Epic Seven Tier List 2021 (May, 20th) Update

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Epic Seven, the most undoubtedly famous game in the gacha world, now has made their revolutions into the next level. With the most robust player base and downloading rates, Epic Seven has already made its power on the gaming world so far.


This article is going to introduce Epic Seven character tier list in 2021. Each tier of heroes are consists of unique types of abilities, and they are well grown towards their abilities. All of the heroes are using the most potent abilities in the gameplay to win through Epic Seven's battles. So all their skills have updated in 2021 rather than the year 2020. Here is the 2021 year updated tier list versions of Epic Seven in advance.


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S Tier Heroes

These heroes are the best ones available in Epic Seven's gameplay, and the abilities they hold are beneficial to progress in the gameplay battles. We can say that S tier heroes are the heroes who are having more significant statistics around their powers, and they have the best growth throughout the game.


Epic Seven Tier List 2021 Update


In any game, the most strengthened heroes are the ones who be helpful to win in your battles. So in Epic Seven, that place goes to the heroes in S tier, and they are accommodating for you to build the battle team-ups. These are the heroes who can be crowned as the most powerful ones. As S tier hero's skills are best rather than others. Choosing them to lead in your Epic Seven battle winning will always be a great selection.


Here are the updated tier Sheroes in Epic seven 2021.


  • Arbiter Vildred: 5-star hero
  • Charles: 5-star hero
  • Seaside Bellona: 5-star hero
  • Angelic Montmorance: 3-star hero
  • Auxiliary Lots: 4-star hero
  • Challenger Dominiel: 4-star hero
  • Rule of Light: 5-star hero
  • Ken: 5-star hero
  • Iseria: 5-star hero
  • Martial Artist Ken: 5-star hero
  • Specter Tenebria: 5-star hero


A Tier Heroes

A Tier heroes are the ones that are making you the most opportunities throughout the gameplay of epic seven. Whether it is a battle or any PvP, A tier heroes will give you the most underrating chance for the players. These heroes are also powerful but a little bit lower than the S tier. But overall, this is the best tier.


Epic Seven Tier List 2021 Update


A tier heroes have remarkable statistics growth for every occasion, and comparatively, they are high in stats. So we can say that these heroes also become more useful in Epic Seven in the battles you are going to face throughout the gameplay.


Heroes of the updated tier list A are as follows.


  • You fine: 5-star hero
  • Solitaria of the Snow: 5-star hero
  • Judge Kise: 5-star hero
  • Roana: 5-star hero
  • Dizzy: 5-star hero
  • Vivian: 5-star hero
  • Krau: 5-star hero
  • Diene: 5-star hero
  • Mildred: 5-star hero
  • Luluca: 5-star hero
  • Bellona: 5-star hero
  • Assassin Cartuja: 4-star hero
  • Celine: 5-star hero
  • Kise: 5-star hero
  • Fallen Cecilia: 5-star hero
  • Tywin: 5-star hero
  • Sigret: 5-star hero
  • Angelica: 4-star hero
  • Blood Blade Karin: 4-star hero
  • Basar: 5-star hero
  • Cidd: 4-star hero
  • Ravi: 5-star hero
  • Sliver Blade Aramintha: 5-star hero
  • Sol Badguy: 5-star hero
  • Chaos Sect Axe: 3-star hero
  • Violet: 5-star hero
  • Kayron: 5-star hero
  • Chloe: 5-star hero
  • Melissa: 5 star hero
  • Top Model Luluca: 5-star hero
  • Little Queen Charlotte: 5-star hero
  • Sez: 5-star hero
  • Achates: 4-star hero
  • Tamarin: 5-star hero
  • Alicia: 5-star hero
  • Elphelt Valentine: 5-star hero
  • Lilias: 5-star hero
  • Blaze Dingo: 4-star hero
  • Clarissa: 4-star hero
  • Commander Lorina: 3-star hero
  • Crimson Armin: 4-star hero
  • Elena: 5-star hero


B Tier Heroes

B tier heroes are the ones who are still in good skills with a unit of complementary. There will be no distractions to reach victory by using only B tier heroes. That is still possible with the skills held by the B tier heroes. But remember going the win with only B-tier heroes will not be as simple as S and A tier. It will be significantly more challenging than usual.


Epic Seven Tier List 2021 Update


You can still use these B tier heroes for the gameplay in Epic Seven due to their niches. Some of these B tier heroes are loaded with profitable niches to be a great advantage for you. Following are the heroes contain in Tier B.


  • Araminta: 5-star hero
  • Ray: 5-star hero
  • Assassin Coli: 4-star hero
  • Maid Chloe: 5-star hero
  • Shooting Star Achates: 4-star hero
  • Tenebrae: 5-star hero
  • Charlotte: 5-star hero
  • Destina: 5-star hero
  • Champion Zerato: 4-star hero
  • Baiken: 5-star hero
  • Ceramic: 5-star hero
  • Celestial Mercedes: 4-star hero
  • Lidia: 5-star hero
  • Kawerik: 5-star hero
  • Remnant Violet: 5-star hero
  • Karin: 4-star hero
  • Falconer Kuri: 3-star hero
  • Adventurer Ras: 3-star hero
  • Apocalypse Ravi: 5-star hero
  • General Purrgis: 4-star hero
  • Haste: 5-star hero
  • Kitty Clarissa: 4-star hero
  • Shadow Rose: 4-star hero
  • Leo: 4-star hero
  • Silk: 4-star hero
  • Specimen Sez: 5-star hero
  • Rose: 4-star hero
  • Rin: 4-star hero
  • Researcher Carrot: 3-star hero
  • Mascot Hazel: 3-star hero
  • Baal and Sezan: 5-star hero
  • Dark Corvus: 5-star hero
  • All-Rounder Wanda: 3-star hero
  • Guider Aither: 4-star hero
  • Ludwig: 5-star hero
  • Mercenary Helga: 3-star hero
  • Watcher Schuri: 4-star hero


C Tier Heroes

C tier heroes are the most average heroes available in Epic seven, and they are more likely cannot say either good or bad. You can use them with a combination of other strongest heroes or only if you like their skills in the gameplay.


Epic Seven Tier List 2021 Update


C tier heroes in the updated 2021 version are as follows.


  • Blood Moon Haste: 5-star
  • Crescent Moon Rin: 4-star
  • Dingo: 4-star
  • Yuna: 5-star
  • Mirsa: 3-star
  • Lots: 4-star
  • Fighter Maya: 4-star
  • Assassin Cidd: 4-star
  • Faithless Lidica: 5-star
  • Serial: 4-star
  • Lilibet: 5-star
  • Wanderer Silk: 4-star
  • Sinful Angelica: 4-star
  • Ambitious Tywin: 5-star
  • Cecilia: 5-star
  • Cerise: 5-star
  • Desert Jewel Basar: 5-star
  • Doris: 3-star
  • Free Spirit Tiera: 4-star
  • Furious: 4-star
  • Sage Baal and Sezan: 5-star
  • Jecht: 3-star
  • Pavel: 5-star
  • Surin: 4-star
  • Righteous Thief Roozid: 3-star
  • Khawaja: 4-star
  • Coli: 4-star
  • Celeste: 3-star
  • Armin: 4-star
  • Lena: 3-star


D tier Heroes

Heroes in the D tier mostly lack skills, and neither have a profitable stat growth with them. We cannot say these heroes are the bad ones in Epic Seven, yet they are not healthier. Use these heroes when there is no option and when you get the chance, choose a more powerful one than these.


Epic Seven Tier List 2021 Update


  • Gloomyrain: 3-star hero
  • Batisse: 3-star hero
  • Requiemroar: 3-star hero
  • Zerato: 4-star hero
  • Chaos Inquisitor: 3-star hero
  • Hazel: 3-star hero
  • Roman: 4-star hero
  • Schurz: 4-star hero
  • Hurtado: 3-star hero
  • Eaton: 3-star hero
  • Corvus: 4-star hero
  • Church of Ilryos Axe: 3-star hero
  • Captain Rikoris: 3-star hero
  • Kawana: 4-star hero
  • Kizuna Al: 4-star hero
  • Dominiek: 4-star hero
  • Lorina: 3-star hero
  • Mistychain: 3-star hero
  • Wanda: 3-star hero
  • Another: 3-star hero
  • Taranor Guard: 3-star hero


F Tier Heroes

As the last F tier will be the heroes, you could only use them at the game's start. They are terrible than the C tier too. So don't even look at them in your gameplay.


Epic Seven Tier List 2021 Update


These are the F tier heroes in 2021 updated list.


  • rozet: 4-star hero
  • Ras: 3-star hero
  • Tempest Surin: 4-star hero
  • Zeno: 5-star hero
  • Carmainerose: 3-star hero
  • Kikirat V2: 3-star hero
  • Bask: 3-star hero
  • Benevolent Romann: 4-star hero
  • Hataan: 3-star hero 
  • Maya: 4-star hero
  • Sven: 3-star hero 
  • Alexa: 3-star hero
  • Mucacha: 3-star hero
  • Troublemaker Crozet: 4-star hero
  • Phyllis: 3-star hero
  • Crowell: 3-star hero
  • Elson: 3-star hero
  • Purrgis: 4-star hero
  • Rikers: 3-star hero
  • Ains: 3-star hero
  • Gunther: 3-star hero
  • Helga: 3-star hero
  • Nemunas: 3-star hero
  • Montmorency: 3-star hero
  • Roozid: 3-star hero 
  • Cartuja: 4-star hero
  • Mercedes: 4-star hero
  • Adlay: 3-star hero
  • Roamin Warrior Leo: 4-star hero
  • Tieria: 3-star hero
  • Carrot: 3-star hero
  • Judith: 3-star hero
  • Kiris: 3-star hero
  • Enott: 3-star hero
  • Azalea: 3-star hero
  • Butcher Corps Inquisitor: 3-star hero
  • Kuri: 3-star hero
  • Pearlhorizon: 3-star hero
  • Rima: 3-star hero
  • Taranor Royal Guard: 3-star hero
  • Jena: 3-star hero



When you continue to grow through Epic seven, it will be better to stay on the tier heroes like S, A, and B. The reason for saying it is they are too compatible with the battles you face and most likely to take you to the victory to the game. So make a wise decision to choose heroes in the gameplay and participate in the win for sure. You might also want to check out the best PVE and PVP heroes in Epic Seven.

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