How to get better at Summoners War?

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How to get better at Summoners War


Summoners War is a fantasy RPG that is developed by Com2uS Studios. The game features unique controllable monsters, with all of them having unique skills. The RPG also has 21 different Rune sets that you can pick and choose as your monsters' additional abilities.


The game lets you decorate your village while also engaging in PvP combat with other Summoners. You can also join a guild, explore dungeons, expand your collection, and train your monsters.


Summoners War is known for its massive collection of Monsters and their element system, which sets the game apart from any other. In this article, we will be looking at tips and tricks that will make you better at Summoners War.


Complete your First Scenario:


Completing the Tutorial should be the first thing you to do in Summoners War. After that, your first Milestone should be to complete the scenario. Do not worry about what runes or monsters you are getting. However, you should keep an eye out for any GB10's that you might be getting.


Just make sure you progress as quickly as possible and collect all the rewards you get along the game. After completing the Mt. Siz area of the quest, you will be given a free water magic knight called Lapis. 

This Knight will be the best early game fighter for your draft and is even quite viable in the Mid game.


Unlock your Runes:


After completing the Mt. Siz, you should be redirected to an area called Faimon hell. There, you will be provided with a challenge that lets you unlock revenge runes. You should unlock all of these and upgrade them to plus nine and immediately put them on your Lapis.


How to get better at Summoners War


There is a Daily Dungeon Tips quest you can complete very quickly that lets you upgrade Lapis further. 


Use Friend Reps for Farming:


After you get through the first two parts of the game, you should focus all on your efforts on trying to get as many level 50 friends as possible. Usually, you should find a large number of players that are quite over-powered and are willing to add lower-ranked players.


How to Add Friends?


A lot of players make the error of searching through the game's own possible friends' system. If you do this, there are chances that you will just be given a list of 5 random players that do not gift you anything or might have just left the game.


Therefore, your goal should be to talk in chat and ask people to add you to your friends.


You should be much more successful if you are polite and respectful. If you add a good number of friends and they are willing to help, you can easily move through the starting scenarios with relative ease, which is quite helpful as the game gets quite harder later on.


Never Feed your Devilmon to Lapis:


Your Devilmon is one of the rarest drops you get during the start of the game. A lot of newer players in the Summoners War make the mistake of feeding the Devilmon to your Lapis.


How to get better at Summoners War


We recommend that you do not feed it to your water mage knight as you should probably be feeding these Veromos whenever you get to him. The Devilmon increases the skill level of all the abilities of your monsters.


Feeding him the Devilmon is a waste as he plays just fine without it and gains hardly any benefit from being fed one.


Get to GB10 As Quickly as Possible:


GB10 is usually everyone's second Milestone after the Tutorial as the quality of runes coming from GB10 is much higher than any other scenario. Moreover, it has the best drop-rates in the game as well.


We recommend that you go for the Sig, Bella, Loren, Shannon, and Bernard composition to get to the GB10 floor. If you get all of these monsters in the proper order and have your Lapis upgrades, you should easily get to GB10 in one to two weeks, which you can start grinding fast.


Players might also feel like they need runes before they can progress to GB10. For this, you need to farm a lot. We recommend that you farm GB7 as farming there also gives you access to higher rarity runes that you cannot get from any other place.


As you farm GB10 for a very long time, you should be getting better runes and having your monsters built. Your next goal after GB10 would be to start climbing further. However, we do not recommend rushing through this part as tGB10 can be farmed and beneficial for a very long time.


Therefore, you should always try spending as much time as you can on GB10 and building your monsters once your GB10 times are in the '60s, which means that you can complete the entire floor in 60 seconds. That is when you should start focusing on moving up.


How to get better at Summoners War


Bonus tips and Tricks:


You should never build too many units and spread your runes out. Try to focus on just 1-2 core monsters and then move up to the GB10 Folder. Devilmon is used as gold dust. You should always use them on nat five monsters.


Try to join a guild as soon as possible as it rewards you with free points whenever your guild does a war with someone else.




Summoners War is an RPG that focuses on its PvE element more than PvP. This is further exemplified because you can put up a really weak defense in the arena and still get your weekly dailymon. Moreover, the game generally does not respond well to PvP anyway.


Summoners War is still quite a fun and action-packed game with various fantasy elements that set it apart from the rest. It would help if you always tried focusing on getting to GB10 as quickly as possible and sending a lot of friend requests to higher ranked players so they can help you out through hard areas.


With these tips, you will be surely getting to GB10 in Summoners War in no time!

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