Artery Gear Global Atelier Ryza Collab – Everything We Know So Far


Artery Gear Global arrived in the world exactly a month ago, and although it is only a very short time, it managed to capture the hearts of many gacha game lovers. And now that they have confirmed a new roadmap for July, we know a collaboration will happen, and there are so many guild battles, and the raids are set to be released to the game soon. It is the Artery Gear Global Atelier Ryza.





We can see many things with new events arriving with this new collab, and it is mentioned that the Ever Doodles and Cat Hideout will be the first-ever collab event. 

It will feature the Atelier Ryza game to the Artery Gear Fusion. We will have to follow up with Ryza with all her friends here because they are from this collaboration event and are going to the Artery Gear Fusion world by taking help from Team Bobcat.

We will see a total of 3 units as new in this Artery Gear Global Atelier Ryza collaboration as Lila, Ryza, and Klaudia. The Klaudia will be a free unit to earn from the event. The other two characters can be taken from their pick-up banners, and every player can take these units when the collab event is happening. So let’s see what else is going to be featured on this new collab one by one as follows.


Artery Gear Global Atelier Ryza Collab – Event Part 01

This is the first part of the event for the collaboration, and we know that we have taken these details from the CN and JP version of the event. So some details can be varied from a small amount for the global version. Keep that in your mind.



This part will ask you to do traditional things like farming event stages on blue catballs. You will have Colab as the currency of this event, and blue catballs can be further used to purchase items as well. The overall procedure of this event, part 01, would be the same as the Nina and Shura events.


There will be several missions to be accomplished here, and those are some daily missions where you have to clear the collab event stages three times. The game will reward players with a Klaudia Armament Application when they complete it.
For each one-time mission, you will be offered rewards. The event is also going to offer you an Alchemic Portion which is helpful for a player to upgrade Klaudia's, Lilla’s, and Ruza’s Exclusive Armament.

There will also be an event shop where you can have some upgrade materials for Armament upgrades and limited skills. Here you will have to spend about 10580 blue catballs. Know that since this is the first part of the e Artery Gear Global Atelier Ryza collab event, you will be able to start it immediately, and then the second part of this event will be unlocked right after the week from the collab.


Artery Gear Global Atelier Ryza Collab – Event Part 02


This is the second part, and players here will have to farm some event stages. But the currency you use here is different from the 01 events, and they are coming in the form of tickets for the boss challenge. Players can use these tickets to challenge their event bosses as it leads them to earn some red crystals. You can use these earned crystals further on the box gacha style reward system, which comes with seven boxes, as well as for the alchemy pot.

Event bosses on this stage will be featured with four difficulty levels: Advanced, Hard, and Normal. When the stage becomes more difficult, the rewards are also going to be maximized. But know that when the stages are becoming harder, you will also have to earn more challenging tickets. Ex in this event can only be challenged for one time in a day. The bosses and their respective rewards and challenge ticket costs can be displayed as follows.


EX boss difficulty will require 30 challenge tickets, and it rewards 150 red crystals.
The advanced boss difficulty will require 30 challenge tickets, and it rewards 30 red crystals.

The hard boss difficulty will require 20 challenge tickets, and it rewards 15 red crystals.

The normal boss difficulty will require ten challenge tickets, and it rewards six red crystals.

Alchemy Pot and the Expedition

Alchemy pot comes as the event shop for your 02nd event, and it has seven box

gachas on it. Each of them is filled with upgrade materials for the players. Alchemy pot is the whole reason that makes players attracted to Artery Gear Global Atelier Ryza collab.


The alchemy pot can be used by expanding red crystals as it can draw some rewards from the pot. The rewards are randomly selected, and every draw will ask you to pay ten red crystals, which can be taken by defeating the bosses.

You can have a multi-draw to the pot as it can speed up the entire process, and players will be able to set up the maximum limit for the multi-drawing from the alchemy pot menu. It comes with ten draws in default and can be extended up to 100 draws. But there is one thing to remember if your current amount of red crystals is not allowing you to have your specified maximum draws. The multi-draw button here will only give you the chance to draw as much as the amount of the red crystals you currently own.

The first time a player accesses this alchemy pot, he can only pull his rewards to box one, which can be unlocked by pulling all jackpot prizes. The other six boxes will also be unlocked using the same procedure. But know that this game allows players to go back to the previous box all the time and have their rewards pulled from that specific box.

Alchemy Expedition

This is a mini-game with a side story for Artery Gear Global Atelier Ryza collab, and it asks the players to send expeditions out. So they can craft items and collect materials to complete their missions featured in this mini-game. When you manage to complete a certain amount of missions, you will be able to unlock some cut scenes from the new side story.

You are not going to be offered any reward from this mini-game, and it is only coming up with a story. This part is purely for the simulation of your side quest missions.

Artery Gear Global Atelier Ryza Collab Banners

Two banners will be featured in this new Artery Gear Global Atelier Ryza collab as Ryza and Lila.

  • The Ryza banner is going to feature at the start of the event.



  • The Lila banner is available for the players right after the collab event part 2 is unlocked.



These are not going to be your usual pick-up banners, and when a player does ten pulls in there, those are allowed to earn some kind of an extra reward. The reward you may earn will range from characters to upgrade materials. The collab banner will ask 1800 from Forging crystals or a collab banner ticket to make a pull.

Every collab banner is counted as a ten roll when players are using it on the collab banner, and you cannot do one roll here. It asks you to do a ten roll as a constant. So players should have a collab banner ticket with them, or they must earn 1800 forging crystals to do a pull on their banner.

The game will not allow players to use the red tickets or the regular hiring agreements from these collab banners. However, it can still exchange 10 of the regular hiring agreements for a collab banner ticket. But here, you must remember that this exchange can only be performed for ten regular hiring agreements.  

Both banners will ask for 90 rolls for each, and unit rates are going to be the same for both events, just like the regular banners. But here, you will not be offered any Regular Recruitment order for any pulling. There will be nine steps for these two banners, and when you finish with the 90 rolls for one banner, the steps are going to be reset for step 1.

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So that marks an end for our long detailed guide for the Artery Gear Global Atelier Ryza collab, and you can see that there are many things to grab here. So many events and rewarding systems will be associated with this new collaboration event, and it is time to take part in it to make a change to your gameplay.

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