Garena Free Fire: Top Hiding Places in Bermuda Map

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Garena Free Fire is one of the most renowned games available on both major platforms. The game doesn't need any introduction, especially after the biggest event of Free Fire's 3rd Anniversary.


Garena Free Fire: Top Hiding Places in Bermuda Map


It's an action shooting game where you will be spawned in a waiting area with 49 other players, and all you have only one purpose, and that is to be the last man standing alive in the unknown battleground. Engage in thrilling combat with great visuals and kill effect. Finding enemies, collecting weapons, and healing items is the key to survive till the last zone. You can also upgrade skins and obtain different outfits.


In this Free Fire guide, we will discuss top hiding places on the Bermuda map. Now there are two different scenarios: One is if you are pushing rank and you like to play a little bit safer then you can use these hiding/camping places.


The second one is you are pushing rank but always get killed by campers. With this top hiding place guide, you can be careful around those places and check them out one by one to be safe. So, without further ado, let's dive right into the guide.


GLOO Wall:


Garena Free Fire: Top Hiding Places in Bermuda Map


Let's talk about the GLOO wall before we jump into the hiding place. If you are new to Free Fire, then you might not know about this item. GLOO is a grenade in Free Fire, but instead of killing enemies for you, it provides you with a shield from them.


Normally player calls it GLOO Wall during the game as it provides you with a cover when you push on enemies. It can also be used as a wall to climb on and then climb on to the roof. Below we will discuss top hiding places in Bermuda and most of them require GLOO Wall. So, make sure to keep at least three GLOO walls at a time to make a good cover or to rush on enemies, or to use it to climb at a good hiding spot.


Hiding Places to push Rank or to avoid:


As mentioned above, all of these hiding places can be useful if you are solo vs solo or it can be useful if you won't want to die by campers. Below you will find each specific hiding place in Bermuda Map.


Climb Tree using GLOO Walls:


The first place to hide or camp is by using the GLOO wall in the PEAK area. Now PEAK area has been so famous as there are multiple hiding places, but the best one is hiding on the tree. If you go to PEAK, you will find one balcony house right next to a ridge. You will also notice a tree on the ridge now what you have to do is go near that tree and use three GLOO walls to create a path to the tree so you can climb on top of it.


On the first wall, you will have to jump, on the second and third wall you will have to open scope and move. Jump onto the tree once you are on the third wall. You might have to try it multiple times as it requires a little bit of perfection. However, this is the best place to camp or hide in all of the Bermuda Map, so make sure to give it a try to surprise your enemies. You can also pre-fire at the top of the tree to watch out for hidden enemies.


Balcony House in the PEAK area:


Garena Free Fire: Top Hiding Places in Bermuda Map


This hiding place requires a GLOO wall. Go to the balcony house in the PEAK area and use the GLOO wall on the balcony. You have to use the GLOO wall in a specific way, so it covers a little bit of the balcony and makes way for you to climb on top of it.


Go to that balcony, use the GLOO wall, and then open the scope and jump on the Grill. Open scope again and jump on to the GLOO wall and finally jump to climb on to the roof. Now the problem with this hiding place is that it's quite open, but the best part about it is no one really looks at the roof, and there's a chimney, you can hide behind it.


You might have to practice a little bit as it requires perfection. Opening scope and jumping on to the GLOO wall or grill isn't an easy task for most of the players.


Broken House:


The next hiding place is also in PEAK. If you take a look at PEAK, you will notice why it has all the good hiding places. The reason for mentioning all of these is that most of the time, the last zone will be around PEAK. If the last zone is in PEAK, then you will definitely try all these hiding places.


So, go to the broken house and jump onto the wall and then to the next wall. Your target is to jump to the top corner of the broken wall. You can hide there as long as you want to. If you are already a Free Fire player, then you might know that no one really notices this place.


For example, how many times did you check this corner while looting around? The answer might be zero, which explains why players use this as a hiding spot in the last zone. So, watch out for those campers if you are an aggressive player.


Tower near the PEAK:


Garena Free Fire: Top Hiding Places in Bermuda Map


Do you know you can climb the top of the tower near the PEAK area if not, then you are in for a surprise? Go to that tower and go as high as possible using stairs. When you are at the top of the tower, use the GLOO wall in a way that it closes your way around the tower. Then climb on the grill and then jump onto the container and simply fire and jump to climb higher.


You might have to do it one or two times if you haven't done it before and you will be at the highest place in the PEAK area. Make sure to use it to your advantage, especially when you are pushing rank. The best part about the Tower is that you can see very far away from the top and if you have a high scope then you can see more further.


For Rank pushers:


If you are not one of those players who hide to push their ranks, then all of the above-given tips will give you an idea of all hidden places, and where to look for enemies, in short, you can call it Free Fire hack or Free Fire Cheat. Use the above-given tips of hidden places in Bermuda map to your advantage and always check out these places before moving forward.


Garena Free Fire: Top Hiding Places in Bermuda Map




Every game has different types of players, and each player has a different playstyle. That playstyle defines what type of players you are - usually, some aggressive players like to push to put pressure on their enemies and get the most kills. They also pick hot/most wanted locations on every map.


Then there are Ninja players, who usually sneak up to their enemies or like to surprise them by being the third party in the fight. Last but not least, you will find cautious players; they usually stay at one place the entire game until the zone moves away from them. They are commonly known as campers as they kill most Ninja and aggressive players.


Overall it's a tactic of Free Fire, and there's nothing wrong with being a little cautious even for pro players. Aggressive or Cautious it doesn't matter, read all the above-given guides and dominate your opponents while using those hidden places.

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