Artery Gear Fusion Level Up Guide – A Guide to Level Up Your Characters


Artery Gear Fusion is the new gacha game that comes to your doorstep with a war against the puppets. Being a commander, you are going to give orders for mecha girls. Yes, you heard it right. This game is carrying out some mecha girls to war against those puppets, and just because the kit they wear is called the Artery Gear, we may identify this game's name as the Artery Gear Fusion. However, conducting a war is never a more manageable task without having the proper strength for it, and you need to have some upgrades to yourself. And today, we bring you the Artery Gear Fusion level-up guide.






Every battle that you face in this Artery Gear Fusion world has to be done with excellent skills, and you don't get to meet the same levels of enemies every time. So if you have ever encountered an enemy with huge strength, you need to come up with a capacity to defeat them, so that is why you need to be leveled up. Since the game flows with a technical theme, nothing comes easier here, and having upgrades and level-ups for your character is the only way to progress through every content of this Artery Gear Fusion game.


So here we bring you the Artery Gear Fusion level-up guide to know what you can do to level up, and this guide has been written from a perspective of a character leveling up. So let's begin.


Level Up Your Characters with Experience Points

Most of the time, in a gacha game, tanks and defenders are the ones who will lead a battle, and they can turn the whole result of a battle into another direction with only one performance. So we recommend you to earn experience points for your all-powerful heroes as it can increase their attack, HP, and also the status of defense throughout the gameplay. Experience points are your most important element in the Artery Gear Fusion level up guide, and it is considered an open-up factor for strengthening our elements.


You can earn your Experience Points in this game by going through the steps shown as follows.


  • You can try to drop some weapons and materials at the same time when you have enough fuel with you.


  • Players can also consume this reinforcement material from the reinforcement screen where they consume other AGs. Remember that the amount of fuel you get in a day is limited. So you have to keep this point as a markup for your mind for the reinforcement procedure.


  • It may use some time from your missions, but still, players can have experience points with the in-game resources. You need to send your heroes to the missions here.



Technical Code for Skill Up

Players can increase their skills by using the technical code as well. It is the next thing on this Artery Gear Fusion level up guide. You can earn this technical code after you have cleared a story from every stage of the game, and sometimes, beginners will earn a 3-star only technical code randomly from playing a normal difficulty level from the game. And when it turns to the intermediate level, the technical code will be five stars, and it is also dropped randomly to the highest difficulty levels.


Technical codes are not like the research materials as they cannot be mixed at all. This will be specially applied to the 5-star technical; codes which are known as the advanced technical codes.


Open Up the Limit of Levels


There are maximum limits for the levels in all the characters of this game, and that will be our next thing to include in this Artery Gear Fusion level-up guide. The maximum raising up of the upper limit on each character can be displayed as follows.


  • If the character is a 3-star hero, then the upper limit for raising up with be 30
  • If the character is a 4-star hero, then he has 40 upper limits for the raising up
  • Upper limits for the 5-star heroes will be 50


If your character has reached the upper limit, as we mentioned here, they get the chance to raise their grades by a one-star and know that this limit is the direct factor for your attack, HP, and defense stats in the game. So any Artery Gear Fusion player has to give their whole efforts to open up the upper limit of the main character as much as they can. And this makes a good point for the Artery Gear Fusion level-up guide. 


You can reach for the upper limit by reaching a maximum limit from the strength of each battle.


Materials Needed for Upper Limit or to Reach this Breakthrough Limit 

If you want to reach this upper limit as a player, you need to have the same level of material just as the hero you utilize in the game. Also, you can use the robots as your basic supporters for every battle in Artery Gear Fusion. And that makes our next point for the Artery Gear Fusion level up guide.


Players should come up with several items or things equipped with them including robots, for this upper limit as follows.


  • Normal Robots – after passing every battle with its story, players will be offered robots as their basic supporters. These robots are also like a supporting item for the 3-star heroes and can be considered a useful item to utilize on our upper limit reach.


  • Supporters– supporters in the game can be earned by doing your daily missions, and they can be used to ease up on reaching the upper limit.


  • Rank Up for the Supporters – the normal pathway for the upper limit is to have support from robots along with 3-star supporters.



Technology Level

You can also level up the technology using some research materials, which is our next point in the Artery Gear Fusion level up guide. If you can raise the technical level from this Artery Gear Fusion game, it clears the way to skill enhancements, and the way for doing this can be listed as follows.


  • Use your research material – you can select the technology tab and then choose every stage to strengthen them up with the skill levels. This has to be done in order because you can't skip to the third stage without strengthening up your second stage. Every player needs to have research materials that are similar to their heroes' attributes, and the amount needed here will be changed according to the rarity of your hero.


  • Earning Research Materials – research materials can be earned with Data collection clearing and with a special strategy. And also, they can be earned by combining funds with materials with a ten-level rarity.


Rank Up Your Same Characters

As the final tip from our Artery Gear Fusion level-up guide, we suggest you do your ranking-ups for the same character throughout the gameplay. Know that once you are able to increase their ranks, it generally gives you a way to increase their stats as well. Using materials or by using the rank tab from the game, you can do this and try to do this more often for the highest rarity characters. The reason is that they can earn you more support for the Artery Gear Fusion gameplay.



If these all character movements and their way of behavior cannot be controlled in a proper manner, let us give you a good solution. The Keyboard Mapping feature combines the most familiar key bindings for you than the default key settings of the game, and here you have the entire freedom to move with your heroes as you can have a personalized keyboard from that feature. Of course, you can only get this chance with your ideal and the best android emulator: LDPlayer.


And if you struggle with repeating actions in a battle, the best emulator: LDPlayer, has a solution for it as well. The Keyboard Macro Commands will come to help you in here with one key to all those continuously repeating movements. So as a player for Artery Gear Fusion, you don’t have to deal with repeating things anymore. The most successful performance and the improvement can be earned from your game without any overwhelm.



That marks an end for your Artery Gear Fusion level-up guide, and we hope that you can successfully utilize these facts to make your gameplay into success. As we said earlier, don't forget to do your Artery Gear Fusion level up, as it is the only way to deal with the most challenging phases of this game, and you don't have to fail yourself when you have the most engaging tips with you here. Go through these all and mark your victory in the Artery Gear Fusion stages.

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