How to be a Smarter player in Summoners War?

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Summoners War is an RPG game developed by Com2uS. It is produced by Com2uS. The game is known for its unique Monster customization and combat, with over 100 million active players currently enjoying the game. Moreover, the game ensures that there is always something to do with its constant addition of new monsters and seasonal events.


Summoners War has perfected the genre of an RPG that revolves around RNG and drafting. You can decorate your village, battle other players in combat, try exploring other dungeons, and fight in various PvP battles.


How to be a Smarter player in Summoners War


In this Summoners War article, we are going to talk about advanced tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you become a much smarter player in the Summoners War.


What runes should you use on a Monster?


Monsters that are in the non-attacking class are generally divided into three types. They are Despair, Swift, and Violent. You can use any rune as long as you understand how to use them. However, there are some runes that are still better than others:


We recommend that you go for AoE Units that have Despaired. Having those runes will ensure that you have higher chances to stun. You should always have runes that buff the movement speed of your monsters as it generally allows them to be more agile.


For monsters with the Violent perk, try to go for runes that refresh cooldowns quicker i.e., reduce cooldowns. For Attacking type monsters, you should always be going for two runes for the majority of your playthrough.


Firstly, go for the Rage / Blade rune for pure nuking awhile for Violent / blade for 100 to 0 % nukes. You can also go for a Fatal rune, but it is not recommended.  For Bombers or Non-Traditional players, you should go for Fatals. It is vital for newer players as it provides you with a decent buff as well.


How to be a Smarter player in Summoners War


Should you Always Upgrade Monsters?


The question of maxing out or six*’ ing a particular Monster is much dependent on a few questions. One of the most critical questions you need to ask yourself is if the monster makes sense in your late-game composition. If it does, then it is always worth maxing them out.


Secondly, if the monster presents a large amount of value, if their stats increase, that is, they might have actual stagnant stats that can be exploited only if they are upgraded to the next level. If that is the case, you should always consider maxing them out.


A mistake most players make is not looking at their late-game composition before going for maxing out a particular monster. This is never recommended as it leads to a massive waste of resources after you finish upgrading your monsters in the later stages of the game.


How to Maximize XP Gain?


In Summoners War, efficiency is critical. The best way for you to get the highest amount of efficiency is by first using your own x2 exp booster and farming fodder. After this, use your friend’s rep.


This will let you free up a slot in your team. Completing the particular map will also give you a set amount of XP. You will get about 25 XP per monster if you a friend’s bus driver with a full stack ready.


How to farm Experience in the Best Way?


How to be a Smarter player in Summoners War


Try to mix your scrolls and Rainbow scrolls for general fodder. After getting the XP boost, you should farm wherever you think you get the most XP from. This is generally in higher levels areas.


After that, you should go for evolution as quickly as possible. For newer players, farming Faimon stage 1 makes the best sense, and Aiden Hell stage 1 is the best for higher-level players. You should also make sure that your XP booster is always active so you can utilize it to its maximum efficiency.


How to spend Glory?


Glory is another form of currency used in the Summoners War. Firstly, you should remember picking up your weekly devilmon, which is about 180 glory a week.  Make sure you also get your 4* max rainbowmon, which you can get from Guild Wars every week as well. Next, you should start focusing on energy builds.


Capping these buildings will let you farm more runes and gain more exp overall that let you play more games at one time. After waiting for your energy buildings, start working on your Speed or HP building if you wish to buff your monsters out even more.


How to Play Arena War?


If you are lower than Level 35, you should not play the Arena War. Try putting up defenses only when it’s the weekend because that is when most players attack. Try not to put any reason at all in most cases and just reset the day for most crystals.


How to be a Smarter player in Summoners War


Remember that going up a rank only provides you with 50 more crystals, which is not that big. If you lose in Arena, you get easier opponents to deal with while only losing a point of Glory every time you lose a rank yourself.


Remember that you can clear most of the monsters on the first 100 floors with free to play monsters easily. Afterward, you might need to focus some interest in trying to improve your monster, especially if you are a free-to-play player, as the type of these games inherently puts paying players at a slight advantage.




Players in the Summoners War have to go through a lot of grinds and a steep learning curve before getting good at the game. The game in itself is quite challenging but rewarding at the same time. The wide variety of monsters and runes at your disposal adds a layer of depth and complexity to the game that differentiates it from other games of the same genre.


The most prominent mistakes players make when playing the game is not understanding the value of their resources and burning them out very quickly when they are lower level.

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