League of Legends: Wild Rift Nasus Build Guide, Counters, Combos, and Much More!


We have brought you another LOL: Wild Rift guide, and this time our guest is Nasus – The Curator of Sands. Sounds like a strange tag, but it's because of his massive ultimate skill. In this guide, we will explain a lot of things about Nasus Item Guide, Build, Rune Guide, Rune Build, Combos, Skills, Counters, Matchups, etc. But, before we start with the guide, keep in mind, Nasus might seem like a champion you can master easily, but it's not true. In fact, there is a huge difference between playing with Nasus and Mastering Nasus to rank higher in LOL: Wild Rift. With that being said, let's get started with the guide.


Nasus – Champion Overview:


Nasus, the Curator of the Sands. In LOL: Wild Rift, Nasus is a champion that is considered to be extremely weak in the early stages of the game. However, the more he manages to stack up his Siphoning Strike, the deadlier he becomes (In the Mid to Late game). If you or your team left him unattended, he would become a nightmare in the end game.


LOL: Wild Rift Nasus Build Guide, Counters, Combos, and Much More!


If you want to play a Baron Lane champion that can stomp the late game and one-shot squishy enemies, then Nasus is a good choice. He will be tanky, have sustained, and most importantly-will always scale in the mid and late game. Although he is quite easy to play and has some serious damage, he isn't always a go-to choice for most players because he can easily get caught by an enemy jungler. Always think twice before you pick Nasus, and when you do pick him, keep in mind that he's not an early game champion.


Nasus Tier:


Even with toughness and serious damage, Nasus ranks in B Tier, which is kind of strange because it should be at least A Tier. Maybe it's because of his Utility and Low Difficulty. Many players disagree that Nasus is easy to master because of his Siphoning Strike, which is quite hard to stack, and without stacking this ability, Nasus can't do serious damage to enemy turrets or his opponents.


Nasus Class:


Class does play a role while picking a champion, but it's actually to understand your champion. It doesn't really have any direct impact on your match. It just provides you info on whether you will be fast or tanky, etc. If we take a look at Nasus's Class, it is Fighter. Fighter class is kind of famous in Baron Lane because of their toughness and damage.


Nasus Stats:


Stats are one of the most important things you should look at before selecting a champion for your lane. Stats and skills should be according to your gameplay style; only then will you be able to achieve GOD level in LOL: Wild Rift. Understanding stats allows your movement to be more lethal and gives you knowledge of when to push your limits or when to back off. 


The game isn't about being stupid; it's more about planning each and every move and the ability to make split-seconds decisions. The only way you will be able to make a split-second decision is when you know your champion's stats and limits. So, without wasting time, let's dive into Nasus's Stats, and let's see what he brings to the Top Lane Champions Tier List :


Overview of Nasus's stats are:


  • Damage: Medium ★★
  • Toughness: High ★★★
  • Utility: Low ★
  • Difficulty: Easy ★




  • Level 1: 610
  • Level 15: 2220
  • Per Level: 115




  • Level 1: 390
  • Level 15: 1076
  • Per Level: 49


Attack Damage:


  • Level 1: 64
  • Level 15: 128
  • Per Level: 4.57


Ability Power:


  • Level 1: 0
  • Level 15: 0
  • Per Level: 0




  • Level 1: 40
  • Level 15: 101
  • Per Level: 4.36

Magic Resistance:


  • Level 1: 48
  • Level 15: 71
  • Per Level: 1.64


Attack Speed:


  • Level 1: 0.8
  • Level 15: 1.01
  • Per Level: 0.015


HP Regen:


  • Level 1: 9
  • Level 15: 21
  • Per Level: 0.86


Mana Regen:


  • Level 1: 12
  • Level 15: 22
  • Per Level: 0.71


Movement Speed:


  • Level 1: 528
  • Level 15: 528
  • Per Level: 0


Nasus Summoner Spells:


Summoner Spells generally add to your mobility and are a vital part of your build. For Nasus, there are tons of different Summoner Spells to pick from, with each providing you with much-needed utility in different manners. You can use most of these spells situationally as they complement your kit quite well. You can swap between Ghost and teleport while playing using Nasus Baron Lane:


Flash – We're great fans of Flash for Nasus. The Spell lets you teleport a short distance forwards or towards the direction you are aiming for. You should reserve your Flash for escaping most of the time. Flash is an absolute must in most situations and is an excellent spell to get out of a situation, especially if you are trying to go in for the killing blow.


Nasus Spells


Ghost – Ghost allows you to quickly run down opponents with ease. You will be using this summoner spell mostly for offensive situations so that you do not end up getting kited while also letting you make full use of your ultimate. The Spell allows you to gain a large burst of Movement Speed ​​that decays to 25% movement speed for about 6 seconds.


Ignite – Targets an enemy champion which deals 60 – 410 based on level true damage over 5 seconds while also inflicting with Grievous Wounds. It also reduces healing effects by 50% and also has a 90-second cooldown. Using any of these Summoner Spells in your kit should provide you with enough damage, mobility, and utility for you to weave in and out of battle whilst also remaining a formidable foe for those who dare to compete with you in the lane.


Teleport – Teleport is the most important when it comes to Baron Lane Nasus as it helps you get back to your lane a little bit faster to farm more and more. It also helps you go to Bottom Lane pretty fast to join your teammates in team fights. Most players don't take teleport, which is the biggest mistake because you will be walking to multiple fights while the enemy top laner is in the team fights because of the Teleport.


Nasus Rune Guide and Build:


nasus rune build


Abilities that you can activate or acquire at the start of the game are titled runes. In general, these are meant to be picked so that they help take your characters' abilities to the absolute next level. As you get better at Nasus, you might prefer some runes over others, especially with constant changes in the meta. However, as you'll soon find out, there's always a consistent rune build that works in almost every scenario. We're also going to be providing you with complete details on what you should be picking up in terms of particular Runes, so you have to ability to use them properly in the middle of the match.


Grasp Of The Undying – Deals an increased amount of damage and also heals on the attack every four seconds in combat. This rune is especially useful for sustaining in generally short trades, especially in the early game, with its use expanding in the late game. The rune is unique for Nasus since you'll always be in the face of your enemy as you are considered as a melee champion which will let you tank a lot of damage. So, when you end up auto-attacking, you gain tons of extra health from this rune. 


  • Game Description: Every 4s in combat, your next attack on a champion will be enhanced based on your max health. You heal 2% of your maximum health while permanently increasing your health by 5.


Gathering Storm – Provides you with increasing bonus AD as time goes by, which is amazing for Nasus's bombastic nature. It grants him bonus attack damage as time goes by, which is absolutely perfect for Nasus' scalable nature.


  • Game Description: Every 2 min, gain 2 AD or 4 AP (Adaptive.)


Spirit Walker – Provides you with bonus HP and slow resistance, which synergizes well with Boots of Swiftness. It also grants you additional health and slow resistance.


  • Game Description: Gain 50 maximum health and 20% slow resistance.


Sweet Tooth – Grants Nasus with additional heal with bonus gold when also eating honey fruits.


  • Game Description: Increase Honeyfruit healing by 25%. Each fruit eaten also provides 20 gold. 


Brutal – This rune helps out Nasus in the early game to deal an extra bit of damage when last hitting minions and trading vs. the enemy champion.


  • Game Description: Gain 7 bonus Attack Damage and 2% bonus-armor penetration, or 14 Ability Power and 2% bonus-magic-penetration (Adaptive.)


Hunter – Vampirism: Unique champion takedowns grant AD / ADP and physical/magic vamp. (Adaptive.)


Hunter – Titan: Unique champion takedowns grant max health and tenacity.


Manaflow Band – Hitting an enemy champion with a permanent ability increases your max mana.


Mastermind – Deal 10% bonus true damage to both Epic Monsters and Turrets while also letting you earn about an extra 100 gold and 500 XP as soon as you take an objective or assist in taking one.


Nasus Complete Item Guide and Build:


Nasus Item Build


Nasus is primarily a tanky champion. As such, she uses both damage and tank items that work very well with her kit. While we are going to be talking about all these items in detail, it is important to understand that there's no one way to play a champion in Wild Rift. As you advance further in the game, you will find multiple different ways to play exactly the same character. However, the builds we are going to be recommending to you now are ones that have been tried and tested by us here at LDPlayer and professional players around the globe.


Trinity Force – The item is particularly made for Nasus! It provides him everything he needs, including attack damage, health, reduction of cooldown, attack speed, alongside a great addition of movement speed which is absolutely great for him. Plus, even though the item is relatively expensive, it isn't that bad since you are going to be farming for the whole early game stage of the entire game anyway.


Boots of Swiftness – The item provides Nasus with much-needed movement speed allowing you to further empower yourself in terms of running down opponents. You can also build Mercury's Treads or Plated Steelcaps in order to help you with survivability as well. You can also upgrade the item with a Teleport Enchant to help you develop a more efficient split pushing strategy. You can also upgrade the item with the Glorious Enchant for a much more aggressive playstyle.


Dead Man's Plate – The item provides you with additional movement speed alongside a slow effect alongside your attack, which is mainly due to your Crushing Blow passive. This also helps Nasus's issue of being kited relatively quickly.


Spirit Visage – This item is meant to be your go-to anti Attack Power item because it synergizes extremely well with your passive as well as increases the amount of healing you can receive, including physical vamp as well.


Death's Dance – The item increases your life steal and grants the Cauterize passive, which converts burst Damage into DPS as well, which helps you survive relatively well once you are in the middle of team fights.


Guardian Angel An extremely powerful item for a Tank, the item grants you a second life once in a blue moon thanks to the resurrect passive it provides. This lets you play much more aggressively, knowing that you always have a chip in the bag.


Alternative Tank Build:


Instead of building Trinity Force, go for Iceborn Gauntlet. It provides you with a lot more utility alongside an AoE slow whilst also providing you with survivability for the champion in exchange for the extremely low damage output compared to what Trinity Forces gives you. 


Make sure to build Thornmail as it counters high DPS lifestealers, which are extremely annoying to deal with. They also return damage and will have your opponents think twice before they start going on you.


Alternative Core Build:


nasus overview


According to this build, Trinity Force is perhaps the best item for Nasus and is a must-buy. The item provides the character with much-needed damage and stats as well. The item's passives synergize very well with the abilities of the champion. You can then use Siphoning Strike (the 1 st ability), which then turns on the Spellblade effect so you can auto attack to get extra damage.


Nasus works very well with extra movement speed, which you get from the Rage passive. This makes it extremely easy to chase down enemies. You can then purchase a Dead Man's Plate as it is a wonderful example of a tank item that works really well with Nasus. They provide him with health, armor, and survivability while also bestowing him with movement speed which ultimately helps him chase down enemies.


Here's the Alternative Core Build for Nasus:


  • Trinity Force
  • Dead Man's Plate
  • Spirit Visage
  • Sterak's Gage Provides you with additional health and also a passive shield. It provides Nasus an advantage in fights. It allows him to stay longer in a fight longer allowing you to emerge victoriously.
  • Guardian Angel The passive allows you to attack without the issue of losing your life.
  • Plated Steelcaps Teleport


You can also rotate these particular damage Based items by swapping them for Death's Dance, Mortal Reminder and Iceborn Gauntlet. 




There are multiple boots you can purchase on Nasus. If the enemy has tons of physical damage, you should get Ninja Tabis. If he has tons of crowd control, you should be getting Mercury Treads. 


If this isn't the case, going for Ionian Boots of Lucidity is an absolutely good choice.


Build Analysis:


Just like any other build for Nasus, you can expect a lot of changes and variations to be coming out, which are entirely dependent on your play style. However, we recommend going for items that provide you with both generally defensive and offensive capabilities. However, in the end, this is ultimately your call.


These items should help you tank up like an absolute hero while also being quite a powerful damage dealer. We'll be updating this guide consistently to ensure that you'll always be playing Nasus in the most recent way possible.


Nasus Skills Introduction:


Knowing what your champion does is LOL: Wild Rift's Rule 101. No matter how pro you are, you can't play a champion without understanding its skills and what he/she actually does. Skill gives you an idea of ​​how strong your champion is and where he/she will shine the most. To explore Nasus's skills, we have brought you his skill introduction and Ability Analysis. So, let's take a look:




Soul Eater – Passive:


Gains 12% Physical Vamp.


Siphoning Strike – First Active Ability:


Empowers Nasus's next attack within ten seconds to deal an additional (25 + 0 Damage). If Siphoning Strike kills the target, the damage is permanently increased by 4. Killing champions, large minions, and large monsters increase Siphoning Strike's damage by 8 instead.


Cooldown: 5.5 / 5 / 4.5 / 4


Damage Base: 25 / 50 / 75 / 100


Wither – Second Active Ability:


Slows enemy Movement Speed ​​by 35% and AS (Attack Speed) by 22.5% for five seconds. The Movement Speed ​​(MS) slow increases to 45%.


Cooldown: 14 / 13 / 12 / 11


Attack Speed ​​Reduction: 22.5 / 30 / 37.5 / 45


SLOW: 45 / 60 / 75 / 90


Spirit Fire – Third Active Ability:


Creates a flaming zone, dealing 55 Magic Damage (55+ 40% of AP). The zone persists for 5 seconds, dealing 11 Magic Damage (11+ 12% of AP) over time and reducing armor by 15%.


Cost: 110 / 120 / 130 / 140


Damage Base: 55 / 110 / 165 / 220


Armor Reduction: 15% / 20% / 25% / 30%


Damage Bonus: . 11 / 22 / 33 / 44


Fury Of The Sands – Ultimate Ability:


Enhances himself to gain 300 HP, 25 Armor, and Magic Resist for 15 seconds. Deals' Magic Damage to nearby enemies equals 3% (3 + 0.01% of AP) of their health during the duration. Siphoning Strike's cooldown is reduced by 50% during the duration.


Cooldown: 90 / 80 / 70


HP: 300 / 450 / 600


Armor: 25 / 50 / 75


Resist Magic: 25 / 50 / 75


Base Damage: 3% / 4% / 5%


Nasus Abilities Analysis:


Let's dive into Nasus Abilities Analysis and see what this champion holds for you and why he is considered to be the GOD of Baron Lane.


Passive – Soul Eater:


Soul Eater grants Nasus a substantial amount of physical vamp. The passive works in conjunction with the high damage provided by his Siphoning Strike. This helps Nasus sustain his weak early game, and when he is stacked up, the serious damage from his Siphoning Strike heals him for a large amount.


Active – Siphoning Strike:


Siphoning Strike is Nasus's signature skill. This ability is what gives Nasus his late-game god-like potential where he can play literally two-shot opponents if he is left unchecked.


Nasus's early game is really weak to compensate with his late-game potential, so you should focus on the last hitting using Siphoning Strike first.


This ability is an auto-reset that increases Nasus's damage output; it may be tempting to trade with the enemy using his ability Siphoning Strike. However, it is an unwise decision in most cases because you will be forgoing stacks just to damage your lane opponent. The wisest option is to safely play your lane in the early game and unleash your wrath in the mid-game and late game.


Always remember to last hit the cannons using your first active ability Siphoning Strike, because it gives double stacks.


Active – Wither:


Wither is an underrated Nasus's active ability. It slows down your enemies' AS and MS for a fairly long duration.


You can call a gank when you are being oppressed under your turret in the early game because your Wither ability combined with a gank to an overconfident opponent is a win-win situation for your team.


In the late game, reserve your second active ability, Wither, for the enemy's attack damage carry (ADC), so you can reduce their damage drastically, and it is highly possible to kill them, with the right combo, within the duration of your ability. This specific ability allows you to 1v1 any ADC in the late game and come out on top.




Active – Spirit Fire:


Spirit Fire deals with AoE damage and reduces the armor of those affected by it.


This ability is your and your tower's lifeline in the early game. Use Spirit Fire when you are being pushed into your tower so you can manage it faster. Also, use it to last hit the cannons if you are being zoned away from it.


In the mid and late game, use it to shove waves faster and use it in combination with W, Wither, for duels to deal more damage with your Q, Siphoning Strike.


Ultimate – Fury of the Sands:


Fury of the Sands gives Nasus his god-like stature as it grants him increased health, armor, magic resistance, and it grants him an immolation effect that deals magic damage to nearby enemies based on their HP. It also reduces the cooldown of your Spirit Siphon by half. Not to mention, it literally increases his size, which makes him a literally imposing being.


Use it while in the middle of the fight but don't wait too late to use it. Use it while you have more than 70% health so you can make the most out of it. In the best-case scenario, you'll stomp them out, and the best-case scenario is you'll create space for your team to push or take objectives.


LOL: Wild Rift – Nasus Combos:


There are several combos you can use while playing Nasus. However, executing combos isn't as easy as it seems. That's why a lot of players use the keybinds feature for LOL: Wild Rift to properly execute combos in intense team fights.


Nasus Combo – Hard to Execute:


  • Spirit Fire > Wither > Fury of the Sands > Siphoning Strike > Spirit Fire > Auto Attack


When done properly, you can animation cancel all of your abilities together. Cast Spirit Fire and Wither right after one another, then instantly cast Ultimate and First Active Skill as quickly as you can.


Nasus Combos – Average to Execute:


  • Spirit Fire > Fury of the Sands > Siphoning Strike > Spirit Fire > Auto Attack > Wither > Auto Attack


Spirit Fire, Fury of the Sands, and Siphoning Strike can be chained together to cancel the animations. Cast Spirit Fire and instantly cast Ultimate with your first ability and auto-attack, then quickly use Wither following by an auto-attack.


  • Fury of the Sands > Wither > Spirit Fire > Siphoning Strike > Spirit Fire > Auto Attack > Auto Attack > Siphoning Strike


Useable for team fights, start with your ultimate skill and then use Wither when your enemies are in range. Close the gap between you and them and quickly cast Spirit Fire, Siphoning Strike, and Auto Attack followed by Auto Attacks until your Siphoning Strike is back up to use.


  • Fury of the Sands > Wither > Spirit Fire > Flash > Siphoning Strike > Auto Attack


To Flash, engage Ultimate then Wither, use Spirit Fire, then instantly Flash followed by Siphoning Strike and Auto Attacks.


  • Wither > Flash > Spirit Fire > Siphoning Strike > Auto Attack


When chasing an opponent, use Wither, then instantly Flash and cast Spirit Fire, Siphoning Strike, and Auto Attack as quickly as possible.


Nasus Combos – Easy to Execute:


  • Spirit Fire > Auto Attack > Wither > Siphoning Strike


Cancel your Spirit Fire animation by using an Auto Attack instantly after, followed by Wither and Siphoning Strike.


  • Auto Attack > Siphoning Strike > Spirit Fire > Wither > Auto Attack


A normal trade will be auto-attack, then instantly Siphoning Strike as soon as the damage goes through, then quickly cast Spirit Fire, Wither, and Auto Attack again.


  • Spirit Fire > Wither > Siphoning Strike > Spirit Fire > Auto Attack


Spirit Fire, Wither, and Siphoning Strike can be chained together to cancel the animations. Cast Spirit Fire and Wither instantly followed by Siphoning Strike, Spirit Fire, and Auto Attack.


Nasus Fast Triple Cancel Combo:


Approach to Wither range. Use Spirit Fire then Wither to shorten Spirit Fire cast time. Flash during Wither cast time and Siphoning Strike during Spirit Fire armor reduction to maximize burst.




  • Wither slows, crippling a target enemy.
  • You can Flash during Wither to shorten its cast time.
  • Spirit Fire then Wither shortens Spirit Fire cast time.
  • Spirit Fire deals damage and reduces armor in its radius.
  • Siphoning Strike empowers Nasus's basic attack with bonus damage and range.


Nasus Skill Progression – How to Distribute Skill Points?


Skill progression says a lot about how your early, mid, and late game will be or how you will perform in 1v1 and team fights. So, pay a little more attention to your skill progression because if you missed upgrading your ultimate at level 5, you would be way too behind your opponent. Let's take a look at Nasus Skill Progression:


  • Soul Eater – Passive Skill: Soul Eater is your Passive Ability, which doesn't need any skill point.
  • Siphoning Strike – First Active Skill:  1 – 4 – 6 – 7
  • Wither – Second Active Skill: 3 – 12 – 14 – 15
  • Spirit Fire – Third Active Skill: 2 – 8 – 10 – 11
  • Fury of the Sands – Ultimate Skill: 5 – 9 – 13


Keep leveling Siphoning Strike until it's maxed, then focus on Spirit Fire, and lastly on Wither. Also, whenever you can, you want to add one point into your Ultimate ability Fury of Sands.


Skill Progression


LOL: Wild Rift Nasus Pros and Cons:


+ Soul Eater is one of the best passive abilities in this game and gives you great sustain


+ Siphoning Strike works on turrets (basically, it destroys turrets), and it's also one of the best abilities in the game, as it scales with creeps and champions.


+ Wither Patch 10.7 got its range buffed super hard, so you can catch'em all.


+ Spirit Fire is your weapon against tanks and your secret weapon against Teemo.


+ Fury of the Sands is a game-changer ultimate.


+ Nasus can carry games.


+ Nasus can become a mid-game MONSTER.


+ Nasus is one of the best split pushers in this game (probably the beast).


+ Nasus can 1v1 almost every champion if stacked properly.


Nasus Cons:


-Nasus is one of the weakest champions in the early game.


-Nasus can become a mid-game monster, but he's not the best when it comes to


-Team fights because he has no gap-closer, so split-push and ends the game fast.


-Nasus usually needs his jungler a couple of times during the laning phase.


-Nasus needs to farm and farm and farm for the first 20 minutes just to be able to make an impact later, so that means that the rest of the team may 4v5 the enemies.


-Your team may flame you for not helping them enough.


-Your enemies may flame you for playing an unskilled champion.


Nasus Matchups (Synergies, Counters, Strong, and Weak Against):


The following are champions that synergize with Nasus and also the champions he counters, strong and weak against. No matter how powerful or broken a champion is in the game, there will be some champions who can tackle that. This is how RIOT balances this game, making it best for both Mobile and PC. You can download LOL: Wild Rift on PC for free.


Nasus Synergies:


Synergies are the advantage you get from keeping other champions in your team. The ability level of your champion remains unaffected, but the other champion's abilities will help you out a lot during matches. Nasus is a really powerful champion, so we have to really consider what other champions he can be paired with him. 


Here are the champions with the best synergy with Nasus:


Renekton – The history of Nasus and Renekton is already known by most people. It is very obvious why this would be an amazing pair up. His abilities are extremely strong. Using his Reign of Anger is very helpful as he just tears through enemies. Speaking of tearing through enemies, his ability "Slice and Dice" literally accomplish the said phrase. The win rate of a Nasus and Renekton pair up is really high, and it will surely give you an upper hand in the game.


Aatrox – Aatrox is another powerhouse. He is the champion you can count on, having your back throughout the game. He slashes through enemies using his Darken Blade. All of his abilities are devastating to the enemies. He can even increase his damage by going into his World Ender form. You do not want to be on his bad side, but you could not ask for a better teammate.


Aatrox LOL Wild Rift


Darius – This champion has one of the greatest damage in the game. All of us already know how good Darius is in the late game. Having Darius on your team can be extremely beneficial as he can clear out the lanes for you earlier than anyone else. Taking out enemies becomes a walk in the park with a Darius pair up. 


Lulu – Some champions use their abilities and attacks to take out enemies, and then there is Lulu. She is the kind of champion that brings out the best in you. She uses her ultimate ability called Wild Growth to make Nasus enormous. This makes Nasus almost invincible and a nightmare for the enemies. Using her ult will make every match a piece of cake. 


Trundle – It literally says in his intro that he can bludgeon everything into submission, so having him by your side seems like a good option. His healing ability by taking out nearby enemy units called King's Tribute helps you a lot, as you know this champion will be by your side till the end. Along with that, his Subjugate ability helps him steal the opponent's health. Along with Nasus, Trundle will be unstoppable.


Trundle LOL Wild Rift


Lee Sin This champion grants Nasus to farm unnoticed by creating early game map pressure. Nasus can provide chaos in the late game where Lee Sin will pick off anyone who escapes Nasus. His safeguard ability will help shield Nasus from the enemies while he attacks their units. His Dragon' Rage and Cripple ability are nothing to joke about. Nasus can benefit a lot from this pair-up.


Nasus Strong Against:


These are the champions that Nasus is strong against:


Galio Galio, the colossus, is an AP tank that can be played either in mid-lane or support rule. He is very good against ap damage dealers and very good at applying cc. Every few seconds, Galio's basic attack deals bonus magic damage in an area. His first skill is called winds of war. Galio fires two wind blasts that converge into a large tornado that deals damage over time. His second skill is called “shield” of the round Galio charges a defensive stance moving slowly upon releasing the charge.


Galio LOL Wild Rift


Galio will taunt and damage nearby enemies. His third skill is called justice punch Galio will briefly step back and charge, knocking up the first enemy champion. But Nasus can unleash a mighty sandstorm that batters nearby enemies. While the storm rages, he gains increased Health, Attack Range, damages nearby enemies, has a reduced cooldown on Siphoning Strike, and gains bonus Armor and Magic Resistance.


Kennan – He applies stack on enemies each time he hit them with skill. At three stacks, he will stun the enemy for few seconds; he also gains some energy. His first ability is to throw shuriken, which deals magical damage to the first enemy they hit. His second skill comes with its own passive. Every fifth basic attack he makes deals bonus magic damage and applies one stack to the enemy. 


He transforms for 2 seconds, gaining full movement speed. He will deal magical damage to any enemy he comes into contact with. He can summon lightning that strikes everyone every half second. For the duration, he gains some armor and magic resistance. Nasus can age an opponent champion, slowing their movement and attack speeds over time. Also, Nasus slays his target, he strikes him, dealing damage and increasing the power of his future Siphoning Strikes.


Malphite – Malphite is known as a solo front-line tank that can withstand a lot of damage, and his build reflects this. Sunfire Aegis is an excellent starter item for Malphite. It replenishes his health and deals damage to nearby enemy champions and/or monsters. Most of the time, Malphite will be in the enemy's face, using Ground Slam to slow down the enemy's attack speed.


Malphite LOL Wild Rift


If Malphite is facing a lot of magic damage from the enemy team, Abyssal Mask is a great item to have. Not only does it provide him with health, magic resistance, and much-needed mana, but it also has a passive effect. Nearby enemy champions are subjected to 15% more magical damage. Nasus can deal with Malphite by draining his foe's spiritual energy and gaining bonus Life Steal. Nasus can also unleash a spirit flame at a location, dealing damage and reducing the armor of enemies who stand on it.


Nasus Weak Against:


These are the champions that Nasus is Weak against:


Yorick – Yorick can have up to four Mist Walkers working for him at any given time. Yorick's next basic attack does extra damage and heals him a little. For a few seconds, Yorick summons a destructible wall of corpses that encircles a target area. Yorick hurls a globule of Mist, which deals magical damage, slows the target, and marks it. 


Yorick summons the Maiden of the Mist (who, at higher ranks, will be accompanied by some Mist Walkers). The Maiden is unafraid to move and attack her own. Yorick will deal bonus magic damage based on the enemy's maximum health when he attacks the Maiden's target. All these abilities making Yorick ideal to put against Nasus. 


Pantheon – Nasus has a hard time dealing with Pantheon's high early game damage. When Nasus tries to farm, Pantheon can use early damage and freeze the lane as much as possible to keep him off the farm. To keep damage relevant, Pantheon can use rush brutalizer into the last whisper.


Pantheon LOL Wild Rift


His passive is useful against Nasus because it can block his Siphoning Strike, but an experienced Nasus will first remove the shield with an auto-attack. Pantheon can use his stun to get another shield at this precise moment. If Pantheon is attempting to flee Nasus, use your stun as soon as you enter his melee range to gain a shield against his auto-attack and time to flee.


Kled – Kled is accompanied by his trusty steed, Skaarl, who takes the brunt of the damage. Kled throws a bear trap, injuring and entangling an enemy champion. Kled dashes, dealing physical damage and gaining a burst of speed in the process. Kled can use this ability to dash back through his original target, dealing the same amount of damage. 


For four attacks, Kled gains a massive attack speed boost. The fourth attack has a higher damage output. Kled and Skaarl charge to a location, gaining a shield and leaving a speed-granting trail behind them. Skaarl locks on to the first enemy champion he sees and rams him. Kled counter kill is 53% effective and Nasus 47%. Similarly, champion kills and early leads of Kled are 54% and 58%, respectively.


Irelia – Irelia's longest killing spree is usually the same as her counter's. Irelia takes less damage than Nasus on average. This is usually due to different health capacities; however, it could also mean that one of the champions is less agile and thus unable to avoid additional damage when poked or engaged.


Irelia LOL Wild Rift


Irelia often gets a few more minion kills than Nasus in Irelia vs. Nasus matchups. Champions who don't have a lot of CS usually don't need a lot of CS to be useful. Instead, they can scale well based on their abilities However, champions with a lot of CS, like hyper-carriers, usually need a lot of gold to be effective. In either situation, try to beat the averages presented here to do well.


Nasus Overview of Matchups and Counters:


The following is the list that will allow you an in-depth look at Nasus against different champions:


  • Dr. Mundo – Easy
  • Fizz – Easy
  • Kennen – Easy
  • Tryndamere – Easy
  • Wukong – Easy
  • Singed – Easy
  • Camille – Medium
  • Fiora – Medium
  • Jax – Medium
  • Olaf – Medium
  • Yasuo – Medium
  • ZED – Medium
  • Garen – Medium
  • Akali – Hard
  • Teemo – Hard
  • Vayne – Hard
  • Darius – Skill
  • Gargas – Skill
  • Malphite – Skill


This list shows Nasus counter champions and how Nasus performs against them, whether it's easy for him or does he require you to use your skills and practice to dominate your lane. Keep in mind that all of these counter matchups, synergies, strong and weak against, are based on extensive research of different players' games. If the list says that Nasus will have a hard time fighting that champion, then it doesn't mean that you quit the game. You should do your best and try to play a little bit safe instead of leaving your lane or quitting the game.


You can also enable 120 FPS for LOL: Wild Rift to practice Nasus in the top lane without issues and for smooth gameplay.


Nasus Full Guide (Early, Mid, and Late Game Scenarios):


This is a very unorthodox Nasus Early to Mid to Late Game strategy, but it's without a doubt sleeper OP. Essentially, you spam Spirit Fire in the early game to poke your opponent to death or force them out of the lane. This strategy aims to sacrifice late-game runes (such as conq, legend tenacity, etc.) for raw early game power. 


Nasus Early Game – Lane Phase:


Traditionally, Nasus is the champ who gets punished hard early, but he can end the game by himself if he survives till late. This build setup allows you to completely stomp most champions in the early game to guarantee you get your items on time (and you will end up solo-killing your lane opponents a LOT if they don't play smart against you).


By taking Comet + Scorch + double adaptive minor runes + Doran's ring, your Spirit Fire does absurdly high damage. It will basically one-shot minion waves from level 1 to level 11, allowing you to hard shove. This forces your lane opponent to take minion aggro while Csing, or farm under turret where they will lose CS because of your Spirit Fire poke. They will either be forced to recall or die under turret.


The downside to this is that Siphoning Strike stacking is harder to do early because your Siphoning Strike has a very long cooldown. This tradeoff is worth it. Traditional Siphoning Strike max builds tend to get bullied out of lane really easily. A few extra stacks on your first active ability are NOT WORTH being 40-50 CS down. By hard winning the early game, your opponent won't pressure you during the midgame, allowing you to stack your Siphoning Strike freely.


Nasus's early game is a wick. You need to be patient and farm safely. Farm, Farm, Farm. Farm near your turret, and if needed, farm under it. Not only farm creeps but also farm your Siphoning Strike. Give your 100% to last-hit cannon minions with Siphoning Strike to get the extra gold and the extra stacks they provide. 


Top Lane is your playground so keep it warded to play safe (for about 20')! Above, you can see a little trick of how to ward the bush when you're playing the Blue Side. Step on the same spot next to the wall and place your cursor inside the red circle.


Your first Power Spike here in the early game is going to be Sheen. The next Power Spike is going to be your Trinity Force. And the last Power Spike of the early game is going to be your Spirit Visage. Each time you lay your hands on one of those items, that's the best time to surprise your opponents and fight them.


Nasus Early Game


Always pay attention in bot lane, as a well-timed Teleport down there (after you lay your hands on Fury of the Sands) can make a huge difference in your team's favor. One last tip, keep in mind that there is a Rift Herald near you, so if your wave is pushed and your Jungler nearby, it might be a good time to collect it.


Nasus Mid Game – Split Pushing:


In the mid-game, you have great lane priority. Look to make teleport plays to snowball your other lanes. You'll be transitioning to a more traditional build during the midgame, ie, Trinity Force and Righteous Glory. Your lane opponent will be down in CS and items, allowing you to stack Siphoning Strike freely. If your lead is large enough, it could be worth freezing the wave under your tower (and running down your opponent with W if they overextend) if you can set this up. The one downside to Spirit Fire max Nasus is the threat of enemy jungle ganks when you shove the wave. Try to get deep wards in the enemy jungle.


This is the time for Nasus to shine. This is the best time for split-pushing, and most of the time, this when Nasus players win the game for the team. Split-push fast, split-push hard. Takedown turrets, inhibitors, and everything in your way. In case you use Teleport, deep use of it can probably be the biggest step for Victory. Always be on your toes in case your team is fighting for an objective.


(Dragon / Baron Nashor) to be with them, or Teleport in when the time is right.


Nasus Late Game – Team Fighting:


In the late game, you play Nasus the traditional way-split push whenever you have a vision of the enemy team or when a big objective is up. Thanks to your huge early-game lead, the enemy top laner can't answer your split -push. If you have good map awareness, you can end the game solo like any other late-game Nasus.


Reach 450 stacks on 20,' and you will cut down turret-like butter!!!


The late game is not the best part for Nasus as every enemy focuses on him, and he doesn't have any gap closers. Still, you (can) make a huge impact. In team fighting, let the tank of your team stay in the front, and you stay just behind it, with the peelers of your team behind you. Your goal here is to Wither an enemy team squishy and kill him fast.


Nasus General Laning Tips:


So with Nasus its generally just the laning phase that is hard, and after that its just a smooth sailing, except of course, if your teammates just run it down early game, then you fucked, not really but still, so just play safe, of course, this is easier said than done. Still, with enough experience, you get better at the laning phase. Also, don't afraid to test your limits.


Now the laning phase is over; what should you do now? When talking about the laning phase, we are talking about the tier 1 tower of your enemy or your tower is down.


If your enemies' team comp is based around team fighting or AoE damage, you should just split because if your teammates don't have enough cc to match the enemies; you will just lose the team fight. Of course, if your team is ahead, you can try to group up and take objectives.


If you and your enemies' team are behind, just split and keep stacking. Tell your team just keep farming, also. Don't be afraid to exchange a dragon for the turret.


If you want to split farm or push, you have to look at the map 24/7; if you don't have vision over the enemies, be careful, if you have vision over the enemies, look who is missing, if you can 1v1 or dive them, then do it, of course, it's risky, but you will get turrets.


Nasus Skins Overview:


For now, Nasus has three different skins, which are as follows:


Archduke Nasus:




Rarity: Rare


Price:  525 Wild Cores


How to get Archduke Nasus Skin in LOL: Wild Rift: Get in Store


Worldbreaker Nasus:




Rarity: Rare


Price:  525 Wild Cores


How to get Wordbreaker Nasus Skin in LOL: Wild Rift: Get in Store


Default Nasus:




Default version skin of Nasus.




Nasus does seem like a champion anyone can master easily, but it's not true. Even though Nasus is strong against most of the champions in his lane, but he still requires a lot of practice and understanding along with your skills.


If you look at his skills, which clearly shows his power, but if you look at his movement speed, you will know why you need practice. Nasus is not the brightest star when it comes to chasing or backing off from a fight, but he is the champion you want in your front line because of his massive health and ability to deal damage accordingly. If you are looking for other guides on LOL: Wild Rift champion, then don't forget to check out our Seraphine Guide.

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