Counter Side SSR Recommended Characters: Best unit for PVP&PVE

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There is no much time that has been spent since Counter Side English gameplay was released. This RPG, based on RPG, is gaining popularity as an urban fantasy game, and there is considerable growth in the game's ranking so far.


Here, humanity is facing some extinction matter, and the counter is shuttling back to save the future and their homeland. They are powered to fight within the real world and with the counter side and corrupted objects.


Safeguarding humankind is not so easier as it seems, and it needs some clever counters to be chosen from all the heroes. As we mentioned here, there are fights between players and within the environment as well, so you need to identify which players are better to fight as a phase of player vs. environment (PVE). So today, we are going to describe the best SSR, PVE, and PVP teams for our gamers to identify them to use in the right place.


You can now download Counter Side on PC here, and let's begin the best guide for the best heroes.


Counter Side SSR Characters


SSR Recommended Characters and the best unit for the PVP and PVE team


There will be several SSR units available within the game, and here we are recommending you the best characters to pick up. Remember that these heroes are listed from the highest importance to the lowest one, and let's start our list for the SSR heroes as follows.


Jane Doe


Our first character recommendation for the SSR unit is Jane Doe, who belongs to the C tier. She is a striker available in the game, and basically, this hero targets the ground enemies. Jane's DPS is the Evasion. When talking about her attack system, she uses a melee attack for her enemies, and her evasion performance would be 100% for 10 seconds right after the deployment.


She will be dashing and attacking with AOE skills for the enemies in front of her, and its CD would be 17 seconds and will hit two enemies.


Right after Jane performs three hits for her enemies, she can launch a surprise attack, and it will hit multiple enemies on the ground. Overall, Jane Doe is a good area damager while still improving her evasion skills, and she has a good attack speed.




Nanahara is an S-tier unit, and this hero is so much power to cause a lot of area damage. But she might be accommodating for ground clearance. She can swing her sword into the circle to perform an AOE damage, and Nanahara defends her enemies by chain attack. Each of her four basic attacks will perform two combos which can be used to push the targets into the back.


Nanahara is also swinging the sword around him to perform some medium-range attack, and it will increase her defense by 25% to 10 seconds. This hero can perform some heavy blows to the front units, and those can be lead into a massive range of damage. 


She has a self-attack speed and a permanent attack system, leading to effective area damage. Nanahara can seal the enemies' skills, and those are great for use in battles. With her all abilities combined, Nanahara is a great hero you can be used in the gameplay with arena content.


Shin Jia


Our next unit is Shin Jia, who comes under the A tier. Jia provides some excellent speed for using a passive skill attack while using it to herself. And she is capable of creating clones to put heavy pressure on opponents. The damage she is creating through these clones can be massive as they can come with 70% of HP and attack power, which can deal with some heavy AOE damage.


The clones of Jia are included with an aura which is buffing the strikers around. Shin Jia is an excellent unit for use as a PVP hero.


Elizabeth Pendragon


SSR Recommended Characters and the best unit for the PVP and PVE team


Elizabeth is an excellent PVP unit that comes under A tier, and she is throwing multiple swords towards her front targets to have colossal damage. When you deploy Elizabeth, she uses knives to shoot her top of enemies, and after, she will jump back towards them. You can use this hero to have a constant area attack which can deal with damage based on the effective hits.


Elizabeth is a hero who is dropping giant swords at the opponents, which causes the AOE damage and stuns the enemies. Area damage skills of Elizabeth are so much helpful for the PVE contents in the game.


Esterosa De Chevalier


Esterosa is an S-tier hero who is swinging the sword towards the enemies to deal with AOE damage. When she is going to deploy, Esterosa can take up a barrier of 20%, and it will be maximum within the HP for 15 seconds. She is already swinging the sword to slam her ground.


Esterosa is coming with some bust energy from her sword. This energy is dealing with AOE damage, and the damage taken through it will be reduced by 15% get over 10 seconds after the skill is happening.


Esterosa deals with some heavy damage by using the sword that deals with AOE damage to the front enemies.




Gaeun is an all-rounder, and she is shooting range attacks with the pistol. This hero performs fire addition shots for each 4 of the basic attacks and targets for both air and ground enemies to get some 20% attack speeding buff for over 5 seconds. Gaeun can launch two energy bombs to the enemies, and those can cause some AOE damages to them along with a one-second stun.


Gaeun can be identified as a hero who performs some massive shoots to cause non-stoppable damage to an area.




Hayami Sane is a 4-star hero who is capable of shooting with a cannonball to the front enemies. She can increase the damage-dealing by only herself and to her teammates around the unit of Siege. Hayami is a hero who is launching lightning laser beams to the enemies, and we can identify her as a massive shooter for the font enemies in the air and bombard.


Hayami reduces the speed of attacks of her targets, and it will last for 6 seconds from 30%.


Kyle Wong


Our next listed hero is Kyle Wong. He is suitable for firing the rifle gun for the front targets, and each of his four basic attacks will perform some enhanced attacks for the enemies. These enhanced attacks can damage his targets with their maximum HP value of 6%, and these are not applied for the boss or ship. If Kyle is not attacking, all of the attacks after spending four seconds will be stack lose.


This hero is the most popular unit in this game as he is a bouncing unit to the game. Kyle is capable of summoning a barrier that placed 4m ahead for over 8 seconds. One of his targets will be stun for 2 seconds in there and then taunted itself by the barrier.


This hero can be identified as a shoot-a-line AOE range attacker.




The next SSR unit in this list is Yumi, and she belongs to the A tier. This hero is mighty against taking down the enemies and also the boss units. Her skills are all designed to do heavy damages to the opponents, and Lumi is seriously clever at mocking down the enemies she has vision downed. Lumi can easily remove the enemy shields, and if you own her in a team, you will get a quick victory through PVE and PVP contents.  


Nanahara Chinatsu


Nanahara Chinatsu is the greatest healer in Counter Side, and she is providing the utensils for her team. This hero is performing a ranged attack with a sword, and when you deploy her, you will reduce the damage of all enemies by 15% in 15 seconds. You will see Chinatsu is capable of releasing a powerful whirlwind to the fronts, and it will do significant damage to her enemies with a knockback.


The whirlwind of Chinatsu can also restore the HP of her allies in the range. She performs a song that can restore her allies HP and deal with the most significant damage to the enemies. This song is reducing the speed of enemies attack by 15%. You can identify this hero as a grand champion to be used in both PVP and PVE contents.




Orca is our next hero in this loss, and she is going with B tier. She is a powerful unit that can frequently heal her allies with a 10& of HP when an enemy is killed. Orca can throw 6 of the daggers to the fronts, and she lifts to the air and performing attacks. Orca is reducing the CD of the targets until it dies.


By killing her enemies, Orca can boost her attack, and with her passive heals, she can have success with her gameplay. Orca is usually the best for AOE and the PVP matches.




Strongholdx2 is a tanker coming under the B tier. He is attacking his enemies regularly while moving, and there is a skill of him to taunt enemies for over 3 seconds. This hero will be taking 10% of minor damage, and when he dies, his allies will get the damage taken buff for 6 seconds. Strongholdx2 doesn't own any ultimate skill that is why he is providing a damage buff to the teammates.


This is a pure auto unit that is entirely consistent with passive skills.


Xiao Lin


Xiao Lin is S tier hero, and she has some special attacks with her to inflict critical damage to her enemies and elemental attacks. She can increase the damage based on the distance, and three of her shots are enough for closing down the enemies.


Xiao will perform power shots in a line and a long-range to perform severe damage with a knockback. Her basic skis are powered with passive skills, and she shot down her enemies in an intelligent way one by one. With her distance attack skills to the enemies, Xiao will be the best unit for PVP content in the game.


Yang Harim


Yang Harim will come under the S tier, and she can be identified as the best supporter for the Counter Side game. Yang is providing wide-area support to her allies with a gun on range attacks. This hero will hit her enemies with the primary attack and reduce their attack speed by 10%. You can see she is creating an Aura buff that can add shield and skills charge for her allies.


This hero will be capable of attack in a line and reduce the allies' damage. She will grant a barrier with an attack boost for teammates. Yang is the best for providing success for all her allies by weakening the enemies, and you can use her with advanced for the PVP and PVE contents.




Terminatorx2 is a c tier hero with no unique and ultimate skill. His fundamental skills are knocking back the enemies and will be vastly helpful in controlling the crowds. This hero can give a bonus time for the defenders and decrease the enemy defense by boosting his defense. Terminatorx2 is damaging to the counter units, and reducing the armor targets with some close-range shooters comes with small knockbacks.


Terminatorx2 has an immunity skill that makes him an unstoppable unit in the game. This hero will not provide any extra advance usage for the battles.




Titan is coming under the B tier, and he can be identified as a tanky unit that can maintain the frontline easily. He is increasing the attack by 3% and shoots rockets for the range attacks. This tanky unit will be immune to the stun caused by the Mech. There is an immediate area damage system with Titan, and it will act as good health for him in the battle. But he doesn't own ultimate skills.


Seo Yoon


Seo Yoon comes under the B tier. She will be capable of adding 20% of damage to all allies when she is deployed. And also, Seo is continuously launching some grenades to knock down enemies in the ground and push them away from the ground. When she is attacking, she is decreasing the defense of those enemies. This is a hero who can reduce the enemy's AS by 20%. Seo is a hero who is dealing with AOE damage on a line.


Seo's area damage can clear the ground very quickly, but she holds some low cooling time as it gets some times than usual.


John Mason


Our next recommending SSR hero is John Mason, who is belonging to the C tie unit. He is a ranger who can target all the enemies, and his DPS can be identified as a support unit. He does not process any ultimate skill and will be so much helpful for the PVE battles. John can use his skills to give severe damage to the enemies and moving the barriers against them. 


John Mason can range basic hitting for the front, and he even deploys a drone too. John can throw EMP grenades to the opponents, dealing with significant AOE damage with some added 6 seconds of CD to the targets. This hero will increase the attack power of the teammate's Mech by 10% of the amount. When taking overall, John Mason will not be so good for a team, but he is an SSR character.


Best Unit for the PVP and PVE


Although we recommend these SSR heroes, they are all not suitable for the PVP and PVE contents every time. So we need to identify who is the best for using those two contents.


SSR Recommended Characters and the best unit for the PVP and PVE team


  • John Mason – will be great for the PVP battles as a support unit as he is capable of sealing the enemies' skills and removing the barriers.

  • ChifuyuNanahara – Use ChifuyuNanahara to seal the enemies' skills, and because of that skill, she will be great for using PVP contents.

  • Shin Jia – with the skill of creating clones to impact massive damage to the enemies' Shin Jia is an excellent unit for PVP contents.

  • Elizabeth Pendragon – with the tremendous area damage Elizabeth is a great hero to use n PVP contents. And also, with her area damage skills, Elizabeth is excellent for PVE contents as well.

  • Esterosa De Chevalier – ability to deal with two damage skills can lead Esterosa to be a great hero in PVP. With her all skill units, she is transforming into the hero that fits any content. So she is helpful for both PVP and PVE contents. 

  • Gaeun – this hero has some AOE skills that can be useful for the PVE contents. And also, she is an excellent ally for using in the PVP contents as well.

  • Kyle Wong – has a unique ability to extra damage opponents, and he is allowed to kill tanky units as well so that he becomes an excellent unit for the PVE and PVP contents.

  • Lumi – as she has some complete set f powerful skills, you can win PVE and PVP content by using her skills.

  • Nanahara Chinatsu, Chinatsu is an excellent unit for PVP and PVE contents with self-healing and utility skills.

  • Xiao Lin – effectively killing the enemy system of Xiao is turning her into an effective PVP hero.

  • Yang Harim – all her skills are helpful for both PVE and PVP contents.


You can learn about all the heroes from here.


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Counter Side is quickly grabbing the gaming world, and it is much more packed with some effective heroes. So go through this content find out the best hero that is useful for your PVP or the PVE battles.

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