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Play Together is a social MMORPG that has tons of activities and mini-games for you to try out. One such activity that pops up once a week for 24 hours is finding normal and giant ore alongside golden chests. This guide talks about everything you need to know to get that sweet loot. If you haven't already, you can download Play Together for free using LDPlayer.




Forgotten Islands is one of the best places to find Golden Chests due to the variety of loot you can find there. If you were to ever enter the Island, you'd notice many players trying their level hardest to get their hands on normal ore, other loot, or even a Golden Chest.


If you don’t know about it already. a Golden Chest is the best free-to-play you can find in the game. It provides you with tons of value and has items that sometimes can only be purchased with real money. As such, they’re a valuable commodity. However, do note that items that you get from the Golden Chest cannot be traded to any other players and can only be equipped and used by you.


Is Digging For A Golden Chest Worth It?


Before we talk about treasure hunting, you need to realize whether digging for Golden Chests is worth it for you or not. If you are looking for a very specific item, there's a low chance that you will get it through digging a Random chest as they always have a randomized loot pattern to avoid players farming for one item.


Moreover, even with all the tips and tricks that we're going to mention down below, getting a Golden Chest is a long and tedious task. Whether you are into it or not, they take a few minutes to dig out and can take more than half an hour or even more in some cases to find as well. Frequently, you'll be stuck finding normal ore, which does provide you with a respectable amount of resources but is nothing compared to the resources you get from a golden chest.


Where Do I Start Mining?


Currently, mining can only be done in the weekly Forgotten Islands event. It is an event that takes place weekly and is open to all residents of Kaia Island every Weekend for exactly 24 hours. While the event's main focus is trying to get as many stars as possible, you can also dig around and find various sorts of items lying around that provide you with additional resources.


play together golden chest


Currently, there are two different types of rewards that you can get during the event from digging around and using your shovel. They are:


  • Normal Ore: As apparent, Normal Ore is the common ore found when digging. It is extremely abundant and does not take a lot of time to dig. It provides you with about 50-150 bucks depending on the ore. It has the same size, and the amount you get from it is completely randomized, with maximum and minimum limits set for either case.
  • Giant Ore: The Giant Ore has the same model as the Normal Ore if you do end up finding it. However, it is much rarer but is still more abundant than a Golden Chest. It provides you with more resources and also has a randomized drop pattern. It will always be much more valuable than a normal ore due to its size.
  • Golden Treasure Chest: The rarest find in Forgotten Island, the Golden Chest is what most players go for during the Weekend. It provides you with the highest amount of resources and is also the only item in the game that provides you with luxury clothing and other items. It has a completely randomized loot pattern, with some Golden Chests providing you with more loot than the other.


Get Started Digging:


Now that you have an idea of what you can get if you start digging, it's also important to understand how you can start digging for anything in the first place. Firstly, you will need to equip a Shovel.


play together small ore


Shovels vary in quality, with the main difference being their speed. The better the shovel, the quicker they take out loot from the sand. While this does not matter for small ore as it can be taken out fairly quickly, Golden Chests can take more than a few minutes on a lower-level shovel. Therefore, if you are going for high-tier loot, we recommend equipping the golden shovel for the quickest results.


Now that you have your shovel ready, your next step is to step down to the sand. As soon as you step down, you are going to notice two distinct differences. Firstly, we recommend that if you haven’t already, you should put on some headphones or increase the volume of your speakers as audio cues will be very important in identifying the difference between a normal ore and a giant chest.


What Does the Circle Mean?


As mentioned earlier, as soon as you drop down, you will notice two key differences. The first one is a circle that appears right underneath your character. As you move around, you will notice that the circle changes color.


This circle changes color because it is an indicator of where a treasure chest, giant ore, or normal might be. Do note that the circle does not provide you with any indicator of what type of ore it is. Instead, it is mainly used to identify the position of nearby treasure.


To use it efficiently, you'll need to understand the color cues that the circle provides. For example, when you start digging and moving around, there's a high chance that the circle will be of a more green/white color. This means that there is nothing close to you, and the treasure is relatively far.


However, when you start moving treasure, you will see the circle or change in color into a more aggressive overtone. Once that happens, you should start moving in that direction. If the circle reddens further and goes into a darker shade of the color, you are getting closer to the treasure.


However, if the circle is light again, you've missed the spot and will need to start over from the same position where the circle initially changed color.



play together circle


After you’ve reached the spot, the circle will start glowing slightly. This is where you can then use the help of your audio cues to figure out if you want to dig down and get the treasure extracted or not. We’ll be talking about Audio Cues down below. Take a look at our tips and tricks guide to learn more about Play Together.


The most efficient way to find treasure (not its type) is to move around as much as possible, focusing on the circle's color. As soon as the color starts to change, start moving in a clear horizontal direction. If the color does not change, then go back to the initial position and move vertically.


After you see a change in color in any direction, move towards both the right or left until you get to a red color. After that, it is all a matter of audio cues.


Understanding Audio Cues:


First and foremost, make sure that your audio is to its maximum value. Since you will only be using audio cues to identify what kind of treasure it is, the importance of having good quality audio cannot be ignored.


Moreover, do note that while a circle cannot help you identify the type of treasure, audio can help you identify its type and position simultaneously. As soon as you get on the sand and hear beeps, you'll also be able to identify where the beeps are coming from in terms of direction.


You can then take advantage of this fact and focus on the sound and move towards it. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to quickly locate treasure just by using audio cues. Next, you will need to identify whether it is a normal ore or a Golden Chest / Giant Ore.


Normal Ore:


A Normal Ore is quite easy to pick up. It has a beeping noise that exceeds in value as you move towards the treasure. The beeps are monotonous and are relatively quiet but are still high-pitched. They take about 50 seconds to dig up, and they have a very generic noise.


If you cannot hear the second pitch of noise from your detector, then it is most definitely a normal ore, and you shouldn't get very excited.


play together shovel


Golden Chest:


A Golden Chest has the same base beeping sound as the normal ore. The beeps once again are monotonous and high-pitched, but the beeps are a bit louder. However, the main difference is that the beeps also have a slightly higher-pitched beep hidden within them. This beep comes in after three normal beeps and is the only indication of a golden chest or giant ore.


While it may be hard to identify at first, we recommend going closer to the location until you start hearing beeps repeatedly. Once you do, you’ll end up hearing the second very distinct high-pitched beep that should give you a good idea of what you are just about to uncover.




Finding Treasure in Play together is a relatively tedious task. Finding a Golden Chest requires a lot of patience, and uncovering it takes an even greater amount of time. However, with some good headphones and practice, you'll be able to find treasure quickly and efficiently in Play Together.


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