Play Together Tips and Tricks

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Although the Club penguin was shut down in 2017, we all have an option for them. This is the most excellent virtual game that makes the nostalgic experiences to the players by Haegin. It's Play Together.


Play Together Tips and Tricks


Play Together is a massive game that revolves around a multiplayer game of the virtual world. And there are many activities in here for the store on players to engage by the players. They can eat, shop at the plaza, and attend classes with this virtual world, and there will be competitive mini-games as well. You can purchase furniture and houses in here. If you want to attend a camp or go fishing, everything is possible here in this virtual world.


Here the in-game currency will be the Stars. So players need them to purchase several things from the game like a new house, furniture, a car, and more. So you need the best tips and tricks for success, and this guide is just made for you to complete them all. Download Play Together on PC and enjoy the best tips for a successful gaming form here.


Play Together Tips and Tricks


Completing Beginner Quests


Once you have done creating your avatar, you have to get a basic mission list coming from Ms Info. The manager is showing you the way to the cubicle of Ms Info on the Info Center, and there you can earn a quest list. As a bonus for this, you will earn 100 stars on reaching for the Ms Info.


Tap onto the beginner missions where you see at the top left and check if there are basic seven quests. Some of the quests will grant stars as their rewards, and not all will offer stars. Press the navigate button from each of the quests and know where they are at the plaza. Plaza will be at the Kaia Island, and there is the most action taking place like earning stars.


After you have press the button to navigate, you will have to follow the arrow on the ground and reach the mission destinations. If you click complete now, you can skill these all missions, and still, there will be rewards. Try to watch a video and complete your missions.


This is not the most recommended way to earn rewards as it has a possibility of important mission parts on the tutorial. Basic quests are always a part of the tutorial, and you can learn many new activities once you can complete them one by one.


Once a player been able to complete a mission, they can receive rewards as crowns and stars. When the all basic missions are done, they will grant you a special reward, and you can earn a cool skateboard that moves from one destination to another with a fast speed.


Taking up the Missions of Pizza Delivery 


Being a pizza delivery boy is an easy and repetitive task to earn extra stars or cash throughout the day. The pizza shop is next to the mart within the plaza, and if you can't find it, you can click the icon which shows the smartphone. Tap the icon f map, and there is a helpful map of your plaza going to be displayed on the screen.


Tap the button of the pizza shop and tap the button for navigating. The navigate arrow is showing you the way to the shop by appearing on the floor.


Meet Papa Mino, who is sitting outside the shop and click on the icon "?" above him. He will ask for help from you, press yes, and deliver all the pizzas for the customers before the timer goes off. You will have enough time for the delivery with the help of that navigation arrow. Before you deliver the pizza, you need to press on the confirm and receive a bonus of 50 cash reward. Once the delivery process is done, you can have your rewards.


The most assuring way of earning money in the game will be pressing the collect 3x reward button. You have to do it after the completion of the pizza delivery missions, and there you will be asked to watch a 30-second video as well. It is requested to earn the 3x rewards. If you have achieved 100 stars from the missions, you can take 300 stars if you are going to the offer of a 3x reward.


Play Together Tips and Tricks


Using the Skateboard on Pizza Missions


You have to deliver the pizzas for your customers within the time shown by the screen on this pizza mission. But delivering from one customer to another takes so much time, and if they live so far away from each other, it takes more time. But there will be a trick that you can use to shorten the time and make this delivery fast.


First, try to finish those all beginner missions from the Ms Info at the plaza and take the yellow-coloured skateboard as a free earning reward. Take the pizza mission and tap on the red backpack from the screen. Go to the section of vehicles and tap the skateboard to make it equipped for your avatar. So that is how you can make it easier and faster on pizza delivery.


You will also gaining the chance on purchase some new bikes and skateboards from this Skater. Find the Skater near the skate park, and it will be situated next to the ghost house on the plaza.


Play Together Tips and Tricks


Winning the Game Party


You can have 17 fun mini-games here, and you can access them with the Game Party and play them by entering the Game one building at the plaza. All of those multiplayer games are requiring a minimum of 30 players to begin the game.


Gamers are chosen randomly for the players, and rounds will group them. Each game owns a timer, and the players who are reaching the finish line or completing a goal should avoid all the obstacles.  Complete them before that timer is hitting the 0 moves onto the next round.


If the player has defeated, they will be removed from the list, which we have 30 players once the game end. The rest of the players are competing against each other within the next round. Those are being so much challenging than the ones you have passed already. This is continuing until the last is winning the game and obtaining many crowns and stars.


Defeated players are also eligible to get some stars, which would deepen their performance in the game. They will be able to start the game fresh and will try on surviving with another game set. To survive within the game, you can follow up on these instructions.




Within a hexagon tower, players are tasked to find a method of arriving at the bottom of the floor first. Each of these floors will have holes on them, and you have to find out the hole on descending until you reach the bottom f the tower floor. First, try to get a top view on the floor with a dragging by the finger into forwarding, and you will take a clear view from it. Next, try to be within a group and follow them. You will find out a hole sooner then.


Speed Racing


These are the most challenging games, and players are asked to get the fastest finish line before doing it. Jumping has to be done from one to anther platform. So the timing is a crucial factor here, and the game is helping you to place the signboards of jump at the hardest junctures by giving you hints. Speed racings will come with several versions in here.


Suppose you are in cloud racing. The clouds cover the gap placed between the platforms. So players have to jump at the right time whenever they see a cloud in front of them.


Run the Wall


This game will ask you and the other 29 players to run on the narrow lanes, which are already filled with obstacles. The Great Wall of China has inspired the design and the setting, and it followed that path. You are required on reaching the finish line right before any other layer and moving to the next round.


Try to pay attention to blue and red arrows on the lane. Running between these red arrows will help you speed up your movements, and blue arrows will help you slow down. If you are ever stuck with a stationary obstacle, then try on moving away from it. Don't ever try to jump over from it.


Hot Potato


This is an easy and yet entertained mini-game, and the 30 players, including you, are dropped at a stadium here. Players are required to pass the bombs on others and run away from them. This game is short and will have three rounds on each of these rounds, a bomb is dropping to a random player, and players will be notified the heads of players are changing into ticking balls.


So the players have to move close to another player or to pass the bomb. Game is requiring players to do this before the start of the next round. If you fail at doing it on time, you will be out.


If this bomb is dropping down on your character or passed on you, try to move quickly with your character to a players group. You will be passing the bomb to one of these players who comes within the contacts. Don't try to chase the individual players who are running away from you. When it is panic mode, people are trying to run in groups. So try to take maximum benefits on it.


Rotating Legs


In this game, your task is to avoid the rotating legs on the cliff and be surviving. There can be seen two rotating legs in here and what you must avoid is the bottom spiky/thinner log. Using a good strategy will help stand closer to the base on the big log and follow that spiky log. Try to be slow and be steady. Don't try on running away from it and try to follow that same direction.


Obstacle Race 01   


This game has blocks that are floating upside and down. Players have to jump from one block to another on platforms and walk within narrow lanes. In this game, it is tough to reach the finishing line, and only a few will do so. You should never be rushing whenever you are jumping on those platforms. You don't need to run. Try to be slow when there is jumping and be slow when you are walking between narrow lanes.


Reaching the Crown Milestones on obtaining Rewards


Players can earn the crowns with the use of daily missions and mini-games. Try to collect a specific amount of crown on reaching the milestones and unlock the rewards like diamonds, stars and gift boxes. Tap the icon of crown or bunny, and within the top, you will see the number of crowns you need for reaching the new levels.


Reaching a new crown level is unlocking new rewards and milestones. You can get free pass rewards if you reach the crown level. You can earn these crowns other than games and daily missions by watching a single advertising video.


Play Together Tips and Tricks


Obtaining Gems and Bonus Stars


You can earn the cash or stars as a bonus with several methods other than pizza delivery.


  • Tapping the Free Reward and claiming the first free charge reward of yours. And there are 30 seconds ads on earning stars, and sometimes you can earn gems through them.


  • Taking daily missions will also deliver the bonuses, complete all the missions and receive some gems and stars on each.


  • Playing mini-games from the game centre.


  • Complete the achievements to claim rewards and earn some bonus gems. Until your level bar fills on, keep n achieve these and unlock some actions, new accessories, clothes, and emoji's as well.


  • Try to catch fish, and you will be able to sell them to have stars.


Building a House


You will obtain a cardboard house within the tutorial. Try to keep entering this mode by playing and take a cardboard home for you. You will be able to upgrade it to have a better house in later phases of the game. This cardboard house going to be built within your home town.


To have access to this location, you can tap the My House button and then you are going to be there near your house. After you move into the house, you can place furniture in there and even place the fish tanks. Change its interior according to your choice and purchase furniture through the furniture shop.


Pet beds, bathtubs, and many furniture items can be placed in this house, and they all have to be purchased through the shop. Digital and kitten appliances are also capable of purchasing. If you want to upgrade the cardboard home to a better one, you can go outside and tap the nameplate icon.


There are many types and sizes on these houses, and there will be a lot of styles as well. keep a note in your mind that purchasing things will require a lot of diamonds and stars. Purchasing new furniture or a new house will earn you a lot of stars. So make sure to reach them by following this complete guide.


If you want to move with clouds and jump from one platform to another with the smoothest movements, you can go for the option of Keyboard Mapping Feature. This feature lets you play with the most familiar gaming controls for you, and you can create them for yourself. You don't need to practice with those set key movements. You create your own.




Pay Together is entirely based on having stars to earn better places on the game. So to earn this in-game currency, you need effort. It is time to follow up these methods to be better at the game and better win. Try to cover up everything we have mentioned in this guide, and you will be ended up with a massive victory for sure.

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