking will be able to get the most Rewards from the raid.


Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Raid:


There are a few things that players must keep in mind before starting a raid in Moonlight Sculptor. If a player has a firm grip on these things, he might be able to change the outcome of the raids. So always, before going inside a raid, expect the things listed below:


Raids are Really Tough:


To put the difficulty of a raid in perspective, a normal boss appearance in the PvP is considered to be almost ten times easier. The enemies that emerge in these raids are very high in level, and their stats are way off the chart. Each of these raid bosses will have special abilities that can one-shot all the players around them, making it crucial to learn the entire skill set of a monster. To successfully finish a raid means that a player needs to understand the monster's mechanics that he is facing.


Raids are really tough, so you need to make up teams to fight it. Going in solo to complete a raid is a straight-out death sentence. You need to be at a certain level to fight these raids, and if you can't meet the required level requirements, it's better just not to go in. These raids bosses are notorious for wiping out entire parties in one swoop.


Team Play is a Must:



Moonlight Sculptor Mastering the Art of Raiding


In order to complete these raids, players have to team up with other Moonlight Sculptor players and devise a plan. Each player in the raid must know their role and should provide support and high DPS when needed. It's always the best option to form a party with people you know beforehand than just go in with people you get auto-filled with. This will allow you to be better in sync with your party members while fighting against the monster.


All the different classes must be stationed in such a way that they are backing each other up. For Example, a warrior should be paired up with a mage and an archer. The mage will provide warriors with extra buffs like fortification and healing while the warrior deals a lot of high DPS. While the warrior is tanking the most hits, the Archer can easily dish out a ton of damage. Playing like a team in these raids will guarantee you success.


You Don't Always Have to Deal the Most Damage:


We already mentioned above how team play is a must, so knowing what your role is in the raid is also an important component of it. Not the heroes in the raid are expected to dish out High DPS. Some of the players will be on scouting duty, some will support their party members with enchantments, and some will be the main tank for the team. Dealing a lot of damage is a must in the raid, but it is not of any use if the enemy one-shots you. Raid bosses like Tiras have the ability to reflect all the damage back, and without a tank to absorb the ability, the high DPS characters have no chance.


Raid Usually gives out High Tier Loot:


There is a reason that Moonlight Sculptor players take part in such raids, apart from the sense of accomplishment that one gets from taking down a raid boss. The Reason is all the loot that a raid has to offer. A good raid will usually provide a tremendous amount of gold and other resources in-game. Sometimes these raids will offer really high-tier legendary gear, which is very hard to come by even if the player grinds for days. Some raids also offer unique gear, which is only obtainable by taking down the raid boss.


Keeping Your Potions in Check is a Necessity:


In Moonlight Sculptor, there are dozens of different Potions to choose from. These Potions will have different kinds of effects on enemies or on your character, which will aid you against these raid Monsters. Before going in a raid, restocking your Potions is a must as they will greatly aid you. As each raid Monster has different kinds of weaknesses, arranging your Potions in regard to that is a must. These raid Monsters are notorious for dealing severe damage, so having a good chunk of Health Potions before going in a raid is crucial.




Raids are an important part of Moonlight Sculptor, and competing in them is a must if you want to feel the complete gameplay experience. This guide will help you learn the importance of raiding in Moonlight Sculptor while also helping you to hone your raiding skills. If you are a new player, you should start participating in raids once you unlock them, as they are one of the best ways to level up in-game. You can download Moonlight Sculptor on Pc from here.

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