Maple Story M – Progression Guide for MMORPG Lovers



Maple Story M – Progression Guide for MMORPG Lovers


Maple Story is an Online Fantasy MMORPG game developed by Nexon. It is a follow-up to the already immensely popular PC Version of Maple Story. The game is entirely open world and features many features such as cartoony and Anime style graphics, unique classes like Knights and Mages alongside open-world cities like Elinia, Perion, and much more.


Maple Story M is known for its unique monsters and an iconic RPG fighting element that lets players team up in guilds, compete in level rankings, fight against original Maple Story Monsters, and PvP against each other in the vastly expansive world.


In this article, we will discuss the best way to progress in the game and how you can go about gaining more XP and Equipment from playing the game.


Use AutoPlay on Quests:


AutoPlay is a relatively undervalued feature and not utilized as much as it should be in Maple Story. You can use this feature to play missions so you can level up a particular account without even doing anything. AutoPlay only functions for main storyline quests and some side quests. Usually, these are the best way to progress in the game and get XP.


Using Auto Play is not mandatory; however, we recommend not using it for lower levels. You need to learn the game for later and understand the intricate combat mechanics of the game.


If you keep using auto-battle always, you will be troubled once the AI slows down and everything seems to get harder for it. So, instead of learning the combat mechanics, it is better to grind yourself until about level 20 and then use the Auto Play feature when everything feels mundane.


Using Auto-Battle in Dungeons:


Maple Story M – Progression Guide for MMORPG Lovers


Auto Battle is another feature in the game that is quite different from Auto Play. This allows your character to farm and performs fights and flash farm entirely on their own. However, one account can only use this feature for a maximum of 2.5 hours and not more.


This feature is quite useful for progressing faster, especially when you reach higher levels, as there will be no available quests for you to complete. Moreover, Auto Battle can also be used inside dungeons. We recommend using auto-battle in mini-dungeons for maximum XP gain and a higher chance of drops.


Complete All the Recommended Dungeons:


Maple Story currently has about 5-6 dungeons in a particular rotation that you can complete at any given time. Each dungeon has different kinds of rewards, and you should focus on trying to complete them as soon as possible as mobs do not drop loot if they are killed during a quest.


Daily Dungeon:


⦁    Provides you with gems; this is the only place where you can get them.


⦁    It can be accessed up to three times any day. (If you are in a guild or have done your weekly missions, you can access it two more times.)


⦁    Provides you with much-needed XP.




⦁    The mini-dungeon grants you a large amount of EXP as compared to other dungeons.


⦁    It would help if you tried as many mini-dungeons as possible, as they can only be done solo. But, remember that they are quite hard to do for lower levelled players.


Elite Dungeon:


⦁    The Elite dungeon is the hardest and arguably the best dungeon in the game.


⦁    This dungeon is where you should expect to get most of your loot, other items, and equipment from.


⦁    At an extremely high level, the Elite Dungeon is the only place in Maple Story M where you can access epic armor and weapon powder, which are extremely rare and can be sold for a large amount of money.


Star Force Field:


⦁    The Star Force Field is the top dungeon when it comes to general EXP farming. The mobs there are relatively easy to kill, and the spawn rates make sure you always have an ample amount of them.


⦁    You can access this dungeon as much as you want so that you can grind there for more than two to three hours a day.


⦁    Star Force Fields require a guild or a party for you to access them; they cannot be done solo, which is why Mini Dungeons are preferred sometimes.


How to Manage your Resources:


Maple Story M – Progression Guide for MMORPG Lovers


Resource Management is an integral part of Maple Story for good progression; there are six game primary resources. Almost all of them must be kept in perfect balance for you to progress quickly.




Meso is the general currency of the game. You will be able to grind a lot of this currency as you progress further into the game. You can use Meso to buy epic armor sets and buy items from the auction market. Try always to enhance armor that is of epic quality. Anything else isn’t worth the high cost.


Gold Leafs:


Gold Leafs are one of the rarest resources in the game. Gold Leafs are, however, extremely important for quick progression as they are used to level up and upgrade weapons. You can collect Gold Leafs from missions and quests.


Armor/Weapon Powder:


Weapon and Armor Powder are both gained after a particular quest. They are vital to upgrade your armor and weapon, and you cannot enhance your current gear and equipment without them. Currently, you should be able to grind armor and weapon powder from elite dungeons to get a powerful legendary weapon. (The best rarity in the game.)




Equipment can be purchased from Treasure Boxes; you get one free daily treasure box or spend 50k Meso for one. Equipment can also be bought from the Auction House.


Maple Story M – Progression Guide for MMORPG Lovers


Try to grind Meso and buy an epic weapon instead of going through the trouble of grinding through all the Amor and Weapon powder for them. We recommend getting most of your equipment from trade station 1. Keep in mind that it will cost around 1 million meso for an Epic armor/weapon.




Maple Story M is an MMORPG that has a lot of depth baked into it. The game’s graphics give it a very soft vibe, but it takes its RPG elements quite seriously.


Overall, the game offers many content and exclusive items with providing players with multiple avenues for them to level up and gain access to those particular items and skills. This progression guide should prove to be of immense help when trying to progress quicker in the game.

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