Kingdom The Blood Pledge Gameplay Tips

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Kingdom the blood pledge is an Open World MMORPG that is very similar to other games in this genre. The games let you pick from different classes, whichever you find comfortable, and then take you to its world. The game offers many different kinds of terrains to explore and enemies to fight. If you are looking for some game that is worth putting in your time, check out Kingdom: The Blood Pledge. Below are some tips which will help you out to enhance your gameplay, so check them out.


Tips For Players Who Just Got KTBP:


Kingdom: The Blood Pledge just came out a while back, and there aren't that many guides on this game out there. Below are some tips and tricks that we wrote for new players who are just trying to understand the game. If you follow these tips, you will be able to get ahead of most of the people that are playing this game right now.


Choosing Your Class:


Kingdom the blood pledges choosing class


In-game, there are three classes. Each class has different kinds of Abilities and Roles in-game. Some characters are high DPS solo carries, while others use Abilities and such to win their battles. For you to get the best in the game, you need to understand first what each class offers and how they will suit your battle style.


If you are someone who loves fighting in melee combat with good Sustainability and long duels, The Warrior Class or The Lancer Class is for you. Both of these classes are relatively easy to learn as their attacks and defense stat are both quite good.


Next is the Rangers and Mage classes are more of a support DPS class hybrid. If you are someone looking to keep your distance while fighting enemies, these classes are better for you. However, the Mage class and the Ranger have very high Skill ceilings meaning they are hard to learn. Only take these classes if you are good at looking for openings and could play support for your Guild.


Last but not least, there is the Assassin Class. In this game, the Assassin Class is one the best farming Classes; apart from that, the high DPS abilities are excellent to make quick work of your enemies. If you are a player who loves dishing out significant damage in-game, Assasin Class is for you but keep in mind that this hard increase Damage comes at the expense of lower defense. Assassin Class is one of the more challenging classes to manage in this game due to the importance of dodging.


If you are someone who's a new player when it comes to MMORPG, we would recommend you to choose from The Lancer Or The Warrior Class. Both of these classes are relatively easy to learn and can dish out a tremendous amount of damage.


Understand Auto Gameplay Mechanic:


When you first enter the game, it will be set to do everything automatically. The game auto-attack auto roams, and auto-completing Quest will be on. These options are very good early as they will show you how and what to do in-game. But you need to understand that these Auto Gameplay Mechanics aren't that good if you want to get better at the game.


You can also set abilities and different skills at timer during the fight, which can be used after a particular time without you casting it. The timer cast makes the game way more easy for you, and it will take the load off you. Although the Timer is a very convenient option for you to cast your ability, keep in mind that each ability takes MP, so be careful while spending it.


The game's Auto Attack system allows you to fight enemies without pressing any button. It's very good at taking care of lower-level enemies, but you shouldn't use it against higher leveled ones as the auto-attack system is just an AI designed to clear small quests when In higher leveled dungeons, you will be at a real disadvantage. Also, the auto Attack doesn't let you back out of a fight unless you do it manually.


So it's better for you to use Auto casts only for side missions as the main quests or PVP will need your attention more. The enemies at higher levels can be really taxing, and you might need to use potions and abilities depending on what enemies you are against.


Having Potions On You All The Time:


kingdom the blood pledge potions


Potions are a must in a game in which there are not many ways to heal yourself up or Regenerate Magic Points. The game has many different Potions to choose from. The Potions you can get also come in different sizes, which is very important to keep in mind. It can be really expensive to buy these Potions sometimes, so only buy ones you need and do not overspend your gold on them.


If you are looking to buy Potions in bulk to save time, the game allows you to buy more than one potion at a time. The game has different Potions, which also increase your stats for a little while as Move Speed Boost or Attack Speed boosts. These items can be really useful during fights. The best practice is to always keep a good amount of Potions for you as you never know when you will need it.


Besides buying Potions, you can also get them from floor Loot, so reward so always try to be on the look for them. Also, don't use Potions that are more than your requirement, like if you are using a large portion even though the small portion would be enough, that's you just waiting for items. Potions can also be sold at the item shop, so if you have some extra Potions, you know you won't sell them to buy the ones that will actually help you in-game.


Picking Up Your Gear :


Picking the right Gear is very important in this game as it allows your character to be stronger. So always go for Gears that is higher in stats and have a higher rarity than ones that look cool. The Gear you will be running will be one of the reasons you will be able to win different fights against Enemies and players. Always keep looking out for Gear with higher Rarity, as it will help you win tremendously.


In the game, there are many weapons you can use, and each weapon has different mechanics and attack styles. So picking up the right weapon for your character class is crucial. You can choose from different weapons like Scepters, Twin Blades, Swords, etc. So be careful while choosing your weapon, as it has to synergize with your class and your character attribute points.


If you are using a mage and instead of picking up a Scepter, you start using a Sword or a Lance, you are at a disadvantage in-game. So always use weapons that go well with your class, as it will amplify your character attacks and other stats. You find these weapons or create them by forging them.


Kingdom the blood pledge picking up your gear


Good Gear is hard to come by but doesn't worry, and there are two ways you can get your hands on it. The first way is to complete quests Like World Dungeons that will reward you with high-level gear for clearing it. The second way is for you to get your hand on some materials; these materials can be used to craft gear for your character.


Also, always keep in mind that you can enhance your Gear. But over-enhancing your Gear can also break the Gear and leave you with nothing. So while upgrading your Gear, be careful not to break your Gear as it will make you lose it, and there won't be any way to get your hands back on it. It would help if you had different kinds of scrolls and some Gold to fuse these scrolls with your Gear making it stronger.


Using Attribute Points and Runes Correctly:


kingdom the blood pledge potions


Your character Attribute points and runes decide how effective your character's attacks and skills are. Each time you will increase your level, you will be given some Attribute points these attribute points will give you different stats depending on which one you would use. The right Attribute points can make your character one of the strongest, and the wrong ones can make them be of no use. So it's very important for you to decide which Attribute you must put your Points in.


In the game, there are a total of 5 different Attributes in which you can put your point. Each Attribute has different mini stats, and before putting your points in them, you need to check them out. If you go in Blindly and put your points in attributes, you later realize you didn't want there is no turning back now. So decide on what build path you are going to choose before putting your points in.


If you are playing characters like Lancer Assassins and Warrior, STR is a recommended Attribute as it gives you greater increased attack stats. However, if you are picking characters like Ranger or Mage, AGI and INT are better picked as they will give them ranged stats. So whatever build path you pick, be careful and think it through as it will help you in the longer run.


In the game, there are Four Different Rune build paths to choose from. Each one gives you a different stat, so attribute points, understand the build paths, and then open these runes. Runes will provide you with in-game stats as well as some other passive effects. Each time you will unlock a rune by its point, the next one will open next to it, which will later branch into other paths.


So remember you need to be decisive when it comes to building your runes, as you can't un-buy a rune. Runes take a lot of material and gold to open, and with every new rune open, the cost increases exponentially. So be careful while opening your runes, as it can cost you a lot and may end up taking all your resources. If you want your character to be stronger, Runes are a very important mechanic for you to understand.


Join guilds:


Kingdom the blood pledge guild


Joining guilds is a must if you want to do dungeons that give more loot. Been in a guild allows the player to team up with other players with different classes making your individual flaws covered by them. Events like World Dungeons are very hard for a person to solo, so it's always nice to have a squad with you. Apart from that by being in a guild, it protects you from Killers that are constantly bullying you.


Guild levels provide the Guild with many different benefits. One of these benefits is Guild Perks; by increasing your Guild Level, you are rewarded with different kinds of passive stat buffs and more loot. You can also own a guild base or a guild castle which acts as a safe haven for you. Guilds can also do Guild Quests together, which allows the user to get different materials and increase their level.


Being in a Guild also provides you with a warehouse where you can save your stuff. So it's always a good practice to join an active and robust Guild as it will reward you with different Items and strong teammates who can help you with different clear quests.


Completing the album :


Kingdom the blood pledge Album


By completing different objectives in the album, you will be rewarded with stat buffs. These passive stat buffs are permanent and will help you grow your character stronger. So every time you get a piece of Gear, the first thing that you need to do is to register it in the album. By registering it in the album, you will be able to win different kinds of buffs depending on the Rarity of the item.


Completing your album has to be one of the easiest ways to get some extra stats for you. As it doesn't require any materials whatsoever, all it needs is just sometimes, so always try to complete your album pages.


Get Pets And Use Transmogging When necessary :


kingdom the blood pledge pets


The game allows the user to have different pets, which can provide them with different stat buffs. These Pets will move with you, following you around the map. You can turn off the option from the setting if you don't want to see your pet. The pet, once summoned, will give you different kinds of passive stats depending on what kind of pet you summoned and what is its Rarity. Always try to aim for pets with higher Rarity as they will help you a lot during fights.


If you get your hand on transmogging cards, do not just waste it. Transmogging allows you to be a certain character in-game for a while. These characters depending on their level them can be really strong and useful but require a lot of material to summon. So only summon these characters when it is of the utmost importance. Also, keep an eye out on the materials as they can run out real quick if not taken good care of.


Conclusion :


Kingdom: The Blood Pledge is a new game, so it's possible that many new players are going to face a few problems in-game. So this is why we have written out some gameplay tips to enhance your gameplay experience. If you are still having trouble, check out our Beginner Guide. The game is still relatively new, so it's completely fine if you are having any problems. We understand it. So keep on grinding as the game's vast world provides you with many different opportunities and helps you make friends while doing so.

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