Heaven Burns Red Dungeon Guide for All New Players


Heaven Burns Red gameplay is role-playing with dramatic elements, and there will be many turn-based battles with a beautiful roster of characters designed using the anime theme. When we keep the battle mode aside, the next essential thing everyone should learn is the dungeons in the game. Since the dungeons seem very attractive for the players who visit this game, here we have built a dungeon guide for all the new players who wish to play the game and enter dungeon mode. 

Heaven Burns Red Dungeon Guide

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The dungeons are always tricky, and it is not easy to pass through the dungeons because you will encounter hardships throughout these dungeons. Since entering dungeons is risky and you need Heaven Burns Red tips and tricks with proper guidance about them, you can totally rely on this guide because everything about them is mentioned here. So, go ahead and read what we have brought you about the dungeons to play Heaven Burns Red on PC having massive victories in dungeons using the best android emulator LDPlayer 9. 

Introduction of Dungeons

Even if you are Heaven Burns Red global beginner, you should know more about the dungeons because when you know about it well, you can win through all the dungeons when the right time comes. According to what we know and see, we can describe the dungeons as caves or corridors with random battles with monsters you encounter in the journey through these corridors. 

Introduction of Dungeons

At some points, you have to battle with monsters, as we said earlier. When you fight with the monsters and win against them, you can earn more experience points needed to level up the character, HP to recover the character's hit points, along with some other drops beneficial for the journey in the dungeons. 

When you enter a dungeon, there is a dungeon map given to you, and you can check how many floors or layers are available in the dungeon you are in that you have to explore. In some of the dungeons, you are expected to explore the dungeon a hundred percent. But in some dungeons, you are given a specific goal to achieve by reaching a certain point in the dungeon. 

Once you complete the objective given for you to complete in a specific dungeon, you can open the menu and leave the dungeon because there is no point in continuing the journey after you complete the particular objective in the dungeon. You will receive various rewards, such as EXP books, according to the number of hunt points you have at the end of the dungeon. 

There are different types of dungeons, such as the story and other dungeons. The dungeons outside the story dungeons have an energy meter. The energy meter given in these dungeons will reduce every time you enter the battles. 

When you run out of energy, you can neither take part in the fighting nor take turns, but if you allow your HP to be reduced every time you take turns and participate in battles, you can do so. But this is very dangerous, and your character can die from this action. If you die in the middle of the dungeon without completing it, you will receive zero rewards because all your collected hunt points will be canceled. But the loot you gathered can be kept. 

Dungeon Special Locations

In the dungeon's map, you will see particular points marked in various icons, which are special locations that will benefit you in these dungeons. So let us see the special points in these dungeons. 

Dungeon Special Locations

  • The cube-shaped icon - these are the special points shown in the map of the dungeons that you can reach and obtain buffs such as increasing dealing DP damage, earning extra turns, or additional skill points. The buffs you get through these special points will be activated automatically until you discard them or leave the dungeon, and you can hold a maximum of three buffs at a time. Sometimes you can earn various one-time consumables at this point helpful to recover energy or DP. 

  • Shiny Icon - this is a location where you can earn various loot types, EXP upgrades, or other accessories necessary for the journey in the current dungeon. Since these points indicated by a shiny icon allow you to obtain various accessories and other essential resources, you should always take advantage of these unique points. 

  • Blue Points - when you see points in the dungeon map represented using the color blue, you should know that these points are teleport points where you can suddenly transport from one location to another. Using these teleport points, you can go to where the loot and other accessories or buffs can be collected so that you will never waste the energy given to you in the dungeon. Therefore, try to use these teleport points by being wise. 

Heaven Burns Red Global Dungeon Battles

The dungeon battles are special here because these battles will give various rewards helpful to survive in dungeons. And also, these dungeon battles are random and unexpected in which you have to engage in several points of the dungeons. 

Heaven Burns Red Global Dungeon Battles

Like in every other normal battle, the leading points of the dungeon battles are also the same such as Hit Points, Defense Points, and Skill Points. But in these dungeon battles, you cannot often use healing and ultimate skills because their usage is limited in dungeons. Therefore you must be very cautious about the HP and the DP of the character used in dungeon explorations to keep the character without letting the enemy monsters reduce its DP or HP. 

Use Proper Characters

Knowing the best Heaven Burns Red characters mentioned in the Heaven Burns Red tier list, you can easily choose the proper characters for the dungeon battles. Since you will encounter various enemies in dungeons randomly, you should have prepared the best team by assigning the best characters for the team.

Use Proper Characters

Once you know the details you need for a better Heaven Burns Red team building with battle basics, you can choose the most suitable characters for dungeons. The better the characters you choose while maintaining diversity in the team, the easier the battles become. When you meet more formidable opponents, you should choose the best ones you have. 


The above details are gathered through the Japanese version of the gameplay, and when the Heaven Burns Red English version releases, you can expect things will be different than they are right now. No matter what happens when the English version is released, for now, you can depend on these details if you want to try the dungeons here.

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