Azur Lane Patch Notes Guide | July 15th, 2021


Azur Lane is the unique game that comes up as an RPG side-scrolling game, and this was the first-ever game released by interacting ships and girls as its main characters. Most of the heroes do their battles around heroes, but you will do it by the ships with this unique game. The combo that happened on Azur Lane has made it a most anticipating game around the world wide.


Azur Lane Patch Notes Guide | July 15th, 2021


There are six categories of ships available here to use along with different purposes in the game, and those are the ones that spic up the battles on Azur Lane. So this real-time battleship RPG is now turning to another patch note that happened on July 15th, and here you are getting lots of new content, improvements, and many more. Do you have an urge to find what they are? So take a look at this guide and take all the things into your consideration. Let’s start.


New Contents 


With July 15th patch notes, our Azur Lane sailors are getting new mini-events added to the game permanently. There are two adding new events, and commanders can activate one of them at a particular time, and when they complete them, they will get rewards that are included with the limited outfits. Our recommendation is for you to download Azur Lane on PC to enjoy the maximum gaming experience from this game, and the added events are as follows.


Sea Star on Shore 


Players have to tap onto the Cygnet within the Academy to receive a task from the event. There are two new tasks to be unlocked every day, and in total, there will be ten tasks for a player to complete. You have to gather all the items you are receiving to earn the skin of Southern Cross by Seaside for Cygnet. The tasks and the rewards you are getting on each day are as follows.


  • Day 1.1 – sortie and obtaining the ten winds with an S rank to take 100 coins


  • Day 1.2 – upgrade the equipment two times to earn five random Retrofit Blueprints


  • Day 2.1 – complete two of the missions to earn 100 oils


  • Day 2.2 – win two of the PVP exercises to earn 100 coins


  • Day 3.1 – scraping on two ships to earn 100 coins


  • Day 3.2 – clear the Daily Raid three times to reach 5 Random Gear parts


  • Day 4.1- training ships in tactical classrooms two times to earn 100 coins


  • Day 4.2 – reinforcing the ship five times to earn 5 Random tech Packs


  • Day 5.1 – defeat any of the 20 enemy ships to earn 100 coins


  • Day 5.2 – using backyard food ten times to achieve 5 Torpedo Tempura


  • Day 6.1 – clearing any of the Hardmode maps two times to earn 100 coins


  • Day 6.2 – opening one of the Tech packs to earn five random Skill Books


  • Day 7.1 – defeating three bosses to earn 100 coins


  • Day 7.2 – training ships on tactical classroom two times to earn five random Retrofit Blueprints


  • Day 8.1 – Sortie and obtaining ten winds with an S rank to earn 100 coins


  • Day 8.2 – scraping five pieces of equipment to earn 3 Quick Finishers


  • Day 9.1 – constructing two ships to earn 100 coins


  • Day 9.2 – scraping two ships to earn one Wisdom Cube


  • Day 10.1 – Upgrading equipment two times to earn 100 coins


  • Day 10.2 – completing two exercises to earn the Southern Cross by the Seaside of Cygnet


Angel or Devil in White 


Azur Lane Patch Notes Guide | July 15th, 2021


This event is where to tap the Vampire within the Academy. And there, a task has been prepared by the event for the player to complete. You are allowed to find the missions placed on event taps, and there will be one new task every day to be unlocked. There are seven days of tasks, and complete them all to take all the items to receive the Little Devil in White skin for Vampire. The tasks you will get, and their rewards are as follows.


  • Day 1 – defeating three bosses to earn 300 oil cans


  • Day 2 – defeating three bosses to earn 3 Main Gun Parts


  • Day 3 – defeating three bosses to earn 3 Anti Air Gun Parts


  • Day 4 – defeating three bosses to earn 3 Torpedo Parts


  • Day 5 – defeating three bosses to earn 3 Aircraft Parts


  • Day 6 – defeating three bosses to earn 3 Auxiliary Parts


  • Day 7 – defeating three bosses to earn Little Devil in white skin for Vampire


These are the current available permanently added events on Azur Lane.


Summer Offensive 


This event is Yamashiro’s questline, and players have to tap on her within the Academy to complete some tasks. In the permanent edition of this event, players are selecting the summer offensive with the permanent events on the screen. Every day, players have to unlock one new task, and there are seven tasks available here. You need to gather every Yamashiro Bells to receive the skim of the Summer Offensive to the Yamashiro.


Back to School 


Azur Lane Patch Notes Guide | July 15th, 2021


This is the other currently available permanent event on Azur Lane, and in here, players have to tap the Craven within the Academy to receive a task from the event. You need to find missions under the tab of events within the main menu, and players have to select back to school on the screen of permanent events, and every day there will be two tasks for them to unlock. By unlocking them, you will gather all the items in there, and those are for the skin Cheerleader on Playground for Craven.


Here you can view the Full Ship Tier List on Azur Lane.


Newest Character Story and Improvements 


There is an added character story for character Fusou and it has named as After the Flowers Bloomed. And several optimizations are done to the game as improvements are as follows.


  • There were characters on the calculation menu of Comfort’s EXP as a secretaryship. This secretaryship has been changed to the Akashi as the newest game update.


  • There was an issue where players face defeated enemies. These defeated enemies who were from the Crosswave Rerun event were never counted towards the mission progress of Guild Operation. This total exaggeration has been fixed with the new patch notes.


  • Earlier, Tosa’a barrage torpedoes were not able to lock the enemies when it is from the position of the upper screen on vanguard ships. This issue has been fixed now.


  • There is an optimization done with the new update to the formation of changing fleet.


Earning these ships will be challenging with the usual summon system. You need a better reroll with quick steps. Then try to use LDPlayer Multi-Instance Sync Feature as it allows you to have many rerolls at once, depending on your PC storage. You never need to lag with a time-wasting reroll system anymore, and your favorite hero will be yours within seconds.


Azur Lane Patch Notes Guide | July 15th, 2021




So this is the guide for the Patch Notes released on Azur Lane on July 15th, and, interestingly, this is adding permanent events with some new content. It is now your time to embrace these new updates before any other player and enjoy the new character stories, added events, and the good optimizations added into the Azur lane. Take your steps and make your game more interesting with the newest content.

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