Summoners War Sky Arena Monsters Guide 2022


Summoners War Sky Arena has never failed to become a sensation over the past years, and now they have reached their eight years of survival in this gaming world. But still, they maintain the most significant player base just as it had over the past years, and this RPG game always came with a lot of events and celebrations to attract the players towards it. So one of the very best exciting features it had was the Summoners War Sky Arena monsters.





Now in parallel to the 8th birthday of this game, Summoners War Sky Arena is taking out a special event called “8 Year Special! Nat 5 Star Summon”, and you will be able to take part in it until the 1st of June in 2022. So with this new event, there are a lot of discussions, and searching happening for Summoners War Sky Arena monsters, and if you are a beginner to this game, you may have no clue about what these Summoners War Sky Arena monsters are.

So today, we are taking you to the Summoners War Sky Arena monsters tier list to have a better skill up for the game, and this list has been made by aiming towards the mid and new gamers. It is a must to mention that none of these monster ranks is saying that any of them are better than one another, and we are primarily focusing on the new players who aim to have the highest progress from the PVP and PVE phases of the game. So no more talking, and let’s move on to the Summoners War Sky Arena monsters guide as follows.

Summoners War Sky Arena Monsters

These are the two natural levels of Summoners War Sky Arena monsters and know that if there is no monster you want to include in this list, it is not a sign that proves that they are not worthy. They will also be valuable and helpful, but this guide is made for all beginners.



Natural 4 Stars Monsters

These are the S tier ranks ups for the monsters with various categories.

  • Kaki from Fire
  • Galleon from Water
  • Lushen from Wind
  • Molly, Betta, Kinki and Martina from L/D

All monsters have been included on this list just because they are showing the highest strength in your PVP game, and they will be very useful for several areas in the game field. These monsters show the highest level of defence and strength in the arena, and they are just good for the PVP and PVE game phases.

The Lushen from this Summoners War Sky Arena monster list will be able to have some skill ups, and he is doing it by having a fuse to the fire brother. But note that it will be somewhat time, energy and crystal taking process.

And here comes the A tier monster skill ups.


  • Tyron and Water Twins from Water
  • Triana from Wind
  • Fire Twins, Carcano, Verde and Clara from Fire
  • Iris, Tablo, Amarna, Frigate and Halphas in L/D

These monsters have all the rights to include in his list due to their highest strength shown in the PVE game phases. Twins have the greatest power to deal with these phases in the game, but they don’t have a good level for the skill ups. You can have the skill ups for Iris, Tyron, Triana and for Verde by fusion.



Natural 5 Stars Monsters

These monsters are not that easy to deal with because of the synergies they hold in the game. But still, they are suitable to be skilled up and try your best to build them after you have received them. If you have earned a good one from Summoners War Sky Arena monsters, we are sure that he can do better for you right after you earned them.

So here are the S tier monsters from natural five stars.

  • Rica from Fire
  • Woosa and Bastet from Water
  • Feng Yan, Savannah, Cheongpung, Jamire and Ganymade from Wind

These all monsters show some powerful capabilities for several parts of your game, and they are very versatile monsters. The monsters mentioned earlier are showing some absolute skills for the several PVP compositions, and they can do better with respective skill ups. Most of the natural 5-star monsters from the S tier are so helpful on your PVE phases.

And this is the list of A tier monsters.


  • Jeogun, Perna, Karnal and Zaiross from Fire
  • Mo Long, Psamathe, Poseidon and Alicia from Water
  • Leo, Seara, Xing Zhe and Riley from Wind

These mentioned Summoners War Sky Arena monsters are non-niche and very helpful for the game, but they do not have much potential, just like eh S tier monsters. These monsters are really good to utilize in your PVP game, and some of them will have a little power to beat in the general arena and guild PVP.

Summoners War Sky Arena Monsters – Second Awakening

These second awakening Summoners War Sky Arena monsters are doing much from their healing and damage. So have a check on the S tier ones first.


  • Spectra from Fire
  • Vigor from Water
  • Shaman from L/D



In this list, Vigor will be the 1st monster that you should use on your skill ups, and he can be used on most of the PVE phases. And without any doubt, he is one of the best all-rounders from the Summoners War Sky Arena monsters list. There are so many bonuses associated with Vigor, and he is much more worthy with the damage skill ups from the game.

And then comes the Shamann and Spectra. Although they both have a less cool down for their skill 2, Spectra is a better monster to be utilized in your gameplay. And the 3rd skill of this Spectra will be a great strength for a player.

And here is the list of A tier monsters in the second awakening list.


  • Lulu and Icaru from Water
  • Eshir, Linda and Jultan from L/D
  • Bernard from Wind

Bernard in this list can have a 4.5% additional attack, and it will be relaxed over the speed tuning. But if you are searching for a better A tier hero, this one is the best and will be very useful for a beginner as he can speed up the game. Bernard can also help experienced players to have more potential for damage over their speed. If you search specifically for a damaging monster with one shot crystals, you need to go for the Icaru.

On the other hand, Linda is coming with very valuable bog bonuses with her skill ups. Jultan monster is a niche one, and Eshir will take only one skill up. Moreover, Lulu can take three skill-ups as a minimum value.

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And that is the end of our Summoners War Sky Arena monsters list, and by referring to this guide, try to gain better knowledge as a beginner about them. Whether you go for A tier and S tier, know that there is no one to be mentioned as poor and choosing a monster will be only based on your needs for the game.

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