Heaven Burns Red Basic Guide for the Battles with Best Team Building


Heaven Burns Red is a role-playing game with turn-based battles, and according to the gameplay, the earth and humanity were attacked by a creature called Cancer. The only way to rescue the earth from the Cancer creatures is by attacking them using the ultimate weapon that is powerful enough to tame these wild creatures. The only ones that can handle this ultimate weapon are a group of girls. So, this guide teaches you how to use these girls in the fights while building the best team. 

Heaven Burns Red Basic Guide for the Battles with Best Team Building

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Since this is mostly like dramatic gameplay in which you can be the author of the lives of these powerful girls, what do you think about the battles here? Will they look like epic battles, or will they dissatisfy you? To decide that, let us enter the guide and look at the battles and the team building. And also, the LDPlayer 9 will be the best android emulator to play Heaven Burns Red on PC while battling victoriously. 

Heaven Burns Red Global Battles

As you know, the battles are turn-based, meaning the opponent team and your team will obtain chances to attack each other in separate turns. And you can assign a total of six characters for your team in battles divided into two parts. We will explain the team formation in the fighting in the next part of the guide. 

Heaven Burns Red Global Battles

According to the game, each character has a specific health status, and if one of the characters in your team dies because of losing all the health points or hit points, you will lose the battle. Therefore, you must be more cautious about using each character in battles while applying the best Heaven Burns Red gameplay tips and tricks

Not only do your characters have health points with defense points, but the enemy team characters also have health points and defense points represented by bars in two colors above each character. So you need to use your characters and remove all enemies by making them lose all their health points. But before that, you should break the defense points of the enemy characters, and then your characters can attack their health status. 

Heaven Burns Red Global Team Composition

In the battle team, you assign for the gameplay; the team consists of two types of Heaven Burns Red characters, vanguards and rearguards. The total number of girls you can select for the battle team is six. Out of these six characters, three characters belong to the vanguards, and the remaining three belong to the rearguards.

Heaven Burns Red Global Team Composition

Since the battle team is built with two types of characters assigned, the vanguards are the most important ones in the battles because they are the ones that can only be set to take part in the battles actively. 

Each character you select for the battles has a specific type or class, role or battle style, rarity, etc. Once you understand the role of the character along with the character's type or class and the rarity, you will have a maximum advantage over your characters during battle. 

Heaven Burns Red Characters' Roles and Their Types

Since you need to build your team correctly to achieve victories in the battles, let us check on the character roles you will find in the characters in this gameplay. As we said earlier, every character has one or more roles in the gameplay, and after you understand each character's role, you can decide in which position you will assign the characters to the battle team. 

Heaven Burns Red Characters' Roles and Their Types

Heaven Burns Red tier list for best characters will guide you to choose the best characters according to their abilities. So, from now on, let us have an explanation of Heaven Burns Red characters and their roles. 

  • Attacker - this is a character role specialized in dealing massive HP damages to the enemy characters. With the skills of attackers, you can use them to deal additional damage to the enemies to break down their hit points, causing the enemy team to lose the battle. 

  • Breaker - this is another character role you will find here in this gameplay. And unlike the attackers, the breakers are better at damaging the enemies by breaking their DP shield or points. Using these breakers in the battles will help you to reduce the DP of the enemy characters. 

  • Buffer - this is a unique character role that will provide the vanguards of your team with bonus statistics or attributes. Some of the bonuses that the buffers will provide to the other teammates in the battle team are increasing the defense, skill damage and critical hit rate, etc. 

  • Debuffer - if you want to cast negative effects upon enemies, the ideal role is the debuffer because the debuffer is a character role that inflicts an adverse impact on enemies. Some of the debuffs this role provides to the enemy team are decreasing the attack, defense, stealing, stun, and many more. 

  • Blaster - this type of character will be helpful for you to increase the damage bonus after successfully breaking the DP of an enemy. When the enemy is in the break stage where all the DP is gone, you can add the damage multiplier bonus on enemies through the Blaster. 

  • Healer - this character role is beneficial in the battles because the healer has the skills to restore the lost DP of the teammates. Unlike in other games, healers in this gameplay cannot recover the HP but only the DP of allies. And also, having healers in the gameplay would be very beneficial when it comes to long fights and Heaven Burns Red dungeon fights with formidable opponents. 

  • Defender - this character role specializes in protecting the vanguards in the team while protecting itself in battles. And also, the defender is a better role when it comes to taunting enemies. Additionally, the defender has the skills to restore DP and apply defense buffs. 

The above are the roles of the characters and now, let us check the types of each character. Once you know the types of each character, you can understand the nature of each character. Mainly there are three types of characters in this game: slash, pierce, and strike. All the characters in this game belong to one of these mentioned types. And also, the enemies may be strong or weak against certain characters. 

Once you understand the type that enemies will be weak against in all the battles, you can deal massive DP or HP damage to the enemies using this advantage. Make sure to understand the types with the elements because the type and the element are two different systems in this gameplay. As we stated above, if you know the types that enemies will be weaker against, even at the Heaven Burns Red gameplay beginner state, you can have maximum benefits in the battles, taking them down faster than usual. 

How to Build a Good Team

As you know everything about the team composition, the battle basics, character roles, and types, it will be easy for you to build a good team for your game. The most crucial roles of a battle team are attacker, breaker, and healer. Why are they more important than the other roles? 

Because the attackers have the skills to kill enemies, reducing their HP or Hit Points. And the healers are better at recovering the DP of the allies, while the breakers can break the shield of defense of the enemies, opening the attackers to launch attacks. With this character role combination in your team, you can have long-term victories in all the battles you take part in. Since the total number of teammates in a team is six, you can fill the remaining three slots with proper character types.

How to Build a Good Team

And also, when you assign characters to the team, make sure you will not assign three or more three characters with the same character type. When you follow this trick, you can maintain the team's diversity throughout the battles against various enemies with various weaknesses. 


Even though we have provided you with all the details about team building and the basics of the battles, all these details are based on the Japanese version of the game. Therefore, these details will likely be subject to change when the Heaven Burns Red English version releases. And also, make sure to play the game when it is released globally, with the best emulator LDPlayer 9.

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