Blade Idle Pets Guide - The Best Pets to Choose


Let’s become a hero as a common herb collector. That is what you are going to do in the Blade Idle, and he now has a legendary sword to become a hero. This simulation game comes with many pets and PVP phases, and there will be dungeons and many more to deal with your characters in Blade Idle. So today, we are here to inform you of the Blade Idle pets who will help you offer some bonus stats for the gameplay.






When we say bonus stats, Blade Idle pets are coming with attack and EXP option stats for the players. Every pet you see here is actually capable of coupling with other pets, and they are very skilled in forming some party effects that will directly influence the progress of your gameplay. So if you are a Blade Idle player, it will be very useful to know about your pets as they come up with the most useful bonuses for the gameplay.


In this Blade Idle pets guide, we are going to show you how pets will be categorized, their souls, and how they come in the game from each stage as well. By referring to this guide, it will not be very tough for a player to understand how they can earn stat bonuses with their pets, and here is everything we have gathered as the details for a best Blade Idle pets guide.


Blade Idle Pets – Ranking

Every pet you see in this Blade Idle pets list will have its own ranks, and they can have up to 6 in here. When they reach more ranks, it will allow you to unlock more stats from the game. Here is how the ranks and stats will be placed for one to another.


  • Rank one will give you a one stat
  • Rank three can offer you two stats
  • Rank six can offer you three stats.


Whenever you unlock each stat, they will be randomly offering some random stats, and there will be a random rarity for each. When a player is rolling for these stats, they should be careful enough to aim for a God or Mythical stats, which will be represented by red and yellow, respectively.


So there are stats that will be extra helpful for a player, and those are the ones you need to give your full attention to from the gameplay.



The other thing in here is the Blade Idle pet souls. If you decide to merge any of your pet souls with another, know that you can only do it if the merging pet is 6 stars. So you have to save all of the pet souls you have now for a later upgrade before you decide to merge them into the game.


Blade Idle Pets in Your Early Game

These pets are going to be encountered by the players before they reach stage II.


Pig and Giant Pig

The first pets we mention from this Blade Idle list are the Pig and Giant Pig. This is a perfect pack for a beginner, and there will be EXP and Gold offered to you by each.


There will be 14% of the gold you will get from the Pig, and Giant Pig will offer you 14% of EXP. These are coming as bonuses and can only be taken when both of them meet at a similar level. So players need to give attention to making them placed at a similar level to have a better result like this. Both pets can be rolled with Option ATK and then by the Super CRIT damage.



Bee and Giant Bee

The next couple of pets in this Blade Idle pets guide will be the Bee and Giant Bee. This is a farming duo, and it can offer you a 20% EXP bonus from the Giant Bee. And it should be done by pairing it with the normal Bee with a similar star grade.


These bees are very useful due to their ability to farm gold and during multiple early game levels as they help you have more powerful skills and unlock some of the skill slots. Rolling will be done to Bee and Giant Bee from the Option ATK and with the Super CRIT damage.



Ant, Bat, and Poison Mushroom

Here are three combinations of pets from this Blade Idle pets guide who are going to help you a lot in the early game phase. Although these three pets don’t seem very useful, they will help you in early game’s dungeons, pushing stages, and some advancements for your heroes.


But we never recommend any of these pets for your later game because you can have many other super options than this on your gameplay. Rolling can be done to these pets with Option ATK, DEF, or with the EXP/GOLD.



For more details about how you can progress, check our best tips from Blade Idle.


Goblin and Crab

This is our last duo for the early game Blade Idle pets list, and they are also like the Giant Bee. They can be maximized with their levels by Bess and from the Goblin/Crab line as it offers you 40% of EXP. Goblin can allow you to have gold and EXP, and know that these both are the best bonuses you can have from the game.


Goblin can be rolled with EXP and gold, while Crab can be rolled with Super CRIT DMG and Option ATK.



Now that every pet in this game can be easily handled when you know the right way to handle them. We are mentioning using shortcuts here because you can’t get used to the game’s control settings at all times. So try to set some shortcuts for all your key bindings here.


This can be perfectly done with the best free emulator: LDPlayer, as it gives you the chance to set those key shortcuts. The Keyboard Mapping feature will help you face in here with a  personalized keyboard. This excellent chance will only be provided to you from the best emulator: LDPlayer.


The Keyboard Macro Commands is the next thing you can take advantage of for your pets from the same emulator. This is more like a feature that helps you to ease the attacks as you don’t have to deal with numerous repeating actions. Since Blade Idle is a mixture of RPG titles, it has more to deal with battling and actions, and we know attacking in such games takes a lot of repeating actions to succeed.


So, in this case, you don’t have to deal with those repeating actions when you have the Keyboard Macro Commands because it will set up one key to all those repeating movements. And this way, you can be more effective at your gameplay.


Blade Idle Pets for the Late Game


Late game pets come after stage II, and from now on, you need to clear your stages quickly. So you need to focus more on pet setup where you can find it is being focused around the bonus stats. Suppose you are clearing your stages and the dungeons in this game. Try your best to hit against the ACU targets as it clears the way for the completion of your current content.


After that, try to stack some ATK with you from the Pet ATK, and this should be done with the direct pet equipment and from the rolling option ATK. Or you can try it from the Super CRIT DMG.


So here are our best pets to use in your farming and for your progression.


ACU Slave

All the pets listed here can be rolled with ACU, PEN, or with the Option ATK.

  • Wizard lmp
  • Goblin
  • Orc and Angry Orc
  • Small and Giant Murloc


Defense Pets

Two defense pets can be rolled from option ATK as follows. 


  • Baphomet
  • Troll


Farming Pets

Farming pets can be rolled from Super CRIT DMG or with Option ARK.


  • Bee with Giant Bee
  • Pig with Giant Pig


Attack Pets

Attack pets will be rolled from the Super Crit DMG or the Option ATK.


  • OwlBear
  • Werewolf
  • Kilin



So that is what we have for this Blade Idle pets guide, and choosing the best pet can be done by referring to the stats shown in the guide. Know that the pets you are using will be changed for the early game and later game, and the way they act will also change. Knowing the right strategy is the case here to have some more stats even if you are at the early stage or later stage, and this guide will surely help you achieve that state.

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