BTS World Beginner's Guide to the Army World


Hello there, the armies. We have a very special gift for you, all Purple Heart lovers. It's about BTS, and now they are up to you with a game. The handsome and loving seven boys are now in a game by Netmarble, and here you basically live in the love of the BTS members. It puts you through the management of this band. We have to take these all-loving boys through several quests and make them succeed as artists. But there are strategies to follow here to make your idol succeed, and you need a BTS World beginner's guide to make this journey successful for them.


If we talk more about what is happening in this game, it makes you interact with BTS members. It can be done by calling, texts as well as, social media and no other methods without a limit. We have to make these members progress through the missions, and passing them will make us unlock more and more new stories. So this literally can be called a fan's dream that came alive.


Since you are a talent manager in this game, it is your duty to make the artists succeed, and there are numerous activities to make it true. Although the gameplay is simple and very engaging for players, it is always good for one to have a better knowledge of what they have to do next, and that is what we are going to recommend here. Here is your BTS World beginner's guide so that you wouldn't be stuck at any point at any cost. Let's start.


The Basic Guide for BTS World

Let's move our head into the basics of the game from the first point of this BTS World beginner's guide. As you are all aware, the game features seven members from the BTS band Jin, RM, and J Hope. Jung Kook, Jimin, Suga and V. All these members can be taken as cards once you manage to progress yourself from the story mode.


You can take these cards by a few methods. One is you can progress from the story mode. And the other thing is that you can take cards from your events by tapping into the event banner. If you manage to complete these events, it will offer you cards.


Other remaining methods that you can use to earn cards are Gem and Gold draw. The gold draw can earn you low-tier cards, while the gem draw will offer you higher-tier cards. The tier means here is about the card's quality. When a card comes with a higher stat, it features a high tier, and there are a total of five of these tiers 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 stars.


When players manage to progress themselves through the chapters, they should own some higher tiers as those are the ones that can help them to clear their stages. So what we recommend here is to save more and more gems so that when it comes to the right time, you can use them to have the best cards. And don't ever waste your gems on taking other items or having more energy. That is what we are highly recommending from this BTS World beginner's guide.


Free Wings with Friends

The next thing that we want to emphasize from this BTS World beginner's guide is about friends. You can have more friends with wings. Wings are like stamina to this game; it makes you do several things to earn gold, experience points and more resources.


When you have these all, you can go to the friend's icon, and if you find some friends who love this game, you can send them an invitation. As a player, there is a possibility to have invitations from other players to you as well. Once you manage to add more to your friend's loss, you can send them wings each day.


Blossoms and Where to Use Them?

Some items are called blossoms when you are still at the beginning of the game. These are consumable and will be there for you to have some good cards. So let's dig a bit about these cards from this BTS World beginner's guide.


Blossoms may be wanted to be used at the tutorial, but the rest of them have to be used on taking some highest rarity cards. Seven cards are offered to you at the start of the game, knowing they are all basic.


It is not entirely prohibited for a player to use these blossoms at the beginning of the game because consuming them at first can boost the cards you currently own. It might help to secure a 3-star rating for the challenges within your first chapters. But these are not the ones that will be very useful in the long run. 


Besides all the rarity of your cards, you better focus on having a card capable of excelling in one stat. And this should be coming along with unique stats. A player has to give their full attention to four cards at the beginning, and later, they should extend it to 8 with the selection.


These are all done to make you easily flow through challenges and always give your all efforts to move along with your chapters. And if you want, you can again try to complete your early chapters to earn some powerful cards as we recommend to you from this BTS World beginner's guide.



DNA can be earned by doing some exchanges to the duplicates on a specific card. By going into the exchange tab, you can exchange your duplicate cards, and it can offer you more DNA, bouquet, and some upgrade stones. DNA can be used for exchanging some upgrade stones as well.


Agency Guide

The agency menu will show the daily schedule and the condition of your members, and you can increase your group's stats by doing successful daily missions. The group stat comes with several factors such as your members' passion, empathy, stamina, and wisdom. You can also train your members here, and when it ends, the relevant stat for it will increase the level and have more EXPs.


The mission score will be directly proportional to the stat score, and it is better if you can increase the stats of your group whenever you can, as it will help you on your later missions. If you see any of your members are in the worst condition, you can quickly fix it by giving them gifts.


Daily Missions, Quests and Achievements

The last thing to talk about under this BTS World beginner's guide is about its quests, daily missions, and achievements. And those can be defined as follows.



Quests are easy to engage, and those can offer you gems and gold in a less amount that we recommend you to do from this BTS World beginner's guide. There will be multiple quests that you can do here, and those can be viewed by tapping the book icon. When you finish more quests, it offers you more and more rewards to claim.


Daily Missions

There are several simple objectives to accomplish here, and it makes you play and progress from the game. There are basic activities to do here, which are not taking much effort from you.



Then let's come to achievements from this BTS World beginner's guide. They have one-time rewards, which you will receive upon completing milestones. There are so many gems offered here.


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And that is all we have gathered to put into this BTS World beginner's guide, and it is now the right time to fly and enjoy the BTS world with the beautiful boy band members the way you dream. Do follow the guide and make it a very enjoyable gaming experience, as we suppose from this BTS World beginner's guide.

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