Cross Summoner: R Tips for All the Starters to be a Pro Player


Welcome, all the beginners from Cross Summoner: R, and it is the time to put yourselves into numerous battles with multiple game modes. A wide collection of characters are waiting for you until you make them improve with their stories. But can you put yourself barehanded there and have the best advantage in the game? No. Not at all, and you need some better tactics. So you need Cross Summoner: R tips.




This game will take players through several types of gaming modes, and those all will come up with the most thrilling battles that make you push through your limits to see how capable you are there. You have to choose the most powerful character from the available roster and see how well they will be combined and lined up for the best performance. Seeking the best synergy with them is the key to success in this amazing world. For that, you need Cross Summoner: R tips. 


So, as we said before, it is not easy for a player to deal with this gameplay, especially when they are beginners and using the best tactics is the only way for them to reach success. And if you are struggling through the content to move progress through your content, just wait here. We are going to ease your journey with Cross Summoner: R tips. Let's start.


Choose a Best Unit

Beating through the levels and succeeding in each depends on how better your hero can perform in the game. So it is always wise to choose the best unit from the Cross Summoner: R tier list. And that would be our first thing to talk about under this Cross Summoner: R tips guide.


This game comes with a summoning system on it, and players can use it to earn their best heroes in game specialities and so on. But remember that you cannot take the results just as you want since this game has a gacha system on it. Earning a hero will purely be based on a random selection, so summoning a superhero will depend on a player's luck.


Select a Hero to Send Out for Battles

The second tip from this Cross Summoner: R tips guide will be about how you are going to act in battles. It is not that hard to enter into the battles but going through them is the one that makes you into trouble. But there is a chance that is given by the game for players because you are free to pick a hero to send into your battles.


You, as a player, can first decide which of the heroes should be sent out to the battle and then select the main force. You can also choose a troop to enter your battles, and from each fight, you will cost a specific amount of stamina. Every two rounds in the battle are set to defeat all the enemies, and you need to decrease their health which appears with a heart icon as soon as you can.


Maintain a Balanced Team

When you choose the best unit from the tier list and then select a hero, your main focus should always be to make the best team, as that is the best way to defeat enemies as soon as possible. So, concentrating on creating a balanced team is our next tip to talk under this Cross Summoner: R tips guide.


A team must always be focused on forming with top-tier heroes, and players have to line up their team to get the most out of the battles. So a team has to be created by considering a combination of classes as well as the elements so it can eventually create the best team out of the game.


For a beginner, we would like to recommend a caster, two fighters and a healer for an ideal team formation, and it can make a balanced team out of all. And know that a balanced team will always go with a caster, a fighter, a supporter and with a guardian. So focus on these units and see how beneficial they can be to deal with all game modes.


Upgrade Your Gears

Heroes need to be upgraded to the best as that is the only way for them to reach their best potential in the game. So, doing upgrades will be our next tip talk under this Cross Summoner: R tips guide. To have an upgrade, you will need gold in this game, so you have to collect more and more of them to upgrade all your gears.


When you upgrade your characters, it can make you reach the additional effects, which really contribute to the heroes maintaining good performance with them. The two best methods that a player can use to do upgrades in this game are Leveling as well as Breakthroughs.


In breakthroughs, players are free to use some elixirs, stones like items to be bought right after they have reached a base level. These items can be used to enhance some stats of your hero. When a hero has been upgrading with all his stats, he can be level for the next. These are making them earn more and more new skills as well.


The second method we recommend from this Cross Summoner: R tips guide is that you need to focus on upgrading is leveling. This is the traditional way of doing your upgrades, and you can enhance your gears by having enough EXPs. So they will help you over having more boosts, level ups, as well as stat increases.


Take More Use of the Sweep Function

This is one of the crucial features we need to discuss under this Cross Summoner: R tips guide since this sweep function is a unique feature that has been added to the game. This is a method that players can use to have the same rewards, and it can be done by completing some stages. The sweep function does not come for free as it costs you stamina and doesn't make you do it multiple times in a stage. There is only one chance for all of us to use a stage.


If you use this function, it makes it easy to have some resources from the game, and it does not make you interact with battles. It simply makes you collect them without involving in battles, and it also makes you collect the same type of rewards upon completing your several stages.


Reroll for Best Units with LDPlayer 9

One of the best Cross Summoner: R tips you can have to do the best in this game is LDPlayer9. Like we said before, it is not easy to earn a top-tier hero from this game as it is randomly collected, but now you can make it easier and assured with the best android emulator: LDPlayer 9. It basically helps you over the rerolling process by creating clones to the game, and it is a way more assured way to earn a top-tier hero as per your need.


We all know how time taking it is for a reroll, and most of the time, it ends with no better luck for a top-tier hero on players. But with the Multi-Instance Sync feature, you are free to do several rerolls at the same time as it creates clones from your emulator. You are free to create copies of your game as much as you want, and these instances can be utilized over doing rerolls quickly. And at the end, they all will be synced together, and that way, you are going to save time more.


Create or Join a Guild

A guild comes with many benefits to the game, making our last tip to talk under this Cross Summoner: R tips guide. You, as a player, can either create a guild with friends or decide to join one. Whatever you decide to do, a guild can have greater access to some shops as well as for guild quests, and there will be many more chances.


When you decide to have solo gameplay, some of the contents in the game are not available for you all. But with a guild, you have access to these all, and there are so many new features that you can enjoy as a guild member.


To unlock a guild, you need to reach level 19 in this game, so you don't get this chance easily and quickly from the game. You have to wait. But always make it a priority to be a part of a guild as it can benefit you a lot in this game.



So that is all that we can bring you from this Cross Summoner: R tips guide, and we make sure that you will do the best at your game by referring to all these tips. If you want to get the best performance from your game, don't forget to follow up on these tips, and if you want some more ideas for the game, you can also refer to our Cross Summoner: R beginner guide.

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