Free Fire Double Trouble Event is Launching a New Character, Collections and More


What is up for our Free Fire lovers? Are you ready to take a glimpse of some new things in the game? If so, you will have a new event with new surprises, new collections, and many more bundles, along with a character from the new Free Fire Double Trouble event. It is always a pleasure to have new things for the game because it can raise the interest of players to engage with the game more and more, and here is everything we know about it so far.





Free Fire Double Trouble event


Free Fire has always been a fantastic game that will come up with new things added in a continuous roster, and that might be the reason it has such a huge fan base. These events are not just made for fun; and they add many more upgrades to the game to increase the quality of the gameplay. And one such amazing event that is coming to this game is named this Free Fire Double Trouble event, and it is the first update that will arrive in the game right after its OB 36 update.  


Don’t forget to play Free Fire on PC with LDPlayer 9 along with this new event because that is where you are going to achieve the full gaming experience with some better features. And no need to wait and talk here. Let's get straight into the guide as follows.


When Will Free Fire Double Trouble Launch?

Since the developers of Free Fire already mentioned that they are releasing the new Free Fire Double Trouble event right after the OB 36 update, it might be available on your server at any time. Because as you all know, the OB 36 update has already been released. So you better get ready yourself for any time of the launching event.


When Will Free Fire Double Trouble Launch


What Will be Offered with the New Event?

It seems like there are many things we can take from the new event, along with a free active character. The official Twitter of the game has already confirmed it, and there will be a lot more. When you first enter the interface of the event, you will see the upcoming events that are set to be released with the Free Fire Double Trouble event, and there are five of them: Login Rewards, Griza Fighter, Faded Wheel, Moco Store, and finally the Fatsuya Story.


What Will be Offered with the New Event


The box you see from the right side of your interface will be opened one by one according to the number of missions you are completing, and they also come with several rewards. So with these all things, the primary Free Fire Double Trouble event has been created.


And now, let’s find out one by one what we are getting with the new main event as follows.


A Free Character

Tatsuya is the new active character you will be offered from the game from this new Free Fire Double Trouble event for free, and according to the official sources, he will be one of the rebellious characters in the game.


Free Fire Double Trouble event free character


Free Items

Several free items will be offered for you with the new event part from the new free character. You will have:


  • A granite
  • A backpack
  • A music CD
  • A new skin for the baton pole
  • A new skin for the pan
  • A new skin for the sports car

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Free Items


The Griza Fighter Event

A new event will be coming with the Free Fire Double Trouble, and it will carry out a load of missions and story gameplays to earn some best rewards.


The Griza Fighter Event


An Exclusive Lobby with Some In-Game Surprises

This is also going to be featured for the game with the Double Trouble event, and several other in-game surprises will also be added to that game than you expected. You will notice that the air balloon has been changed with the new event, and also, there will be changes done to the vehicles which have been parked in your route here and three.


Airdrops, as well as the plane, will be subjected to some changes with this new update, and you will see there will be a lot of things changed and done to the inside of the game than you think. Everything will be amazing for sure.


An Exclusive Lobby with Some In-Game Surprises


New Four Bundles

Four theme bundles will be offered to you with the new update, and it is expected that the second bundle is going to be free, but this is a guess only. No official source has confirmed it, and it is just a prediction.


New Four Bundles


New Collections and Emotes

New Griza-related collections will be available in the game to grab, and there will be a parachute skin, a backpack, a surfboard skin, a loot box, two vehicle skins (one for the motorbike and the other for the sports car), and a new pet skin to grab from.   


New Collections and Emotes


And it is also worth mentioning that there will be three new emotes available for you, and we expect at least one to be free here. But it is just an assumption.


Enjoy the New Event with LDPlayer 9

So, for the players who want to get the best from this new event, we are all suggesting you go with the best android emulator: LDPlayer 9, as it is the best option, you can have here to gain a most soothing experience. Improved graphics, best optimizations to smoothen the gameplay, and better control handles are included here, and it is the best method that you can have the most out of your Free Fire Double Trouble event


Enjoy the New Event with LDPlayer 9


Set your most familiar controls by the Keyboard Mapping and just enter the new event. You will take control of all to handle the best and most familiar movements.



And that is all for the new Free Fire Double Trouble event, and here are all the details we have grabbed about it. It is time to shine more with your gameplay with some best additions, and the new event will take care of it to give you the best gaming experience. Pack yourself and be ready to enjoy the new event.

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