Kingdom The Blood Pledge Beginner Guide

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Kingdom: The Blood Pledge release date is finally out, and it's coming this July on the 14th. The gameplay has been out, though, and the game looks very promising. The game follows the traditional MMORPG mechanics and brings so many other things to the table. So if you are someone who's been waiting for a while now for this game to drop out, this beginner guide will prepare you for when it's launched.


Building Your Character:


Like every other MMORPG, the first step for the player is to choose their class and name their character. The game provides you, five different classes to choose from, which are all listed below: 


  • Warrior Class
  • Mage Class
  • Lancer Class
  • Assassin Class
  • Ranger class


Warrior Class:


Kingdom: The Blood Pledge Beginner Guide


Class Intro


A nameless warrior from a noble family. Repels all nearby Enemies with his sword.


Recommended Attribute




Core Skills


Might strike, Shield bash


Warrior Class is amazing at long melee battles. They are a perfect balance between Attack and Defense hence being one of the better options for the beginner. The learning curve for the warrior Class is the easiest.


Mage Class:


Kingdom: The Blood Pledge Beginner Guide


Class Intro


  • Mages can summon the spirits.
  • Use the staff to cast powerful spells.


Recommended Attributes




Core Skills


Fireball, Heal, DMG RED


Mage Class is a very powerful class that can either be used as a supporting character or a main ranged DPS unit. Mages use different spells and abilities, which damage the enemies—having a Mage as your character allows you to be one the most robust character in the game.


Lancer Class:


Class Intro


  • The shrewd commander.
  • Her spear raises ally morals and pierces the enemy’s weak spots.


Recommended Attribute




Core Skills


Aura, Sky Thunder


Lancer Class is a melee-ranged High DPS unit. They are great for auto-attacking Enemies and are very sturdy. The learning curve for lancer class is relatively easy, and it allows you to be one of the powerhouses in your guild. Lancer Class is also great during squad fights due to their ability to raise morales.


Assassin Class:


Class Intro


The Invisible Killer. Charge the enemy with dual daggers.


Recommended Attribute




Core skills


Duet Attack, Poison 


Assassin Class is a high DPS dealing class, but you compromise your defense for attack stats. The learning curve on Assassin Class is fairly high as assassins aren't really the best at dueling. But if you are looking for someone who can deal with a ton of DPS, Assassin class is for you.


Ranger Class:


Class Intro


The Guardian of the North. Attacks ranged enemies with powerful archery.


Recommended Attribute




Core Skills


Dual Arrow, Evasion Ban


Ranger Class is perfect for players who like to keep their distance during a fight. Ranger class is the hardest to learn in the entire game with a high skill ceiling. Although at close range, they are at a disadvantage.


Completing Quests:


There will be in-game missions in the game you need to complete called Quests, which will give you rewards for it. On the top left side of the screen, you will be able to see a scroll with an exclamation mark on it. Click on the scroll to check out what Quests are currently available. These quests will help you level up your hero and give you other materials hence making it a very important part of the game if you want to progress.


Auto attacks:


The game will allow your character to make basic attacks on their own once you pick up a target. You can even go AFK after setting a target, and your character will take it out, making the game feel less repetitive.




Kingdom: The Blood Pledge Beginner Guide


Each class has a different skill that you can choose to unlock, and these skills help you tremendously in-game. You can get other types of healing effects, do Aoe damage use different kinds of CC and many other things using these skills. You can also set a timer for casting these skills; each skill cast will use some of your MP in return. You can also have certain buffs that these skills can activate, which can be really useful during a fight.


Passive Effects:


Apart from the skills, your character can also unlock Passive Effects. These effects will activate when a particular condition is met and will allow you different kinds of buffs. These buffs vary for each class and will make your character perform even better. Some of these passive effects are focus spirit, sanity aura, magic control, etc.


Character screen:


On the top right corner, by pressing the triple dashes, you will be able to access the main character screen. Here you will be able to access your character Gear and Attributes info.




Gear is very important for your character as it gives your character a bonus. There are different types of gear pieces you need, like a helmet, vest, armor, etc. Each piece of Gear will provide you with increase stats you can create or find these gears from completing different quests.




There are different kinds of weapon classes you can equip choose from. Each weapon type has different stats and can be used by other classes. You can craft these weapons from materials you find in-game or get them as rewards from in-game Quests. All the different classes you can choose from in-game are the following.


Kingdom: The Blood Pledge Beginner Guide


  • Greatsword
  • Longsword
  • Bow 
  • Crossbow
  • Twin blades 
  • Claw
  • Scepter
  • Staff
  • Spear
  • Halberd


Each weapon has a different kind of rarity, which decides its damage and gives it initial buffs. So always aim to get your hands on the rarest ones.


Attribute Points:


Kingdom: The Blood Pledge Beginner Guide


Every time you level up in Kingdom The Blood Pledge, you will be given points. These points are called Attribute points and will allow you to increase certain stats of your heroes. There are in total five different states, and each stats have three mini stats making it a stat bundle. These stat bundles are as following:


Stat Attribute- STR


Stat contains- Melee ATK, Hit Rate, Crit Rate 


Stat Attribute- AGI


Stat contains- Ranged ATK, Hit Rate, Crit Rate 


Stat Attribute- INT


Stat contains- M.ATK, Hit Rate, Crit Rate 


Stat Attribute- VIT


Stat contains- DEF , Max HP , HP Regen 


Stat Attribute- SPIR


Stat contains- M.DEF, Max HP, MP Regen


As you can see above, all these attributes have different stat boosts to them. You can put your points in any Stat Attribute, but it's better for you to put them in such a way they Synergize with each other. Also, please don't waste your Attribute points on classes that can't even use those Stat boosts to their full potential. For example, the warrior class can't make a ranged attack, so increasing its AGI instead of its STR will put you at a disadvantage.




Runes are a very important part of increasing your game character stats. You can choose different kinds of rune paths depending on what stats you want to increase. There are, in total, four different build paths for these runes.


Each build path specializes in a different kind of stat maxing on build path is never optimal. So you should always try to get different points in your rune build path. The most optimal ones are the HP ones and the Damage ones.


You need to use different types of materials and gold for opening your rune. This will allow you to get stronger, but with every rune unlock, the next one in the path will cost more. This may end up making you low on gold and materials, so be careful while planning your rune to build a way out.




You can also enhance your Gear and weapons by fusing them with Gear ENH scrolls. Enhancing Gear will provide you additional buffs, which are really good as you progress. Enhancing Gear will take some amount of gold depending on what kind of items you are enhancing. Each Gear has an Enhancing limit beyond which, if you enhanced it, you would break it.


After you decide which Gear you want to enhance, you need to choose from different scrolls. Each scroll will have other effects on your Gear. If the scroll is too strong for the Gear, it will break the Gear. So be careful when you over enhance your Gear. There is a high chance of breaking it. However, if you end up failing the Gear, you will be rewarded with some materials instead.




Kingdom: The Blood Pledge Beginner Guide


This game allows the player to Transmog their character into different types of characters in-game. These characters are not usually found in-game and have different and unique abilities. These Transmog have different rarities and classes in-game, which you can equip by using a Transmog. Transmogging, however, will take some resources and will last for a bit of time. Transmogging will let your skills and use Gear, which you previously didn't have.




The game also has a pet system that allows you to equip a pet that will accompany you around the world. However, these pets aren't just for show. When summoned, they will give the character different kinds of buffs depending on the pet. It would help if you had materials to summon these pets, and every pet will have a different summon rate. There are many rarities of these pets, the higher one giving better stat buffs but also taking more resources to summon.




Kingdom: The Blood Pledge Beginner Guide


Albums are an essential part of the game. By completing them, you get rewarded with extra stats. So if you get a piece of Gear while looting or from a quest and can't use it, the first thing you need to do is take it to your album.


In the album, you will have to place that piece of Gear, and according to which you will be rewarded. These rewards will be permanent passive stats to your champion, making it an excellent way to scale up your champ.


After putting that Gear in your album, you can just equip it or modify it. You can also sell it for resources if you are really in need of that.




The game also features six different Dungeons to choose from. These dungeons will have different enemies and main bosses to fight, which will reward you for slaying them. Dungeons are a great way to scale your champion. It would be best if you were above a certain level to access a dungeon, and it's always a good practice to fight dungeons as a squad. The six dungeons the game currently offer are:


  • Demonic Maze
  • Corrupted Hive 
  • Naga Caverns 
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Sunken Temple 
  • Hidden Ruins


Each maze has a different difficulty level written on the top left corner of it. So before rushing into one, be careful and check it out first. The higher difficultly dungeons give you the most rewards for completing it.


Infinite Tower:


Infinite Tower is exactly what it sounds like; it's a tower with an endless level that gets harder with each turn. The game will provide you with rewards for clearing each tower floor. It's an excellent way to farm for tips and materials for your character. While in the Tower you will also fight with some of the main bosses at a higher level. So the higher you get, the more rewards you will be able to collect.


World Dungeon:


Kingdom: The Blood Pledge Beginner Guide


World Dungeon are special events in the game that will reward you with a lot of loot and cause you a lot of difficulties. World dungeons will have two or three different lairs to them and have various main bosses in them. It would help if you were higher than a specific level to enter these dungeons. The loot collected from these dungeons will be rare and very hard to come by.




The game has a teleport feature that allows you to go to any place on the map. For Example, if you are looking to go towards an NPC for a quest, you just need to click on the teleport button, and it will take you there. It saves you a lot of time and makes the game a little easier.




Having Potions on you all the time is a must in this game as you will constantly be in combat. It would help if you used your home scroll to teleport to your home and talk to the NPC there. The NPC will allow you to buy potions from it, which will help you tremendously during dungeons and quests. The Potions costs a lot in this game, so be careful while spending your money on it. You can also buy these Potions in bulk, making it easier for you to buy them together instead of pressing them again and again. Some of the Potions you can buy from the NPC are the following:


  • HP Potions 
  • MP Potions 
  • ATK SPD Potions 
  • MOV SPD Potions


You can also found these potions as floor Loot or rewards. To use these options, you need to go to your main screen, and above your chatbox, you can choose one of the potions.




The game also has a PVP feature that lets you battle other players from the competition. This allows you to fight with your friends or random strangers and, after beating them, take their loot. So if you see someone you know, you can always go after them as it will reward you with different materials.




If someone in the game keeps on killing you again and again and it's annoying, don't worry, you can find them. The game killer feature allows you to find a player-killing you and take your loot. It helps you to take them down. You are making the game more fun to play as you can make rivals in the game.




The more you rank in the game, the higher your title will get. These titles will give you many different buffs, which will allow you even to scale more. Plus, the titles will also help you stay safe from players with a lower title as they will not try to challenge you. These passive effects that you will get are permanent hence making you stronger for playing the game more.




Kingdom: The Blood Pledge Beginner Guide


You can create a guild once you hit level 15 and then go on different quests with your guildmates. Guilds are an important part of the game as solo pushing through the game can be challenging and can belong tiring. The guild will also give you different Perks for being a higher level guild.


You can put out notices in the guild, make different alliances and mark out hostile guilds. The more missions you will do as a guild will increase your guild level, unlocking additional Perks. Each guild can have 20 various members and can chat through the Guild Chat. You can also complete Guild Quests to earn different rewards to Level up and get better Gear.


After you reach a certain Guild level, you will be able to make a Guild Base which will let you have many different Perks. You can also unlock a Castle after your guild level is higher than a certain degree. Guild levels are very important as they allow you to unlock missions that you can't if you are low level.


Grinding For Resources:


Besides just grinding for your casual experience, you also will need to find items that you can use to craft even better gear and items for yourself and your team. To do so, you probably might need to go to areas that might not present you with the highest amount of XP but will present you with a decent amount of resources.


Before you get into grinding for resources, we recommend getting an idea of the item you need at the auction house/market. Without going to the market, you will have no idea of how much it is worth. Once you get an idea, you are presented with two options. Suppose the item seems to be too expensive or is simply unaffordable. In that case, you will need to go out and grind it for yourself, having no idea of how long it might take to eventually get a reasonable amount if the item seems to be too expensive or is simply unaffordable, you will need to go out and grind it for yourself having no idea of how long it might take to eventually get a reasonable amount of said resource to be able to craft the item you need.


In most cases, you will be able to quickly realize that it is much more convenient for you to go ahead and grind another item that is easier for you to farm than getting that particular item. You can then go to the market and then auction off that item and gain enough currency to get the original item you required.


Level Up With A Plan:


You might feel like power leveling is always the way to go in MMORPGs. However, that is seldom the case. There are particular areas meant for you to power level. While these areas are good for grinding, it hardly matters in the long run as your gear is also equally important. So, there’s a chance that if you start power leveling, you will high quite good gear but will not be able to sustain yourself since you have bad gear as you skipped quests.


Therefore, for newer players, we recommend going for every quest there is and only going for power leveling once you know that you have cleared everything a particular level entails. While this may be much slower than power leveling, it ensures that you have enough resources and gold to be able to move forward in the late game with no trouble whatsoever. As a general estimate, before you move onto the next area, make sure to do all your class-specific quests, your daily and weekly missions, alongside completing 80% of the quests present in a particular area. This ensures that you can stay at the top in terms of your level while also having the gear and resources to supplement it appropriately.


Explore The World:


This tip might seem fairly obvious. However, the world of Kingdom: The Blood Pledge is insanely big. You will end up finding a lot of side quests along the equally important way.  These side quests won’t be available or any guide or anything of the likes. Instead, you will have to use your intuition to get an idea about if they are worth doing or not.


Once you start exploring the world, you will also interact with various players outside of the confines of your guild. Some may be friendly, and some might be aggressive. You can also party up with other high-level players so that they can help you with your quests. As you move along further in the game, you will quickly realize that most of its beauty lies within its exploration elements and the fact that you are always glued to your seat trying to find a new side quest or objective.


The developers have done a wonderful job putting in tons of work into creating aesthetically pleasing structures and terrain that are a sight for sore eyes. It would be a definite shame if you never take a look at them. As you explore the world, you will also gain experience from discovering new areas that you have not been to before while also finding mobs that might provide you with valuable resources to sell-off at the auction market for a good amount. However, this is completely dependent on your ability to always have an idea of the going market rate for items.


Understand Your Leveling Priorities:


Whenever you come into an area, there should be a few quests that you should be doing as soon as you land, while some must be delayed for later. Why is that? Well, some mobs in a particular area can be harder to kill than others. When you pick a quest up, you should always look at the mobs it requires to kill alongside their levels to get a quick grasp of where you are heading. After making sure that this is the best path for you to go, you should start grinding towards that quest.


Plus, instead of turning in all the quests at one time, you should go for one at a time. Most quests present you with a lot more XP once you have completed the quest. If any of that completion XP helps you level, it instantly boosts your strength and ability to take down mobs exponentially, allowing you to farm much quicker




Kingdom The Blood Pledge is a very promising mobile MMORPG. The entire world in which the game is set in is very diverse and has good features. The different game classes make it so that you will be able to find something that will suit your perfectly. The dungeons, infinity tower, and PVP make sure that the game has a wide variety of things to do. The guild system in the game significantly advances and makes you really want to strive to reach the top. So if you are someone looking to play the good MMORPG Kingdom, The Blood Pledge might just be the game for you.

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