Blade Idle Tips and the Guide for a Better Start


The gaming world is always prone to revolutionary changes with so many newly introduced games, and as a result of it, we have come to another action-packed simulation game called Blade Idle. This has been brought to us by the Mobirix, and there are so many things to offer for us with many weapons and outfits. So we know you are still a beginner at this game and looking for the best start to go with the gameplay now. And here are our Blade Idle tips and a guide to making things easier for every player.






Blade Idle comes with so many stages, and its storyline revolves around a common herb collector. He is exploring this vast world and finally finds a legendary blade that makes the power rise by killing monsters. So many dungeons are here, and you simply need to kill monsters you meet. An auto mode comes with Blade Idle, which makes players play from 8 to 9 stages, and many things are here to be understood by a beginner.


So we made this Blade Idle tips guide to make your journey easy and to make it somewhat easier to deal with the complex stages. At the end of this guide, you will be packed with some best skills to meet whatever you see in this game and without any further talking, let's start our Blade Idle guide with the best tips as follows.


Upgrade Your Skills and Characters

As the first thing to talk about under this Blade Idle tips guide, let's focus on upgrading. Upgrading clears the ways for unlocking our skills. So try your best to upgrade the character in the best possible ways.


If you can upgrade your attack powers in the game, it will create more and more growth for your gameplay, and if you can access some advanced skills, it will make it easy to damage your enemies more. So you need to give your best focus to have some of the best skills in the game so that at any time, you will be able to defeat your enemies in the quickest time.


Grow Your Character


Characters in this Blade Idle game can be leveled up at their current stage. So let us introduce you to the way for upgrading your characters as the second tip from this Blade Idle tips guide.


Blade Idle features a tab called Growth there, which we can utilize to grow or level up our heroes and level up needs to have coins. Players can have these coins by having some daily rewards, and if they manage to do some missions in the game, it also clears a way for players to earn cash. The leveling up can be increased from different aspects. You can grow your defense, attack, or even the HP as a level-up for a character.


Among those three aspects, our best recommendation is not to upgrade one by one for each and instead try to upgrade them all. The reason is that when you reach more and more levels in this game, it makes things difficult to deal with so you need to have some better stats to face them successfully, especially when you reach the level 25.


When you are done upgrading all HP, defense, and the attack, it is okay to give attention to upgrading the attack levels. It doesn't mean that HP and defense are not important. They are. But having a better attack level will make you progress much better in the game.


Blade Idle Tips for Collecting Rewards

Let's learn about some ways to collect our rewards from this Blade Idle tips guide. We know the game is asking the players to clear its stages, and it is not that hard to clear them at all. But the thing is, clearing all the ways your stages are not the only thing you should do because you need to do them to have rewards.


Every stage of this game doesn't come with rewards, and some specific stages like events, achievements, missions, and daily attendance give you access to rewards. Although you need to have rewards, we won't recommend you to play the same stage over and over because it doesn't make you earn any reward. You will have your rewards only one time for one completion.


If you want to play some of the top stages in the game, what we recommend here in this Blade Idle tips guide is to go for the dungeons. Don't ever try to play in an auto mode with these high levels because it doesn't make you pass the missions. You will fail. Try your best to use the skills you have and dominate your enemies. And don't forget to keep an eye on the time because you have a set time to defeat enemies. If it exceeds, and still you remain with your enemy, it means that you have failed.


Change Your Equipment


There is a lot of equipment you own in this game, and this tip from this Blade Idle tips guide would seem like an easier one for you. Yes, it is.


There is so much equipment featured on your inventory like blades, gloves, hats, armors, etc. if your wish is to perform great gameplay, then you need to select some of the best weapons with the best grades. Make yourself prepared all the way to defeat your foes by being well equipped. You can unlock more equipment and weapons by opening chests and by clearing the game's stages.


This equipment's enhancements and performance can be dramatically increased when you use the right feature offered by the best free emulator: LDPlayer. If you can set up some shortcuts with your key bindings, it becomes a success for your gameplay with weapons because they can act the way you want. This opportunity will only be provided for you with the Keyboard Mapping feature, and yes, you can only access it with the best android emulator: LDPlayer.


How to Spend Milage and Free Coins?

As the next thing to recommend from this Blade Idle tips guide, we would love to teach you to know how you can spend your free coins and the milage.


In this Blade Idle game, you will have to buy more and more costume packages to enhance your characters, and it can only be done with real money. So if you don't know what you should do with the money, just use them to have some purchasing for the costume packages.



If you own some milages with you, don't just send them for nothing. Try to save them and think of spending them only when you need to have Ancient Insignia fragments. This is where you only need to spend the milage, and having these fragments from your early game is not necessary. Fragments are responsible for good crafting for the game, and they don't usually need many crafting colored fragments to use as well.


Owned Effects and the Equipped Effects

As the final thing to discuss under this Blade Idle tips guide, let's talk about the owned and equipped effects in this game. If a player owns a costume from the game, they will have an owned effect, and it comes with the items from their costumes by not considering if you equip those items or not.


Every pet and god-level in this Blade Idle game comes with its own equipped and owned effects, and usually, you can see the equipped effects from the top of your game while the owned effects seem right under the bottom. There is a big difference between these two, even if you think those two have the same characteristics. So take it into your mind since we are emphasizing it through this Blade Idle tips guide.



Know that owned effects are not going to be unlocked at ease because they require players to meet some of the requirements in the game. If a player manages to meet this requirement, they can have the owned effects. But this case changes in equipped effects because they are coming specifically with some things. They don't have to be unlocked and will come immediately with some things. Most of the time in Blade Idle, players have to reroll for a mythical grade one or a top-tier selection as it is the only way to unlock some of the owned effects.



And that is it for the Blade Idle guide, and here are our best recommendations to offer you from a Blade Idle tips guide. It is up to you to utilize these tips for better gameplay, and having the right recommendations will make it easy to jump over to the victory from your gameplay. So, utilize these things in the way we recommend for you and do your best at your gameplay.

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