Garena Free Fire Season 50 is Arriving – Everything We Know So Far


Garena Free Fire has been a most played game around the years, and it always continued to amaze it's loving player base with numerous contents from time to time. It may be upgrades, new updates, or sometimes the newest events as well. This time, they have jumped for a new season, and here we are going to introduce you to every tiny detail of the Garena Free Fire season 50. Let's learn what will be changed and what will be introduced to this new season 50.






This game is a well-known survival game, and we have to go through battles here since it identifies as a battle royale game. There are no words to say how popular this shooting game is worldwide because it has such a huge fan base that it grows day by day. You will play against 49 other players here, and every time, Garena Free Fire will come up with a 10 minutes game to do the shooting, surviving, and battling.


The new elite pass will be offered to players for every month from this game, and now that July is coming soon, they have planned to come up with a July elite pass as well. Garena Free Fire season 50 will release by the 01st of July 2022 and end by the 30th of July, and it will be packed with so many skins, costume bundles, vouchers, and many more to please the players. So we are here to provide you with every detail and offer about Garena Free Fire season 50.


Garena Free Fire Season 50 Introducing New Vehicle Skins and the Weapons


New Vehicle Skin

There will be a pickup truck as a new vehicle skin for this new season, and it can deal with some decent abilities to take damage from all the other vehicles. This skin is not that hard to earn, and players can have it from the high loot areas. You don't need any tokens to have this Apocalyptic Swarm skin for the pickup truck.



New Grenade Skin

This will be a weapon you can throw and comes with heavy damage. But the grenade has only a low firing rate with its close range, but so many impressive animations are coming under this weapon. You can take the Grenade Bumble Slicer from the July elite pass after you have collected 195 Emblems.


New Melee Skin

Every season of Garena Free Fire comes with two types of range weapons, and this time with this new Garena Free Fire season 50, we can see a change. There will be this Bumble Slicer or parang named melee skin, and you can earn it with 80 emblems earned from the game.



The Exclusive Bundles of Season 50

There will be two bundles introduced in this Garena Free Fire season 50 elite pass; one will be the male bundle while the other will be the female.


  • Male Bundle – this bundle is very famous and was a much-awaited costume for Garena Free Fire players. Many players were excited for its release from the Elite pass ad well. Every new game season will include some cool features to this male bundle, and so will the season 50. It comes with a special interface, and to earn it, you need to have 225 emblems with Cyberoid Stringer Bundle as well.



  • Female Bundle – the next bundle that comes with season 50 will be the female bundle you can take after completing some of the game's missions. And also, this bundle requires collecting some of the badges earned by players. When players collect 50 Emblems from the game, they will be offered the Cyborg Piercer female bundle, which will have many cool effects to enjoy by the players.



Stuff board and Loot Box

Every new season of the Garena Free Fire comes up with a new loot box and a stuffed board, and so does season 50. Those are the defining points of the game from its beginning to the end, and this July season will come up with an Apocalyptic Swarm Skyboard with 100 and 150 badges. And also, this will feature a Wasp Danger Loot Box.


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And that is all we have to talk about under the Garena Free Fire season 50, and be prepared for the upcoming changes in July. This guide has everything you should be aware of the new arrival, and now you can prepare for the upcoming changes in the game with new skins, vehicles, and many more. So it is time. Get your chance and be a pro at Garena Free Fire.

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