Counter Side Tips on PVP & Team Building


Counter Side the battle happening between corrupted objects to save the world is now streaming with the counters. You, as the boss, are entitled to recruits the most powerful ones to the Team and heat the operation. Humans and monsters are hiding a secret between them, and surviving will depend on your trying. Everyone is in fear of extinction, and you all need to fight to gain back the peach once this world had.


Counter Side |Tips on PVP & Team Building


To play the best game on Counter Side, you should always have the best Team with characters. To be better at the game progression, having only the most powerful character is not enough. You should have a good combination of the Team in the game. Where there is a good set, you will always be getting better luck through the game forward.


If you want to be better at the game environment, you better build a good strong team, and today, we are letting you know how you can build the best team with the tips on your PVP. So download Counter Side on PC and take part in the victory through this guide.


Team building Baseline


In a PvE (Player vs. Environment), healers and the tankers are always the best to deal with, and their aggression and outgoing playing style will always be helpful for the game. There are units in this game divided into two categories as Employee Type and the Role. There are four employee types and nine roles in the game of Counter Side, and their details can be viewed from our Reroll Guide.


Each role has an advantage of outgoing damage that score for 30%. And also there is a 30% of incoming damage will follow through the arrow. Each of these units has a role to follow, and they will be either effective or ineffective in some specific roles. So a unit can deal with high damage and taking less damage from the roles against the effective roles.


Team building has to be done by following these guidelines to have maximum effective gameplay in the battles.


1st Slot


You need to set your 1st slot into a defender. These are the units that we are placing initially to soak up with the incoming damage, and these defenders naturally can taunt the enemies from their ship. Defenders have to be clear on CC to stop their enemies, and they have to be rich with maximum health and defensive skills.


You can also set a striker to your slot, arguably. Striker heroes are going nicely to the middle line within the unit types, and you need to think wise in moving in a live PVP. Strikers are originally tanky units with high evasion skills, and they are fully able to CC. But note that strikers are not too tanky as a defender.


And our third option for the 1st slot is Siege Rumi would be the best siege to this, but it is more niche and squishy in the game. These roles are straight forward the enemy ships, and if you intend to set Rumi for a kill, you should know that she can bulldoze the ship.


2nd Slot


Use striker as the option for this slot. They are acting as an evade tank character and will be able to deal with high damage. And also, strikers are providing a huge CC to the gameplay. Striker heroes are a great option as a secondary as they are capable of killing enemies. Killing enemies is not the only thing a striker is capable of.


They are also combining well with tanks. As a result, they would deal with high damage and a CC and let the other units appear in the game. As a striker, Kyle would be ideal for this position as he is capable of casting barriers.


3rd Slot 


Choosing a character for the 3rd slot will depend on the current situation of the game. To this slot, Rangers would be the best option as they can deter the tanks. In addition, they are so good counter picks to start with the defenders. Rangers are a great unit to be outmatched with anyone in the PVP, and it is better to choose a ranger with similar CC as Kyle. Kyle becomes so ideal to this position as he can have CC as a ranger with damage. So it is the best match.


Supporters are also a good option to the game, but they will not be so much helpful to kill the potentials. This depends on your motive but knows that high-level units will always use the tanks, and they are not really for the healing. Consider Evelyn Keller as an ideal healer to this slot as a supporter.


You can also use Sniper. But remember that they are used later in the game to deal with the damage as they are kings. So if you want to do high damage to your enemies, you should use a sniper in your 3rd slot. Ru snipers on this slot if you want but know that it is too early to use them on this slot, and sometimes snipers are becoming squishy in the game.


4th Slot


Use a sniper to this slot as they deal with the highest damage, and they belong to this slot. Sniper’s acts are like artillery or big cannon to the back of the game. Snipers are down, falling in the middle, and it may cause a dying for your units in a middle of a fight.


Tower heroes are playing defensively to make the tower away from danger. But you should always keep in mind that you will fail if your base goes in down, so don’t ever ignore your backline.


Siege and Tower is another role you can use for the 4th slot. They are the light and dark units in the game and will never be weak to anyone. And at the same time, Siege and Tower are not strong to anyone as well. Using siege will be great for total aggression, and they are always under powers as they can be broken easily. The tower is countering the siege and protecting the base by any effort. They will be useless for starting a fight, so be careful, and they are also easily outpowered for the low firepower.


5th Slot 


This slot is a personal preference of yours, and you are allowed to repeat the cycle. Some players are using these slots to power their other units’ level.


Counter Side |Tips on PVP & Team Building


How to set up your Team?


You need to select two from the defenders for the tanking, one or two striker units for the rangers, and 3 to more of the ranger class units as rangers are the main DPS of a team. You can finish off with one sniper class to target the strikers. Tower, supporter, and siege units are optional choices, and remember, you don’t need supporters in the early game.  


Tips for PVP


  • Every character of this game has some preset skills, and they will be activated when an enemy is in their range. Consider unit spamming initially, as they can give you huge AOE damage from your first skills.


  • It is better to deploy a tank that is immune to the enemy stuns in the beginning. Or you can also just choose a normal tank to finish the initial battle until all of their skills are drained. So you will be enabled to deploy the units of yours without having a risk of enemy hitting.


  • Remember that level 80 to level 100 would be a trap, and you better level up other units to keep every unit in the same field.


  • The costs of the EXP materials and the gold is not always worthy of it.


  • To get a laser to the CC, make sure to upgrade ships.


  • Leader units are never being mixed, so you need to set the leader for your Team.


  • Always try to farm with any effort you can.


  • Skills you gain in level 5 are so much value to players than the levels. So try to get it for sure.


  • Always try to take a full team with the 80s to jump to the arena.


  • Usually, a character can get into level 1, 2, 3, or 4 PVP ban. So if you didn’t ban it before, the level of a ban would depend on the win rate.


  • Once a player has reached the level 3/4, they cannot increase it further, and they are going to be lower every weak until it becomes 0


  • If a character received level one and two straight bans when they are not banned, it means that the character is on probation, and if it is going to be misbehaved, the character will be punished. When a player reaches level three or higher, characters have to serve in jail, and they would never punish anymore.


  • When a new character has been released, it will get immunity for one week, and they are not getting banned or upped. The same happens to the upper, and they will not get banned immediately.


  • If there is a banned unit, they do not get a chance to be permanent banned with the high ban of four. After they have reached ban 4, they are getting decreased slowly.


You can check which character is good for team building and earn them easier by checking our Reroll Guide.




Counter Side is an RPG that needs better strategies and teams to win in the battles. So if you aim to build the strongest team and play the game efficiently, it is your time to refer to this guide. Use this guide to form your team build and make it way better to progress through your gameplay.

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