Best Pick for Moonlight's Blessing Update in Epic Seven

2021-05-31 Content Collaboration

Epic Seven from Smilegate is rapidly gaining popularity among game players, and overall it has massive popularity in the world of gaming. With its unique tier list and its abilities, the game has been more developed than before. So with the newest updates and newest features added to the game after May 27th, all players will be benefited from the Moonlight's Blessing Update.


The new Moonlight's Blessing Update allows players to select one of six 5-star Moonlight Heroes. The list includes Arbiter Vildred, Judge Kise, Ruele of Light, Martial Artist Ken, Dark Corvus, and Specter Tenebria. You will need to complete Selective Summon & Clear Episode 1, 1-10 (Sanctuary Gate Underground) to access the Moonlight's Blessing. You can go to your Lobby and find Moonlight's Blessing in the lower right corner.


Moonlight's Blessing Pick in Epic Seven


If you want to build your account more efficiently, you can download Epic Seven on PC to enjoy better gameplay with LDPlayer. Now below we are going to identify the best heroes you can pick up from the Moonlight's Blessing event. However, let's first try to understand how rare the moonlight heroes are for every players!


What is Moonlight Summon?

Moonlight summoning is a type of summoning available in Epic Seven, and it only summons the heroes categorized under the Moonlight. Moonlight heroes come with light and dark heroes, and they are known to be the perfect heroes in the game. You need to try better luck in having these summons as they are the best ones to the Epic Seven.


You can get into the Moonlight Summon after clearing Adventure Mode - Episode 1: Ritania Chapter 10-10. Unlike Covenant Summon, you need to collect Galaxy Bookmarks to do the Moonlight Summon. And, Galaxy Bookmarks is something very hard to obtain in the game and there are only few ways on obtaining these bookmarks.


In case you're interested in how to get Galaxy Bookmarks, we also share the different ways on obtaining Galaxy Bookmarks here. You will get like 4 to 5 summons per month for Moonlight Summon and you're not guranteed 5-star Moonlight heroes.




Automation Tower 100th floor
Every 1st day of the Month

5 Galaxy Bookmarks

Merurin's 28th Day Check-In Reward

5 Galaxy Bookmarks

Transmit Stone Shop
(6 Golden Transmit Stones)

6 Gold Transmit Stones
(5 Galaxy Bookmarks)

Complete the Adventure Stage 10 - 10

5 Galaxy Bookmarks

Azmakalis Raid
(Both Difficulties)

1 Galaxy Bookmark (Random drop after defeating a boss)

1 Galaxy Bookmark (Random reward after opening Queen Azumashik's Gift) NORMAL ONLY


Who to Pick in Selective Moonlight Summons丨Epic Seven


Who to pick in Selective Moonlight's Blessing?

It would be the best to pick up the seletive moonlight hero for your team build. You can check the full Tier List of all heroes in Epic Seven to find members for your team build. But now, let's just disscuss who you should pick in the selective Moonlight's Blessing event and why you should do so.


Best Two DPS Moonlight Heroes You Should First Consider


Arbiter Vildred

Arbiter Vildred is a Dark Thief coming as the first pick-up of the list.


  • Severe damage - this is Arbiter's third skill, and you can empower it by five focuses. His S3 can also decrease the enemies' Hit Chance by 50%, which is a great defuff to lower the damages taken from your enemies. Moreover, if you defeat an enemy with S3, there will be no cooldown.


  • Self Revive - this is the 2nd skill of Arbiter Vildred. After receiving lethal damage, Arbiter Vildred regenerates to 70% Health, gains 100% of combat readiness, increases Attack for 2 turns, obtains full Focus, and resets cooldown for Dark Blade. This makes Arbiter generate more substantial damage in the combat.


  • Skill one of the Arbiter Vildred can hit multiple targets at once, and decrease their combat readiness by 10% after awakenning S1.


In a words, Arbiter Vildred has passive revive and full AoE attack as a DPS. This allow you to build Arbiter Vildred very squishy with severe output damage and use him in PVP. For PVE, his S3 can clear stage 1 and 2 very efficiently as 3rd skill has no cooldown if you defeat an enemy. So Arbiter Vildred is both good at PVE and PVP content, which makes him the Top-1 selection for your team build.


Specter Tenebria

Specter Tenebria is a Dark Mage coming as the second pick-up of the list.

Who to Pick in Selective Moonlight Summons丨Epic Seven

  • Severe single-attack - Tenebria's skill 3 can stun the enemy and create huge damage, which is a powerful skill to one-shot the enemy or at least to make the target unable to act. If an enemy dies, her S3 can also decreases the Combat Readiness of all remaining enemies by 50%, which guarantees your team to deal more damages with faster act.


  • Self Protection - Her S2 protects her from being targeted by single attacks when allies are present. Also, she gets increased Attack and Defense by 7% every time somebody dies. This passive skill assure Tenebria to stand longer in the combat and deal severe damage.


  • Skill one of Specter Tenebria has poison effect and cannot be counterattacked. It hits 2 enemies when skill 3 is on cooldown.


That is to say, the hero Specter Tenebria is a great single-attack damage dealer. She gains bonus attack damage (up to 50%) when anyone dies (both ally or enemy). This works in Raid as the bonus carries over and does not reset. She also deals a lot more damage on her skill 3 based on the number of debuffs on the enemy. If someone dies to her skill 3, every enemy team member loses 50% combat readiness.


Three Great Fighters to Reinforce Your Team


Martial Artist Ken


Martial Artist Ken is a Dark Warrior with counter mechanics.



  • Skill 3 - Attacks all enemies with a powerful ground pound with a 50% chance to decrease Defense for 2 turns and increase Attack of the caster for 2 turns.


  • Skill 2 - Has a 30% chance to counterattack when attacked, with a 100% chance to counterattack with Dragon Flame after suffering a critical hit. Dragon Flame (Acquire 1 Soul): Makes a critical hit, dealing damage proportional to the caster's lost Health. This attack receives effects that are applied to the basic skill.


  • Skill 1 - Batters the enemy with a 50% chance to decrease Attack for 1 turn.


This guy is one of the best characters in the game due to the way his kit works. He has 100% counter chance when he gets hit by a critical hit and 30% counter for a normal hit. Put on lifesteal set, some attack, health, defense, effect resistance and he becomes very scary. He is strong in both PvE and PvP (offense and defense due to counter mechanics).


While he is vulnerable to stun and sleep,, the key to having a strong Martial Artist Ken is building him as tanky as possible while still supporting his sustain and damage. In PvP having ways to prevent him from succumbing to being 1 shot, Stunned, or Slept will typically lead to positive results. However, Martial Artist Ken won't be a good choice for the Moonlight's Blessing event as he needs decrent equipment to power his stats. A "No" for the pick but a "Yes" if you really like him!


Judge Kise

Judge Kise is a Light Warrior with great AOE damage.

Epic Seven Judge Kise



  • Skill 3 - Attacks all enemies by distorting space and time with a 55% chance to increase skill cooldown three times by 1 turn.


  • Skill 2 - Attacks all enemies with a scythe, with a 75% chance to dispel a buff from each enemy. Damage dealt increases with more enemies.


  • Skill 1 - Attacks with a scythe, with a 35% chance to decrease Defense for 2 turns.


She has AoE dispel on S2 and higher chance to reduce enemy skill cooldown on S3. With soul burn, she can do a lot of damage by using S2 and then S3. Her third skill decreases all enemy skill cooldowns, forcing them to use only basic attack. If she gets that off, the fight is usually over in PVP.


She also gives defense break on her first skill, which is extremely useful in both PvE and PvP situations. That makes her a great all around unit, but she shines more in PvP with her kit. Having a mage with a +30 Tagahel’s Ancient Book for the soul burn is vital in making her S2 to S3 combo work on offense.



Kise is also gready for great equipment so she's also a "No" for beginners in Moonlight's Blessing summon.


Dark Corvus


Dark Corvus is a Dark Warrior as a frontline tank.


  • Skill 3 - Attacks with a lethal hit, absorbing damage dealt as Health. Damage dealt is only affected by the caster's Health and does not trigger a critical hit. Begins the battle with a full skill cooldown count.


  • Skill 2 - When attacked, the caster has a 70% chance of their skill cooldown being decreased by 1 turn, or 2 turns in the case of a critical hit.


  • Skill 1 - Attacks with a shield and absorbs some of the damage as Health, with a 50% chance to provoke for 1 turn. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's max Health.


Our next hero after Judge Kise is Dark Corvus. Dark Corvus is the best guy to deal with four enemies at once, and he is an unstoppable guild war hero to the game. He may require a lot of health but has a good amount of resistance to the effects. And also, Dark Corvous has better speed and defensive strategies to beat his enemies.


Dark Corvus is a tanky warrior that can use a strong single target attack that penetrate defense after some turns have passed depending on how many times he gets hit. This is very good against squishy teams that don’t do enough damage to kill him. He works very well in PvP, particularly in defense teams with healers and tanks. Also in Guild Wars, he has kill potential in defense as well.


Due to his slow way of killing things, he isn’t a very popular character among newer players, but for veterans and higher level players in PvP, they do know that he is good in long battles. He scales very well with his HP. Also a "No" for Moonlight's Blessing summon.


The Shining Soul Weaver Revive Your Ally


Ruele of Light

Ruele is a Light Soul Weaver who can revive ally and grant invincibility.

Ruele of Light Epic Seven

  • Skill 3 - Revives one dead ally with healing magic, recovering all of their Health and granting them invincibility for 1 turn. Living allies will receive the same effect after having all debuffs dispelled.


  • Skill 2 - Summons a light pillar, dispelling all debuffs, recovering Health and granting a barrier for 2 turns. Amount recovered and barrier strength increases proportional the caster's max Health.


  • Skill 1 - Attacks the enemy with a staff and heals the ally with the lowest Health. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's max Health, and healing increases proportional to the ally's max Health.


Ruele is a go-type healer to the Epic Seven, and she got every tool for the disposal. Ruele is a great healer, reviver, and also a person who can grant you invincibility. You need to make Ruele into a well-balanced composition to perform great, and she can revive in any situation with the right kind of balanced abilities. The only downside to her is that she doesn’t have an AoE heal for the team and requires soul burn to do so. She could be your pick if you already have strong DPS in your team like Sigret.


Other Things You Need to Know About Moonlight's Blessing 

1: Select one of six 5-star Moonlight Heroes to add as a Hero which will then be added to your list of Heroes.

2: Heroes that players obtain from Moonlight's Blessing will initially be restricted from certain game modes.


Initial Restrictions on Moonlight's Blessing Heroes includes:

Growth: Unable to Awaken to 5 and 6 star, unable to promote from 5-star to 6-star, unable to enhance skills

Battle: Unable to participate in defense teams in Arena, Guild Wars, and cannot be used in the World Arena. Unable to be used as a Supporter in normal battles and World Boss battles.

Other: Unable to be set as a Rep Hero, unable to be transferred, moved to Waiting Room, Memory Imprinted, added to the Journal, assigned to Dispatch Missions, gift Friendship items, use Hero Ratings.

Epic Seven Moonlight Blessing Restrictions

※ While under these restrictions, summoned Heroes of the same kind or Unknown Slates from the Shop cannot be used on Moonlight's Blessing Heroes.

※ While under these restrictions, Moonlight's Blessing Heroes cannot be used for enhancing, promoting, or Memory

Imprinting other Heroes.

※ Potion of Ascension cannot be used on Moonlight's Blessing Heroes before completing the 6-star Promotion quest.


3: Players can lift these restrictions from their Hero by completing the given missions.

4: If the Hero is one that you already own, after fully unlocking the Hero by completing the required missions, players will receive 10 Galaxy Coins as well.



It's recommended to check Arbiter Vildred > Specter Tenebria Ruele of Light Judge Kise > Martial Artist Ken > Dark Corvus. This comes to the end of selective moonlight summon tutorial. If you want to get a new account and reroll for the best units to start a freshing adventure, here's a guide to help you do faster reroll in Epic Seven.

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