Artery Gear Fusion Overall Review and First General Impression


Artery Gear Fusion global has just launched to the gaming world of iOS and Android platforms, and we are now given a chance to have the best strategy game set within an RPG world. Here we will get to experience turn-based gameplay, and yes, so many game modes can be caught with some anime girls leading the fights. So have you started to play this RPG game? If not, hold up a little bit. This is a general impression for you before you get into the game, and let's have a review for this game to see if it is worth your time.






Let's talk some more about this game’s global version. The newest RPG game strategy is brought to you by Bilibili, and there is no doubt that Bilibili's artwork is the best streaming platform in China. This publisher is very well known for releasing masterpieces, so we know that Artery Gear Fusion is undoubtedly an excellent game to play.


Since this new RPG game ranks first in Singapore and currently being the best download from there, we thought that having a review for all the aspects will be helpful to continue with your gameplay. After all, this strategy RPG game has only passed a few days from its initial release, there will be a lot more to improve, and there will be so many dissatisfactions among the players with several weak options. So, first of all, let's see how things flow in this game, and this will be a clear intro to your gameplay.


Artery Gear Fusion Gameplay

This has turn-based gameplay, and it is a weak system that comes with standard RvGvB elements. You need to have four units for a party to continue with the gameplay, and they all need to have three skills. But the thing is, you don't get to meet any dark or a light unit in this game.


So many game modes can be seen in this game, but we don't see new gameplay here. Every game mode features some stages to farm, and that is it. But overall, the gameplay can be called okay, and it is better to try. This PVP game mode is featured in this game where we have to fight against the AI teams, and we have more control than in a usual gacha game. But the enemies you see in real life don't come with more powers, so it doesn't seem like a new thing for a player.



Story and the Guilds

We don't think that this game has a nice plot, which may depend on the players. It is a typical waifu story and cannot be ranked as the best. But overall, it will be okay. And from the guild aspect, the game has a casual affair on it, and we can have more and more resources without even wanting to have a hard try for it.


Overall, the guilds are holding a nice balance to it, and in some cases, it becomes competitive to make you dig more and more into the gameplay.


Gacha Rates and Rarity of Heroes

We can see there are three rarities for our heroes here as 5, 4, and 3 stars for the Artery Gear Fusion tier list. And also, they come with SSR, SR, and R grades. None of the heroes will hide any rarity within them, just like any other gacha, and you can get the most powerful units from the SSR grade. But overall, SR heroes will also play a great role here, and they are way easier to access than those SSR units.


When talking about the gacha rates of this game, it comes with a 0.7% for one unit. As a beginner, you won't be able to use many of your SSR units in your early game, and it will be much easier to deploy an R and SR unit for the early game. Investing in them and trying to build them more will give you many chances to improve your gameplay. The gacha system is available in this game only for pulling your units. Check out the Artery Gear Fusion tier list if you want to know what heroes are coming under each rarity.


If summoning takes more time, use the Multi-Instance Sync feature that you can easily get from the best free emulator: LDPlayer. Through its cloned instances from the same game, you will surely do much better in the gameplay.



Resource Earning

Artery Gear Fusion comes with a F2P currency system on it, and overall we can have a monthly income here. It comes with different modes, and it will be a better chance for the player than playing a normal game. Here is how you are going to earn.


  • Daily missions – comes with 1500 crystals for a month
  • Weekly quests – comes with 960 crystals for a month
  • Union order – comes with a battle pass for a month with 3 summon tickets and 360 crystals
  • Union trade center – you will be offered five tickets for a month
  • Mutant sample exchange – 4 tickets will be given by delivering a one per a week
  • PVP – PVP rewards will be based on the playing style of each player
  • Lava Rift – you are going to be offered 600 crystals for a month



So it is not kind of a bad experience because, for a whole month in 30 days, you can earn in this game. There will be overall 3420 crystals going to be offered to players and 180 summons as well.


Quality of Life and the Progression

If we talk about this game's quality, it has a standard six-slot gear system, and it has been powered with the RNG sub-stats. There are so many quality things added with the sub stats, and we can see all the gears without leveling them up.


So many ways are there to upgrade our sub stats, and they have the best values to transfer. So we can agree that Artery Gear Fusion has a way better system on it than many other gachas out in the market. And yes, it is the best quality of life added to this game.


What Do We See as the Best in Artery Gear Fusion?

One of the best features we adore here is its compatibility with a lower-end device. So nothing can stop enjoying this game because it works smoothly for any device. And this game is more compared with Epic Seven because it shows many similarities classically. Artery Gear Fusion identifies it as a casual game with more easy farming and gearing systems. So we can all agree that it is much more than the Epic Seven when it was released before as a first launch. It is like an early meta for the Epic Seven game.


Overall, the graphics are outstanding in this new RPG, and the attack elements seem nicer than any other gacha. The game comes with some Non-Chibi Ultimate animations on it, which makes the gameplay more interesting, and overall, it will be good for the best Chibi game.



What Makes Bad in Artery Gear Fusion?

Even though this game works very well with lower-end devices, it has a crashing issue. So many players have complained about this crashing problem, and still, there is no solution given to it by the developers. But we think it will be introduced with a new solution to have a smooth function to the game later.


And the other thing we don't like in this game is its translations. We get it that it was first developed with the Chinese language, but now it has reached the global stage. So we expect the game to have some good translations to help with the gameplay where Artery Gear Fusion fails to do it. The UI translations are very bad in this game, and it is nothing we can help but make a bad experience for the gameplay.


The next thing is that players in this game expect more pulls in a month which is good, but it seems like it doesn't have many. So it is not that good for the overall gameplay. It was somewhat annoying at the launch, and when you don't have mobile data with you, even if you use an emulator or the mobile, the game makes some trouble to log in.


If you are looking for some advanced way to play this game, you can have the help from the best emulator: LDPlayer, and we are pretty sure that its features will enhance your gameplay more than any other traditional mobile gaming method.



So that is the end. Here is how the gameplay feels for us with Artery Gear Fusion, and you can have a try to see if those are worthy or not. Overall, we can give a good mark for this game as It can impress you with several features.

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