Summoners War Secret Dungeons Guide


Summoners War is the game where you dive right under a battle to search for some vital resources, and this is the right time to jump into that Sky Arena by Com2uS. 


There are more than 1000 monsters available in the game waiting for the players to have a victory with the Sky Arena, and you will be asked to assemble the best monsters as a team for having the best strategic win.

The main key for reaching the success of the Summoners War is to know what you are planning to do there. So for a monster, it will be precious to have some awards with summoning pieces, and the Summoners War Secret Dungeons can provide those to them. 


So today, let's take our sight into a guide from Summoners War Secret Dungeons.

What Are Summoners War Secret Dungeons?

Summoners War Secret Dungeons can be identified as hidden dungeons, and they will be opened for the players only for one hour. Players can find them within the five elements: fire, water, light, wind, and dark. So the secret dungeons will be founded as a reward by a random stage clearing.


Ten stages can be seen with Summoners War Secret Dungeons. Every stage asks for the players to defeat one monster's waves, and once players are enabled to clear a specific amount of stages, they will be able to have summoning pikes as rewards for their monsters.

Once a player takes enough pieces, they will summon their particular monster at the summoning circle. The number of pieces you need will entirely depend on the monster grades, and the elements of your dungeon monster will be based on your Hall where you discovered the Secret Dungeon. 


Remember that the Hall of the light will give you the light monsters, and the dark Hall will provide you with dark monsters, and the same goes with the other halls.
You can discover one Summoners War Secret Dungeon only for one time. Players have the opportunity to enter into their friend's dungeons too. 


If one player discovers a secret dungeon, it will be available for all the players on their friend list. Once the dungeon is filled with ten friends’ entries, it will be inaccessible permanently for others or any other friend.

If one of your friends needs to enter for another Secret Dungeon, they will be rewarded with an additional summoning piece for monsters. There will be only one piece for one friend, and no matter how many times they have been run with that specific dungeon, they will only have one piece of reward.


Progression of the Secret Dungeons

As we mentioned earlier, every dungeon comes with ten stages, and they all have increasing levels for the monsters on each wave. 


Stage 3 is where you will see the appearance of the awakened monster version, and when it comes to the final stage, monsters will appear with the versions of two awakened and a boss version.



Drop Items

When players are clearing each stage one by one, they will take more and more summoning pieces as they are increased from one stage to another. You will get a base reward, and more than that, there is a high percentage of taking an additional summoning piece.

If a player decides to quit any ongoing battle by pausing, they can take the rewards from their last cleared stage. So this is a great strategy to end your run quickly and maximize time consumption.

These are the rewards you will take from each stage and their respective chances for taking a bonus piece of summoning.



  • Stage 1 – no base reward and 33% chance for having an additional piece
  • Stage 2 – no base reward and 66% chance for having an additional piece
  • Stage 3 – one base reward and no chance for having an additional piece
  • Stage 4 – one base reward and 33% chance for having an additional piece
  • Stage 5 – one base reward and 66% chance for having an additional piece
  • Stage 6 – two base rewards and no chance for having an additional piece
  • Stage 7 – two base rewards and a 50% chance for having an additional piece
  • Stage 8 – three base rewards and no chance for having an additional piece
  • Stage 9 – three base rewards and a 50% chance for having an additional piece
  • Stage 10 – four base rewards and no chance for having an additional piece

How to Use Summoning Pieces?

The number of summoning pieces you need will be based on the natural grade of your monster. Their rates for the required amounts are as follows.

  • 1-star monster will need ten summoning pieces
  • 2-star monsters will need 20 summoning pieces
  • 3-star monsters will need 40 summoning pieces
  • 4-star monsters will need 50 summoning pieces
  • 5-star monsters will need 100 summoning pieces


How to Find Summoners War Secret Dungeons?

Secret dungeons are usually located within the Cairos dungeon, and it is placed between the Hall of magic and Necropolis. If one dungeon is opened, it will be listed in there, and if it is not opened, you will see a message stating as No Dungeon to Enter.

Secret dungeons can be found in many places as follows.


  • From the halls of Light, Wind, Fire, Water, or Dark – every time a player succeeds in competing for one from these elemental halls, they will take a chance to have a reward as a secret dungeon.


  • Shop – there is a way to open a hall from one element by spending 200 crystals. Whatever Hall you choose, while you are farming on it, you may have an opportunity to discover one secret dungeon from that element.


  • Craft Building – 5 magic dust can open one secret dungeon and ten amounts of mid essences and 10000 mana stones from the same element. There are random monsters who come from the same element, which will be opened on that day. If none of the elemental Hall is opened or all elemental halls are opened on that same day, this option will no longer be valid.


  • Through Friends – if one of your friends managed to find a secret dungeon, it will be shown up on your secret dungeon list as well. And the same goes for the opposite side as well. So it is very efficient to share a secret dungeon with your friends, and you can check chat channels to see if any other has found a secret dungeon that matches your needs. If you manage to find a popular dungeon, you can quickly check that chat channel and offer it to others.

Don't worry if you find it hard to manage with the default settings for digging those elemental halls. Now you can create your own controls through a personalized keyboard. 


The Keyboard Mapping feature will be there for you to set your favourite key setting with the game controls. So you don't have to depend on the default key settings. Make it your own.


So that is how you can dig into Summoners War Secret Dungeons, and it is now up to you to find the perfect awards for your monsters along with the ideal summoning pieces. So try to go one by one on stages and find alternatives to find dungeons. You will quickly get the chance to summon the pieces for your monsters for sure.

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