Cross Summoner R Gift Codes to Earn You Free Rewards August 2022


RPG Cross Summoner: R is the latest installment in the Cross Summoner series, and it was developed and published for mobile devices by Damo Games and Pokelabo. These Cross Summoner R gift codes will give you many free gifts to enhance your gaming experience.




This role-playing video game Cross Summoner: R, is set in a fantasy world and offers the player the chance to interact with various fascinating characters. After a protracted and terrible conflict with the Black Iron Mage, peace was restored in all of the numerous kingdoms. Still, the desire of people to live forever drove them to practice a kind of magic that was both hazardous and forbidden.


While the darkness was penetrating further and farther down under the surface, as the evil forces' understanding of this power increased, they began to wreak devastation on the nations where the people who knew this power resided. You are tasked with solving the riddle of this chaos and stopping the seemingly endless bloodshed by taking charge of a group of summoners, guiding them through dangerous confrontations against terrifying opponents, and revealing their secrets.


What Are Cross Summoner R Gift Codes Codes?


Nowadays, every game that has been released allows players to get some cool stuff by redeeming these codes. You can use them to get in-game premium currency, rare heroes, cosmetics, weapons, and many other cool things.


Redeem the codes as soon as you see them since they expire after a set period, and the rewards you get rely on the code you used. Keep in mind that utilizing these codes does not in any way violate the game's regulations, so feel free to use all of the codes mentioned below to get some nice new things. There will be a one-month expiry date for the bulk of the codes, but event-specific codes will have a variable expiration date based on the event.


Working Gift Codes of Cross Summoner R Gift


The developers have sent out a slew of new codes to players in the previous month. There's no limit on the amount of redeem codes you can use, so feel free to use as many as you want to get the best deals. Here are the codes that are functioning.


  • CSRFB300 : expires august 31st, 2022
  • SUMNR10:  free 13 pulls


How to Redeem Cross Summoner R Gift Codes?


These are the basic procedures you should take if you're having trouble claiming your Codes. 


  • Install the game on LDPlayer to get started.


  • After the game has been launched, go to the Main Menu


  • You must choose the Avatar first from the top left corner to use these codes.


  • Click Gift Codes to enter your codes.


  • When you have this box open, you have the option to copy and paste it into the area provided, or you may type it in directly.


Please input these codes precisely as they appear on our page, either by copying and pasting them, so there are no errors. This will prevent the codes from being invalid.


How to Earn More Codes from Cross Summoner R?


You may get more Cross Summoner R gift codes if you sign up for the game's official Discord server or other social media pages of the game. On the other hand, due to the fact that these codes are distributed at random, it is possible that you may not acquire all of them. Therefore, be sure to come back in here since we update these codes on a regular basis.


How to Play Cross Summoner R on PC?


Playing games on a smaller screen is not easy, and you can't enjoy game graphics or play for a long time on a mobile due to the small screen and battery capacity of mobile games. But if you use LDPlayer 9, you can avoid all these problems; in addition, LDPlayer comes with game-oriented tools like Keyboard Mapping and Operation Record and Multi-Instance Sync.


So why wait? Play your favourite games with style using LDPlayer. If you don't know how to play the game on PC with LDPlayer, follow the instructions below.


  • Download and install LDPlayer 9 on your computer to get started.
  • Go to the LD Store or the Google Play store to acquire the game when the installation is complete.
  • Complete your installation, and then use the LDPlayer 9's many features on a much larger screen.



Cross Summoner R Gift Codes are required for a number of the game's top features, and players who already possess these codes are the only ones who can access them. Because these codes are only valid for a limited time, you will need to move if you want to get any of them. If you want the most up-to-date information on Cross Summoner R Gift Codes, be sure to follow the official pages of the game on social media or check back on this page often.

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