Epic Seven: Ultimate guide for Lilias

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Epic Seven is Smilegate Megaport's new video game, and this is the latest role-playing game for them. This can be identified as a turn-based RPG, and it has a challenging system for the players to deal with some strategies. You can see a gacha summoning system here with numerous collectible heroes and enjoy the high-quality graphics with some anime Styled 2D visions.


Who is this Lilias? Among all of the Epic Seven tier list characters, she is considered the best player for PVE and PVP gameplay. She can debuff with her allies by AOE to reduce the number of enemies we have to deal with. Lilias is a great character to provide a self-barrier against the enemies, and she is more likely to provoke her enemies without having any kind of disadvantages for elemental.


So today's guide is dedicated to Lilias, and let's dive right into everything about Lilias and  download Epic seven on pc


Overview and Tier list of Lilias


Lilias is originally known to be a tanky knight, and she has a cleanse ability for the gameplay. This fire knight can also attack her enemies with a guaranteed dual attack, and she eventually becomes the second leaver for her team due to her damage skill with a great attack.


Epic Seven: Ultimate guide for Lilias


This character is built with a fast speed, and she has a good base speed of 110. When talking about her, CR boost is a self-built one. Lilias is a character in Epic seven who is clever enough to turn cycles quickly.


The very best feature that Lilias holds is she is versatile for PVE and PVP, and she is capable of building with the need to fill any spot. When players need a tank or a cleaver, use Lilias and make her with a high HP. It is possible.


This character will be beneficial for the Golem and Azimanak Hunts, Abyss and the Abyss. That is because Lilias has a god cleanse with her, and she can hold Aurius as a knight. So it might be helpful for the entire team to perform more significant damage. When we talk about her dual attacking whenever she uses the S1, you have to bring up as many offensive units as possible to abuse the bonus DPS.


When you use Lilias in PVP, she will be the main cleaver or be the second cleaver. It depends if you have the highest attack as 4K+ with DPS along. Or you can either use her as the primary cleanser and as a disruptor along with her provoke S2. Remember that Lilias is a versatile character, and she is a better fit with any kind of role she plays for your team lacks.


Skills of Lilias


Lilias is coming along with three primary skills. They are in forms of passive or active, and her defensive formation is the best. The reason is it can burn you for some extra effects. These are the three primary skills holds by the Lilias.


Epic Seven: Ultimate guide for Lilias


  • Follow Me! Charge


This skill is taking the whole lead and performing the attack. It can trigger the enemies by performing a dual attack with some unexpected allies. Her damage dealing will be increased based on the maximum health of the caster.


  • Defensive Formation


The defensive formation is responsible for deploying a weapon for the divine, and it will grant you a barrier for the caster. The barrier will happen for every two turns, and it always comes before there is a chance at 85% to provoke the enemies in two turns.


  • Ready, Load, fire


This is dispelling all buffs come from all the allies. And it can command on the Perland army to perform a fire for all the enemies at that time. This fire can decrease combat readiness by 25%, and it results in damage based on the attack of a hero with its highest amount of attack. And keep note that this skill can increase the caster's combat readiness by a percentage of 50%.


Strengths of Lilias


Lilias is a character who can be assisted on random allies to her teams. This happens with every attack that happens on basic and it responsible for dealing with a greater amount of damage. This strength is somewhat like overloaded as the S1. You can use this skill to deal with strong effective allies to their assists. 


Epic Seven: Ultimate guide for Lilias


Lilias S3 is the highest ally in the ATK. She does nothing with it when she is crowded and this skill can engage with an ATK damage of 25% in AOE. Lilias can cleanse her whole team with her S3 and it results in decreasing the CR of the enemy by 25% it also boosting up the Lilias CR by 50%. You should know that all these things are coming at 4 turn cooldowns in very effective investment. 


Lilias is a tanky DPS. She can build fully SPD/HP and deal with critical damage. Her S1 is having a greater damage scale with a 12% deal of high MP. This is the highest 8th ranked HP in the game and these all come with an ATK of x8. Lilias ratios can beat Tywin, E. Ceci, Ken, and every HP scale tank. Even S2/S3 are possible to beat with Lilias. 


Lilias can ignore effect resistance in the soul burn. She does nothing on her S2 in damage and it makes her bypass Lilias accuracy checks with factor straight towards her enemy resistance. So you have to know that Lilias can wound her ice enemies just like a fire hero. If you can afford the giving up of damage of her S1, you will be given a chance to keep an essential supporter in lockdown. 


Weaknesses of Lilias


Lilias is weak against the meta ice heroes. Although her S2 locks down the supportive ice enemies, she will be lost against targets like Dizzy and SS Bellona. So Lilias is making the CR knockback of herself unreliable. You need to be careful on attacking SS Bellona’s passive because Lilias S1 and S3 create considerable gauge chargers for the passives of Bellona.


And the net weak point for Liias would be that this champion passable only for PVE in provoking. Provoke is a weak mechanism for PVE and most of the wanted targets cannot be gain in this provoke period. On the other hand, this may feel for the players like an auto turn waste.


PVE with Lilias


Lilias is not good for PVE content Wyvern because there is no use of her CR reduction and cleanse in here. But you can still use her dual attack for S1 with the wyvern 11. If you want to destroy wyvern you need to team up Lilias with Luluca, Luna, or Sealone. Make sure to turn off Lilias auto mode in the Wyvern. 


Golem is the very first place t show the colors of Lilias. As Lilias is a knight she would be ideal for an Aurius holder and she keeps her allies alive against huge hits from the golem. The very best thing for Lilias is her dual attack and you can pair her with ceramic, Fire ken, or Bellona to get the maximum results. 


You can use Lilias as a damage dealer on AOE. All the provokes of Lilias are useless against the boss and you don’t have to worry about these three buffs for the boss. Cleanse of the Lilias will be helpful to be alive for her allies against the bosses’ bleed skills. Lilias has a self-barrier buff so that she will be useful with Diene or Vivian. Lilias going to have 3 buffs in maximum and it results in the boos using the ultimate AOE and the dispel of Lilias. 


In Banshee 11, Lilias is good to remove these bleed debuffs but it takes down a long period for cooldowns. So she would not be ideal for the hunt. 


If we take Abyss and raid Lilias is the perfect unit for that. She got a 100% to provoke for this and has dual attack skills for overpowering in this place. Your allies will be survived with Lilias’s cleanse skill. These types of contents are going perfectly with the Lilias. 


Lilias with PVP


Lilias is a tanky cleanser and she can do a great dual attack. Decreasing the CR of enemies and Provoking the enemies. So literally Lilias is good with both Guild war and Arena and she is great in RTA mode too. 


You can use Lilias with a cleft team along with her S3. Her S3 damage scale is the highest amount of ally attack in the game. Suppose Lilias has an overpowered critical rate with critical damage. All of her S3 damage is going to be increased when the highest attacker takes attack buffs in her team. 


Examples for PVP teams are as follows.


  • A cleft team consist of Tywin, Heavy AOE DPS with Basar and Lilias
  • A cleft team of heavy AOE DPS with Tywin, Basar, and the Lilias. 


What are the best builds for Lilias?


There are no prioritize weaknesses to hold by Lilias. So there are different solutions for the build with this champion. But know that there are still some builds that are very effective than the other build considerations. You can choose to build her speed r to double her attacks. And if not you can increase the destructions sets to increase the damage rates of the critical hits. 


Use 4x speed with 2x immunity for Lilias. It allows Lilias to multiply herself and she will be effective to play as a secondary set. If this is not ideal for you, you can choose to play Lilias with 4x destruction with a 2x life. It gives a more impact to deal with greater damage for Lilias. But most of the players are generally prefer to choose Lilias to play as a secondary role than the primary role.


Skill enhance priorities and Artifacts.


It becomes S2 to +3 as good choices as always. If you need clear damage and a cleanse better, you use the S3. You have to give priority to the skill enhancement for PVE and PVP separately. Do S3+3, Max S3 and the Max S2 for PVE and use Max S2 and S3 for PVP. Lilias Artifacts are Bastion of Perluita, Hilag Lance and the Aquarius.


There are three types of Artifacts for Lilias as follows.


  • Defensive: gives heavy damage for allies
  • Reducing Crit: this will be so goofing with F Ceci in a PVP, and it does more from the crit damage reduction
  • PVP cleave: when it is the first turn cleaver, it becomes more damaged.


When using Artifacts of Lilias for PVP, make sure to use them in the destruction. You can also use it for HP, Crit building, and a damaged neck, immunity, HP ring, or speed boots. Make your stats priority for the speed, effectiveness, crit damage and crit rate as well.


Specialties of Lilias


She is a well-known character for having a ruthless ambition towards her enemies. And this Lilias is so much strength within leadership. As a result, she got some powerful attributes with her. Her special effect always comes with a reward bonus of +10%.


How to awaken Lilias?


You need to awaken the fire re-horse fully for her all benefits. Players need the following items to awaken the Lilias.


  • 45x of Flame Runes
  • 22x of Greater Flame Runes
  • 18x of Epic Flame Rune
  • 15x of Blessing of Orbis
  • 10x of Nightmare Masks

Pros and Cons for using Lilias


First, let's talk about the pros. Lilias is a versatile character for both OVE and PVP. So she is very useful for any kind of player, and you can have a guarantee with her dual attack in the S1.


Lilias is good for AOE to dispel to debuff any ally, and she can provoke herself barrier protection, and it will not need any kind of disadvantage for elements. And as the last, this character is the strongest one for attackers attack along with an S3 scale. So literally, she can be cleaved.


If we talk about Lilias disadvantages, this hero would randomly perform ally attacks too. She does it for dual attacks, and her counter will not trigger any kind of dual attack. And the most disturbing thing is Lilias depending on her teammate's attacks when she is in her S3 damage for gaining maximum efficiency. There is a need for a high gear quality for Lilias to have a better cleave. So it is a disadvantage for using Lilias.


Lilias with LDPlayer


Use the Multi-Instance Sync feature of LDPlayer to have a better enrollment choose the Lilias as your very first selection in reroll. You don’t need to waste tons of time to have the perfect hero by using this feature and it simply gives you the chance to engage with several rerolls at once.


Epic Seven: Ultimate guide for Lilias


The Multi-Instance Sync feature will let all game lovers make copies on your same game emulator for several copies and you are going to each this powerful hero at glance. There is no more desperations and waiting.




If you are a player in the early game, Lilias would be a great unit to play and o use all stats within PVE. If you intend to use her in PVP, you better wait until she gets her proper gears. In the late game, and when you focus so much on PVP, pull the Lilias with enough bookmarks to have better gameplay.

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