League of Legends Wild Rift Senna Build Guide, Skill, Combo, and More!

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Senna is arguably one of the most famous champions in Wild Rift. She has tons of utility in the game and is known to be an absolute menace if not taken down quickly. The champion also exhibits one of the most powerful ultimates in the game that can absolutely thwart enemy teams if not tackled properly. Here's how you can play the champion, including a complete build guide, what skills you should be leveling and what runes make sense on the champion in Wild Rift. If you haven’t already, you can check the champion out and play her yourself by downloading Wild Rift for free on PC


 Tier List:


When it comes to champions in the game, all of them are balanced are played differently. Since Senna is played mainly as a Support, you can expect her to be quite heavily used in the current meta due to her skillset. Rightfully, she’s quite overwhelming in most situations and is therefore placed in the A tier. Generally, more easy-to-play supports tend to do a lot of what the champion can in a much less complex package. However, she still can transform to an AD Carry if necessary, which makes her a worthwhile pick in almost every situation that demands versatility.


However, if played well, Senna can easily climb up to the top and hit the S tier when it comes to supports due to her innate capabilities, which make her an excellent fighter.


Skills and Abilities:


senna aesthetic wild rift guide


Each champion in Wild Rift has different skills and abilities that differentiate them from one another. Other than stats, the one deciding factor that dictates which role a champion belongs to is their overall skills and whether they deal more damage, heal more or provide more AoE disables. In any case, having a good idea of what each skill does and what the best time to use it is of pivotal importance when playing more intricate supports like Senna.


Do note that most of the tips mentioned down below are general guidelines and may not be relevant every single time. In any case, you should try and get an idea of what each skill does before you dive into the champion.


Passive: Absolution:


Senna has a three-part passive which is integral to how she plays like a champion. Here’s a quick overview.


  • Weakened Soul: Senna's basic attacks and abilities that act on hit-on enemy champions apply a Mist debuff for 4 seconds. Her next basic attack on hit collects the Mist and deals 1-16% of the target's current health plus bonus physical damage. This number changes depending on the level of the ability. The same target, however, cannot be collected more than once every few seconds.


Enemy units that die near Senna also have a 50% chance to spawn a Mist Wraith for 8 seconds. This amount is increased to 2 Mist Wraiths for an epic monster. Senna can one-shot Mist Wraiths to destroy them, gaining eight gold and collecting Mist too.


Here are a few quirks Mist Collection has:


    • Killing enemy champions and large monsters almost guarantees a Mist Wraith to spawn.
    • Large minions that Senna does not kill herself are also guaranteed
    • Lesser minions and lesser monsters that Senna does not the last hit have a 28 % chance to drop a Mist Wraith and otherwise are at a measly 4.166%
  • Absolution: Each stack of Mist provides Senna with about 0.75 bonus attack damage. For every stack that she gets, Senna also gains a 20 bonus range and a 10% critical strike chance as well. After this exceeds 100% critical strike chance, Senna converts 35% of this excess into -lifesteal.
  • Relic Cannon: Senna’s basic attacks deal an extra 20% AD bonus physical damage when hit and also grant 10 / 15 / 20% of the movement speed of the target as bonus movement speed for 0.5 seconds when hit. Senna will also do 14% less critical damage.


This is Senna's main damage dealer, and the reason why she is so powerful is the fact that she can scale infinitely with her Mist Souls. Senna will get souls passively when she carry farms or leashes. However, in most cases. Your souls will generally be coming from double-tapping enemy champions. Before we talk about the best ways to farm souls, it is important to learn about the particular timings each champion has between souls.


Senna does need Mist in a lane, or else she will begin falling off. She is the only champion in the game that does not gain Attack Damage per level and is quite similar to Thresh’s ability to not be able to gain Armor per level.


Do note that if you wind up an auto-attack on an enemy champion with Mist, it will extend the timer if the Mist is about to decay. So, you will not miss collecting it if you auto-attack to pick it up.


Currently, Senna has the longest attack animation in the game, which is why she doesn’t build attack speed since her base speed is so bad. However, on top of her poor Auto Attack speed scaling, her windup is reduced by 0-30% based on the level in a nonlinear fashion. This ultimately means that Senna gets quite a large chunk of her Attack Speed per level as compared to other champions in the game.


This is quite important when you take into account that Senna’s auto attacks will be dealing about 120% damage even on non crits just because of her Relic Cannon passive.


Skill 1: Piercing Darkness:


After a brief delay,   Senna fires a spectral laser in the direction of target unit, healing herself and allied champions for 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 (+50% bonus AD) (+40% AP) (+160% Lethality) in a line, and dealing 40 / 70 / 100 / 130 / 160 (+40% bonus AD) physical damage to enemy minions and champions in a thinner line.


Upon being struck, enemy turrets, wards, Mist Wraiths, and any other attack-interactive units are considered basic attacked once, while champions and turrets take on-hit effects.


Basic attacks reduce   Piercing Darkness' cooldown by 1 second on hit.


As for Senna, this ability is perhaps the most useful addition to your kit. Whether you are going for an attack damage build, full support, hyper carry, or even a tank, you will need to max this ability first. It is an extremely powerful heal and damage attack that has tons of range. In most cases, both your heal and damage scale with your AD. So, this provides you with strong healing even if you focus on AD.


This is also an integral part of farming souls on the champions. This ability picks up all souls hit and works well as a combo after Last Embrace.


Skill 2: Last Embrace:


Senna throws a globule of Black Mist in the target direction, dealing70 / 115 / 160 / 205 / 250 (+70% bonus AD) physical damage and sticking to the first enemy hit.


Last Embrace is generally the next ability you max. It is an extremely powerful tool in terms of trading, especially in the laning phase, as it has quite a long range. It also scales very well with Attack Damage. Most times, you can follow it up with roots and an AA or a Piercing Darkness to end up stealing a soul as well.


Do note that you only get the root after 1 second or if the target dies (also includes minions.) You can use this to 1 shot low health lane minions for an AOE root and can act as a great engage or getaway too.


Skill 3: Curse of the Black Mist:


After a 1 second delay, Senna surrounds herself with an aura of Mist and gains Camouflage for a duration.  Senna's basic attacks and abilities briefly remove the effects of Camouflage.


Allies champions who go into the Mist also gain Wraith Form equal to the duration of what Senna has.


In Wraith Form, you gain Camouflage. Enemies near you will have their vision obscured of wraiths coming out of the Mist. If you cast a basic attack or go for an ability cast, Wraith Form is immediately removed and cannot be used for about 2 seconds.


Those who are camouflaged by Curse of the Black Mist, including Senna, will gain 20% (1% per 20 AP) bonus movement speed as well.


This ability is perhaps the most complicated ability the champion has. The ability consists of two very different types of stealth. The first is Camouflage and the second is Wraith Form. In it, Senna and the allies in her radius are fully camouflaged and will not be seen. However, if an ally leaves the radius, they turn into wraiths.


While they are still unselectable and untargetable with their identities masked too. If you keep your allies in the radius of the Mist, your opponents will have no idea as to how many people there actually are in the Mist.


You can use this to your advantage and bring multi-person ganks to other lanes. However, do note that you still can be identified with true sight. So, be very vary of control wards.


You will mainly be using Curse of the Black Mist as a tool to disengage because of the extra movement speed and the fact that you are untargetable. You can use it in the lane to protect your carry and make them untargetable too. Do note that they will become vulnerable if they end up using their attack or cast spells. However, this does not mean that you should stop using it mid-fight. In some cases, the second of invulnerability they get might be all you need. Your allies also still gain movement speed even if they end up breaking stealth. So, as long as the aura is near you, it will be beneficial.


As the game continues its course, you can use Curse of the Black Mist to obscure your team in fights hindering the enemy’s vision. Once a teammate enters the radius, they become a wraith for the full duration even if they end up leaving. You can use this to keep a veil on the identities of your team mates and not let the enemy scout you properly.


Ultimate: Dawning Shadow:


senna rune build


Senna fires two beams of spectral light in the target direction. The center beam deals 250 / 375 / 500 (+100% bonus AD) (+70% AP) physical damage to enemy champions hit and afflicts them with Mist.The broad beam shields  Senna and allied champions hit for 120 / 160 / 200 (+40% AP) (+1.5 per Mist) for 3 seconds.


Dawning Shadow also collects any Mist Wraiths in its path.


Easily one of the strongest ultimates in the game, you can turn team fights around from across the entire map, which is incredibly powerful. You will, however, need to remain vigilant and will need to keep checking the health bars of your allies after you get your ultimate. Even if you do not end up landing the damage beam, the shield alone can act as a deterrent.


The cooldown for this ultimate is quite high. So, we recommend using it only when it is extremely necessary. However, do not get too conservative with it.


If you see a shot that you can hit or find someone channeling, go for it!


Undoubtedly the best way to use Dawning Shadow is in the middle of a team fight. If you are present in the backline where you should be, it is quite easy for you to hit teammates and most other enemies with your ultimate. Your ultimate also ends up consuming your Mist and applies them to enemy champions.


Senna Skill Progression:


No champion in the game should ever be building the same items or going for the same skills every game. However, there definitely is some merit to understanding why you would want to build certain items and go for certain skills in the long run.


Take the skill progression guide below with a grain of salt and make sure that you know what each ability inherently does before going for it. If you are not satisfied with the way skills are being leveled down below. You are more than welcome to take a shot at and try picking skills that suit the current game.


Piercing Darkness: 1, 4, 6, 7


Last Embrace: 2, 12, 14, 15


Curse of the Black Mist: 3, 8, 10, 11


Dawning Shadow: Whenever available


Divine Sunderer: While Divine Sunderer may not be as strong after it has been nerfed, it still has quite a lot of utility. The item provides you with damage and sustains that you can reliably output. Plus, the armor and magic penetration is a bonus that is quite useful.


Duskblade of Draktharr: Our favorite mythic item for a standard AD build. The item provides you with a good chunk of attack damage and tons of ability haste which is quite important for a caster ADC like Senna. The damage is also quite appealing as it scales well and can be used tons of times in a team fight with providing you with the ability to go out easily if you need it.


Ardent Censer: If you are going for a support build, this item is wonderful to be built second. It has an extremely powerful passive, and the attack speed remains relevant for a lot of team compositions.


Black Cleaver: The item provides Senna with a modest amount of AD and tons of health. It also gives her 25 ability haste. The item lets her take worse trades and still come out on top. You can still heal with Piercing Darkness more often due to this item. Black Cleaver also offers her the stat tank that Senna wants much more efficiently than almost any other item.


Manamune: This item is not the most built on the champion but plays quite as well. Unlike other core items, this item is built by your performance instead. If your ADC and you get killed early, you will need to play the passive for the rest of the lane. You need to be able to play aggressively with this item which is something you can do to get stacks. If you want to play for an early kill or can go even in lane, this item will provide you with tons of stats and lets you carry.


Sterak’s Gage: Sterak’s Gage was locked for melee champions earlier. But in Wild Rift, the raw stats the item offers on tanks like Senna is insane. Its unique passives like Bloodlust provides you with immense healing that helps you stay healthy, and lifeline gives you a second chance if you end up missing on positioning.


Umbrail Glaive: This is one of the best items on Senna. The blackout passive that lets you one-short wards save a lot of time off her sub-par attack speed. You can also combo quite well, which means that the haste the item provides makes it a great secondary item. The raw attack damage could just not be on the item, and we still would recommend building it. Simply put, it works wonders for the scaling Senna has. If you are building tank, build this.


Youmuu’s Ghstblade: A perfect third item if you are going for an AD Build for Senna. The item offers similar stats as Umbral Glaive. It has a great set of passive to go with it. The out of combat movement speed lets you get through objectives and to the lane extremely quickly. It allows for easier roaming and lets you get to places quicker. The item also provides you with 18 lethality, which is a lot more than other lethality items helping you with DPS. The most important factor, though, is that the item can mean that you are never pushed too ahead and provides you with a little mobility which is quite important for a champion like Senna.


senna wild rift gameplay


Death’s Dance: Death's Dance serves somewhat of the same purpose as Guardian Angel. It gives you protection if you get focused and lets you reposition. However, it is a replacement for Guardian Angel, but the amount of utility you miss is quite substantial. The healing passive, however, can keep you healthy very easily and works great with other heal-based items.


Guardian Angel: An extremely strong item on any ADC that absolutely works wonders with Senna. Normally, the champion wants to play behind her time, but Senna can afford to fight more than others and, of course, will have to risk being burst down in the process. This is where Guardian Angel helps her out. The item helps Senna push through the enemy's cooldown in most fights while she revives. The main problem with the item is that on most ADCs, the most well-positioned carry ends up dying less. This means that the revive in most cases is camped, which makes it pointless. But with a tank-like Senna, this item deserves a slot if you are able to get it at a reasonable time.


Hexdrinker: If you are playing against a double AP bot lane or a majority of the team deals magic damage, purchase an early Hexdrinker. It is extremely gold efficient, and the passive saves you in tons of situations where you have to endure large amounts of magic damage.


Infinity Edge: While some may consider this as a core item, we disagree. Senna does not build crit because her critical strikes end up doing reduced damage, and she gets crit chances as she scales anyways. Since this item functions well at a lower capacity, it doesn't do a lot in the early game, given that you do not build any crit-based items anyways. However, once you get your passive gets to 60% crit chance and you have souls, it is quite a fun way to scale your damage up even further.


Quicksilver Enchant: This item is great if you are constantly being run down. Just like any other situation item, you should try to hold off on upgrading it until you are done with all your core build.


Rapid Firecannon: A lot of Senna players build this item as a core item. But, it is not that worthwhile according to is. While it does have its merits, the main problem with the item, according to us, is that It falls off extremely quickly. The crit chance will be obliterated by Senna's own scaling, and the attack speed isn’t that good in the late game. However, the extra range is quite useful if you need to play defensive or chase people down. The crit chance also helps a little during the early game.


Ultimately, you should only be building this only if you are ahead. You should then sell it later on for an item like Infinity Edge. However, it is a good boost in the early game.


Spirit Visage: While the item does pack quite a lot of Magic Resistance, the item should not really be considered as a resist item. You should generally not be building this in an AD-only team since you shouldn’t be focusing on countering magic damage with it. Instead, buy it for its extremely powerful passives. With this item and Piercing Darkness, your heal is increased by quite a large amount. If you another healer on your team as well, the item starts to scale really well. It doesn’t really matter that it has a cooldown reduction and bonus health too. You should pick this item up if the enemy has some attack power and you end up requiring more sustain.


senna wild rift overview


Bramble Vest: Bramble Vest is the best anti AD, anti-heal item out there that provides her with a good chunk of Armor and a passive that works well against bruisers like Fiora. Bramble Vest should only be built by you when you want to counter an ADCs's healing.


Mercury's Treads: These are absolutely amazing boots into a support or ADC with a lot of CC. Don’t buy these for the MR and buy them for the tenacity. Do not afraid to build these even if they might seem underwhelming as compared to other boots.


Ionian Boots of Lucidity: The strongest boots on Senna. These let you use your Piercing Darkness more often and increases your damage output by a ton. Plus, this chops off 30 seconds of Flash, which is quite useful.


Boots of Swiftness: Most consistent boots ever on Senna and are never a bad purchase. The movement speed lets you kite quite well, and the slow resistance is extremely strong and, in turn, much stronger than most realize. However, if you are into a team that does not have slows, you don’t need Plated Steelcaps or Mercury’s Treats. Instead, opt for Ionian Boots of Lucidity.


Senna Runes and Summoner Spells:


Runes are traditional addendums done to the kit of a hero to provide them with the extra 'oomph' they require in the lane and elsewhere. All of these lanes are ones that you cannot go wrong with if you end up picking them up. Of course, the decisions you make when you look at the draft on the enemy side bring the most value to you.


Therefore, make sure to always take a look at what the enemy is building at all times before forming up an opinion. If you are having trouble keeping up with your build, the chances are that you have not picked the most optimal rune.


Font of Life: Font of life is an integral part of your kit when you want to sustain. It allows you and your carry to heal whenever you land a Last Embrace. This provides them with even greater heal than you already have.


Second Wind: This rune helps you stay healthy whenever you are poked. Moreover, it also lets you go for riskier trades, and you end up coming out surprisingly healthy.  While Second Wind does provide you with sustain whenever you are poked, you should consider Bone Plating if you are going in a matchup that has tons of Poke.


Manaflow Band: This is integral to stacking mana needed to heal your teammates. As long as you can land about 10 Piercing Darkness or Last Embrace early, you can heal your ADC with no issues whatsoever.


Gathering Storm: Gathering Storm’s scaling works really well with your healing and ultimate. It ensures that you can infinitely scale all the way to the late game. If you feel like you are not doing a lot of damage in the lane, you can turn into a lane bully. Your inherent job as Senna is to peel for your carry, and this rune makes doing just that much easier.


Summoner’s Spells:


Flash: Perhaps the most used and self-explanatory summoner spell. It helps increase your immobility by providing Senna with better range and escape tools. It has a 5-minute cooldown.


Heal: In most cases, we prefer using Heal over Ignite if you can get your ADC to take Ignite. Heal generally does not require moving closer than your auto range to be used effectively. Therefore, it is quite useful for you and your carry. This spell has a four minute cool down.


Ignite: Ignite is perhaps the most used and popular option and is a standard set for support. However, we aren’t huge fans of it on Senna because of its low range. Using Ignite in most cases requires you to step closer than your base range of auto attack. You want to avoid this when positioning. But, if you are into heal-heavy bot lanes, it is a good companion to Executioner’s Calling.


Barrier: Barrier is one of the safest picks to take as a Summoner's spell on the champion. Since she is an immobile marksman, she is quite prone to be ganked and other forms of crowd control. Barrier helps protect her against just that. However, you do end up losing the pressure that a more aggressive spell like Ignite has. You should take this only when you are going into an extremely poke-heavy bot lane.


Exhaust: This is an aggressive summoner spell you only take if your ADC does not pick anything other than Heal up. You should go for Exhaust instead of Ignite as its range negates the early game problem we mentioned with Ignite allowing you to position yourself at the edge of your range of attack. It also gives you an upper hand in any skirmish if you use Exhaust against their ADC. The ability has a cooldown of 3 minutes 30 seconds.


Pros and Cons:


Each champion in Wild Rift has particular pros and cons that you need to be aware of before you dive into the champion. As indicated, Senna has a few caveats up her sleeve and a few perks that help make her an ideal pick in more than one situation.




Here are some of the Pros Senna enjoys:


  • Unique support playstyle
  • Can solo carry the game if fed
  • Has extremely good damage and a strong heal
  • Has a global ultimate which can turn the tide of fights
  • Scales infinitely
  • Scales in the early game and late game as well
  • Quite fun to play
  • Has a versatile item build that lets her fit into other roles
  • Versatile rune build that lets her accommodate to different situations if needed




  • Quite weak to dives and is relatively squishy
  • Has an extremely low critical damage
  • Is quite weak in the mid-game
  • Relies on the wave clear of allies or the champion beside her to get souls
  • Has to play aggressively under any situation
  • Extremely immobile in most situations
  • Abilities can be hard to land


Senna Counters and Synergies:


Each champion in Wild Rift has its own counters and synergies that help you understand when picking them makes the most sense. Naturally, you should have an idea of what champions you should be picking into and which ones you should definitely be avoiding if you want to play the champion.




These are champions you should be working with as their kit supplement your playstyle.


Ashe: Provides you with Glacial Augment’s slow without needing to take runes. Her ult can lock down enemies quite easily for you. You can be an incredibly annoying duo.


Draven: If you are playing with a good Draven, both of you can play extremely aggressively and can take down any bot lane. He can easily take down any champion and can root with his second skill. Your healing will make sure he keeps up with his shenanigans.


Jhin: Jhin is a flexible laner, so you can play aggressively or passively. Look for combos with his second skill, and make sure that you bully the enemy laners out.


Varus: Whether he builds Poke or hits, his innate playstyle requires him to be aggressive, which is always welcome.


Yasuo: Very aggressive laner after level 3, which is exactly what you want. You can force fights with Yasuo so you can land multi-person first and second skills. Coupled with a Yasuo, your lane turns into an immediate death sentence for the enemy team.


Jinx: She can play up with you and match your aggression in the lane, which lets you get a free poke. Try to combo with your W and root for long periods of time.




senna wild rift skins


These are champions that you should not be picking Senna into since they can absolutely destroy you if played well.


Blitzcrank: He’s capable of giving you quite a rough time. Flash is your only real way of escaping him. Take a look at our Blitzcrank guide for more information on how to play the champion.


Alistar: His second skill can be quite annoying and provides you with a tough time. If you are close to your ADC, play apart from your carry and just poke him till his ADC down.


Leona: Just like hook champions, Leona is quite scary because she can close gaps very quickly. We recommend playing behind your ADC as well.


Soraka: In most cases, you can match or surpass her in pokes in the lane. At the same time, her healing is better than yours in the early game.


Sona: This is another really good matchup where you should go for anti-heal items. Aside from her healing, however, she provides Poke that matches your range. So, play her with vital cooldowns.


Early, Mid, and Late Game Tips:


senna wild rift image


As soon as you enter the laning phase, your wards should try to prevent as much as possible and always try and let your allies capitalize on your vision and gank. We recommend jungle tracking wards if you are able to place a deep ward as the enemy jungler can be spotted, which lets your own jungler counter-rotate to other sides of the map.


You should be putting up a control ward in your river bush and protect it. You can also choose which ward you need if you do not have your support items upgraded. But, we recommend prioritizing objectives over river vision. You can also place stealth wards near the dragon pit to see both at once.


Mid Game / Late Game: The mid-game and late-game are quite similar to the laning phase but are less erratic in nature. You should place your wards on objectives instead of lanes. Make sure to ward objectives within sixty to forty-five seconds of monsters spawning and not very early. Stealth Wards end up lasting about 90 and 120 seconds completely, depending on the champion.


LDPlayer Features for Wild Rift:


LDPlayer is arguably one of the best emulators out there. Even if you practice, there is a very high chance that you might end up missing your skill shots due to you being on a mobile screen.


Therefore, we recommend using LDPlayer as you can play the game on a monitor, and it provides you with tons of features and advantages that help take your gameplay to the absolute next level and provide you with a very real competitive edge. By using LDPlayer, you can end up changing your binds to match the same control scheme that you would find on League of Legends PC.


Moreover, here is how you can use key mapping to destroy opponents in League of Legends: Wild Rift. Plus, to avoid being overthrown, you can use the Emulator’s Macro Feature that lets you record a specific set of instructions that you can execute with a single key.




Senna is an extremely powerful champion that is exceptional support in most cases. She has an extremely difficult skill ceiling and is played in high-ranked elos. If you haven’t played the champion already, we recommend that you do so as he is quite powerful in the current meta.

Download League of Legends: Wild Rift on PC