Counter Side | The Best Gear Guide


Welcome to the Counter Side game with another game guide. This time it is for the gears. Saving humankind and their world against extinction will never be easier, but you have to try your clever counter on the gameplay. This RPG is dedicated to urban fantasy and takes your fight against corrupted objects as well as extinction. 


Counter Side | The Best Gear Guide


So as a boss in this game, you need to recruit the best counters to the game who possess excellent powers, and you need to take control of your world again. By having a test for your knowledge, you are being recruited to the game, which is not just enough for the game. You need the assistance of the best gears on the game.


So today, we are bringing up the newest gear guide for the players to be useful in the gameplay. So download your Counter Side on PC, and let’s start the battle.


What are Gears?


Gears are known as equipment or weapons. They are helpful to the players to play well in the game. If a player can have a good set of Gear with his equipment set, he will automatically skilled to have better gameplay with the battles.


Normally the Set options are the best and the most important gears to be earned by the players. Cooldowns are also another best option, and Shadow Hall sets are for the dealers, and they are the raid sets for the supports and tank.


Types of gears


There are several types of equipment/gears are available on Counter Side as follows.


Normal Equipment


There are five from the normal equipment as follows.


  • Alex
  • Dante
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Hammington Series


Players can take this equipment through crafting or by the item dropping. You can use HP, Cooldown, and EVA sets into this and making it empty the slot.


Raid Equipment


These are the Superconducting series in the game. You are allowed to take these molds through purchasing points of the raid from the shop. And then you are allowed to craft. The first option to get this Gear is the critical damage fixed, and use taking empty slots can be done by using EVA, HP, and the cooldown set.


Shadow Hall Equipment


These are the Spectral series. Taking molds can be done by purchasing the shadow points through the shop, and then you can craft. Remember that Shadow Hall is not yet available in the SEA. There are different sets of options to this equipment, and they are coming with several sub-options. This equipment can be identified as the best one for the dealer.


Season Equipment


These are the season equips, and they are the best set of equipment you will get from the Events, Gauntlets, and support battles. 


  • Maze – This is the fixed option for the ground attack up and to damage resistance in the ground.
  • Gordius – this is also another fixed option that has a long-ranged damage resistance with it.
  • Hummingbird – 1st option is for the long or short-ranged damage resistance. Or you can perform only the damage resistance as well. 


Counter Side | The Best Gear Guide


Character only Equipment


This equipment is only for the above level 100, and you will be enabled to get them through the counter case.


How can a Player Read Options?


Equip rank is at the background color, and some of these set options are set for only available to the SSR, and SR Equip Tier is coming with T1 and between T1 to T6 are the highest tiers, they will be the most usual stats on the game. 


Equip upgrades are available from 1 to 10, and 10 is the maximum value. Players will be recommended to earn +5 as the best. You can also go to the 10+ at last, but know that +6 and to +10 are lack with their efficiency. 




  • Fixed options – these are coming fixedly to the item used.

  • Changeable options – some of the items are having one to fix and another to change. And another comes with two changeable options as well. 

  • Set options – if a layer is setting up equipped with equal set options, they will get a high upgrade within their stats. 


In some cases, players should use low-tier equips to activate the set options.


Options Priority


Priority for the options will be coming under two categories. 


  • 1st set option – you need to activate them all, and a player will need2 composite or four items for the same options.
  • 2nd Changeable Option – these are different than the equipment. But Ground attack up, cool down, and Ground damage resistance will always be considered essential ones. 


Set Options


Set options are coming to the maze hands with a cool down as its set option. There will be many options for them, but the usage of the cooldown will always be for a limited period. There are four types of set options available in the Counter Side fr SSR, and SR. set options are coming with skills as follows.


  • Attack – usually ok but it will be only until the spectral set coming
  • Defense / HP – these are for the tanks
  • Evasion – only vulnerable to the characters who are having a high evasion by their default. Lee Yumi and the Na Yubin are examples of those characters. 
  • Critical damage – the character Xiao Rin will be able to use it. 
  • Attack Speed – awakened units like Alex and Yoo Mina can use them. But note that awakened Yoo Mina is using the Spectral Blaze set currently.
  • Cool Down – every player can use it.


Spectral Case


Spectral Set Option


These sets are enabled for the players to get through the Shadow hall. And also, these four types of set options are only available in the SSR and SR.


  • Spectral bullet: this would be the best option
  • Spectral Gear: this will always be better than the set of attack
  • Spectral Chain: usable within the spectral bullet
  • Spectral Smite: not the best option but not a too bad option either
  • Spectral Blaze: giving good energy with the players who have good passive skill sets with a normal hitting
  • Spectral Spirit: this is the best 4 of set option to be placed through the spectral


As we mentioned only the good set options, it doesn’t mean that there are no other set options. For example, there are also set options of anti-ranger, anti-striker, anti-defender, anti-supporter, anti-siege, CRIT, and ant tower will be available in the game. 


What are the Best Sub Options available?


  • Armors - - useful to the resistance on ground damage and cool down to the Maze

  • Weapons – ground damaging and cooling down to the Maze

  • Sub–ground damaging and cooling down to the Maze.


Recommended Set Options


If you are a dealer in the game, you can use the Chain, Spectral Bullet, Spectral Blaze, Cooldown, or the Spectral Spirit game. Tanks are being useful with the HP of DEF. Cooldowns are the ones that will be dedicated to the supporters. 


How to Earn the Equipment?


  • Normal Sets – you can get them to form the drop, and they will use the same spectral set of materials for the crafting.
  • Raid Set – these can be gained through trying on the raid. If you perform 0% damage to you or your friend’s raid, it will also earn this equipment to you.
  • Shadow Hall Set – you need to try on the shadowed hall to get this equipment. And after that, try to buy a discounted mold of 75% in the shop as well.
  • Season Equip Set – dealing with each content like events and gauntlets will earn you a chance to equip these.
  • The character-only item – you need to reach level 100 and turn to the counter case to earn this equipment. 


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Counter Side is growing up with the battles in it, and the most important things to be needed in the game will be equipment. When that equipment is handled correctly with your characters, you can take the best advantages from the game, making you so much power against the enemies.


So take a look at these all gear guides and make a clear idea on which set would be useful for you in the game. And deploy them to get a most advantageous situation on your gameplay.

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