Kingdom: The Blood Pledge

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Role Playing
Last Updated: 2021-07-16 Current Version: 1.00.16
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Kingdom: The Blood Pledge Exclusive Gifts

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge is now live throughout the globe! Kingdom is an MMORPG with the most ruthless open world PVP!

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge is known to be extremely excruciating in terms of its learning curve. Here are all the mistakes that you might do as a new player which you should definitely be avoiding in the game.

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge Advanced Tips and Tricks

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge is one of the most intricate MMORPGs out there. As such, here's a complete advanced tips and tricks guide for the game that helps you understand the ins and outs of what truly makes the game special.

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge Gameplay And First impression

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge is a new Open World MMORPG that features many different Dungeons and Enemies to fight alongside your guilds. The game has many other characters and abilities to choose from. So check out Kingdom: The Blood Pledge right now and form guilds with your friends and family.

Kingdom The Blood Pledge Gameplay Tips

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge is an open-world MMORPG with a diverse item library and five different character classes to choose from. The game's many different terrains and dungeons will always provide you with some kind of content. So jump right into the World of KTBP and make new friends and enemies.

Kingdom The Blood Pledge Beginner Guide

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge is an MMORPG that is coming on mobile this 14th July. The game features an open world where you can fight different enemies, conquer Dungeons build Guilds, and do much more. From five different classes to choose from, you will surely find one that appeals to you.

No.1 PVP Open World "Kingdom: The Blood Pledge" Global Release on July 14th!

The global pre-registration of MMORPG "Kingdom: The Blood Pledge", an open world PVP of unlimited killings, has exceeded 2 million! Make an appointment now and

Kingdom: The Blood Pledge All Classes Guide and How To Pre-Register

In this article we will be talking about the new upcoming MMORPG for mobiles - Kingdom: The Blood Pledge. This immersive and fun game has a lot to offer with many different classes. We will be talking about the different classes and how you can pre-register for the game to enjoy everything it has to offer as early as possible.