Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter Build Guide – How to Build the Best Demon Hunter


Diablo Immortal is now in action with a dark fantasy theme on it, and this is your new face for the Diablo series. Most of the players have eagerly waited until the game was released, and now, finally, it is here. Players can experience the best plot that they have always appreciated, just like in the Diablo series, and you will carry out gameplay that asks you to do the greatest damage and the highest performance for the targets. And to make this happen, you need a Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter build guide to know how exactly you can build a best of the demon hunter from the game.





When talking about Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter, it is a class that has the most fluent skills to single damage targets, and it is a way more tactical class in the game. So if you are playing a PVP phase of the game, the ideal class you should earn will be this Demon Hunter. They have the best-ranged abilities than any other class in this game, so with the right combination of equipment and skills, you will get the most out of your game with the right build of them.

So this Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter build guide has been created to teach you how well you can equip this class, and we are going to teach you the right way of combining their skills and the equipment to have maximum performance. So without having more talking, let’s move into our Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter build guide with the best recommendations for building the best demon hunter as follows.

What Is Your Best Demon Hunter Build from Diablo Immortal?

Since Diablo Immortal is a game that is clearly based on the loots, you just have to go with so many choices to assemble your characters, and the selections that you need to have will be varied from gears skills and even the equipment as well. These all factors contribute to building the best Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter build, and you can face so many monsters without considering how powerful they are against you.



Players can go through many ways to maximize the skills of this Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter class. Still, we can name the Sharpshooter as the best Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter class you can meet throughout this gameplay. Demon hunters are usually well-known characters to cause heavy damage, and they will also take such huge damage from their enemies. Although demon hunters are easy to kill, they will be the perfect class choice that you can have to deal with the most damage at all.

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Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter class got the best single target damage, making them the ideal selection against the bosses. But know that demon hunters will never be ideal for the skill of crowd control.


Best Equipment – Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter Build

Diablo Immortal is a game that offers you the opportunity of equipping characters with so many items, and if you want to make the best with gears, you should definitely go with the most working stat for your build and the class. And also need to have a clear understanding of what attributes are matched for them and know their best legendary powers.



In Diablo Immortal, most of the time, your demon enemies are dropping many items which we can further collect, and these are actually better than what we currently own. So if you intend to have the best leveling and a progression, it is a must to have the best gears from the game. The best way to do so is to be alerted every time we defeat enemies, and once you earn the best armor and weapons from them, your inventory will flash.


When you try to have the best equipment to have the best Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter build, always remember to have an eye for the dropping items. And you can make enemies drop them by making some primary damage attacks from them using the Hungerer. The Hungerer is a crossbow of legendary off-hand, and it can do great work for you many times in Diablo Immortal as a primary weapon. There is a legendary power that this crossbow holds to give your enemies more powerful damage than usual.


What Are the Best Legendary Items to Build a Diablo Immortal Best Demon Hunter?

Most of the time, Diablo Immortal players stare at the game with common items and some rare and magic items. But when you pass through the states of the game, it is a must to change these primary items to the legendary ones. Legendary items are coming along with the highest stats for the gameplay, and they are also helping players develop their existing skills with the help of some legendary powers.



As we mentioned before, Sharpshooter is your go-to demon hunter hero in Diablo Immortal. This hero can be enhanced well with the use of some legendary items as follows.


  • Shoulders
  • Head
  • Kegs
  • Chest
  • Off-Hand Weapon
  • Main Hand Weapon

What Gems are the Best for Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter Build?

Normal Gems

Earning your gems from Diablo Immortal is not a straightforward method at all, and you will spend more and more time as well. But they are actually worthy for a player, and each and every best normal gem category serves in a unique way for the gameplay. Here are your legendary gems.

Blue Colored Gems – pick the Sapphire ones here, and they can give you a buff of an armor penetration which can be used as an armor buff.  

Red Colored Gems – you need to pick the Tourmaline and not Ruby because it gives a better damage buff for you, which is worth more than a life buff.

Yellow Colored Gems – both of the yellow gems have the best resistance and potency levels, so you can choose Topaz of Citrine here once you move to the highest level.

Legendary Gems

And as the next gem category for having the best Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter build will be the legendary gems. Legendary gems are way more helpful than the normal gems as they can provide you with the best bonuses from your attributes, and they also boost our characters with the most powers. Slotting into a maximum number of six slots will give you the chance to earn all legendary gems. But know that most of the legendary gems of Diablo Immortal can be earned upon the completion of Elder Rifts.

You need to know that all the legendary gems have several tiers. You can easily obtain the one and 2-star gems while earning the 5-star legendary gems in the game becomes very hard. But know that 5-star gems are the ones that always come along with the greatest bonuses that can improve the condition of your primary gears.

So these are the legendary gems you can earn to have the best Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter build. Know that we have combined these all with 1 and 2 tiers, and also, they will help you raise the performance of the primary gears.

Starter Legendary

  • Ca’arsen’s Invigoration
  • Berserker’s Eye
  • Fervent Fang
  • Power and Command
  • Everlasting Torment
  • Lightning Core

Best Legendary

  • Echoing Shade
  • Blood Soaked Jade
  • Frozen Heart
  • Chip of Stone Flesh
  • Seeping Bile
  • Howler’s Call

How to Play Your Best Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter in the Game?

Try to utilize Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter to the escaping routes as they don’t have much vulnerability level against the enemies. When you are busy reducing the health of your enemies, don’t forget to check out these escaping routes; otherwise, you will be dashed from the game for sure.



If you face bosses, try to get used to the Vengeance as it can raise the effectiveness of all your primary attacks, so you are going to defeat your bosses with some fewer efforts. If there are many large mob groups, try to deal with multi-shot or the Spinning Chakram, as they are the best for your AOE attacks.

And we also suggest you utilize the Keyboard Mapping feature from the best emulator: LDPlayer, as it helps to sharpen your movements with the Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter class. You literally get the opportunity to set your most needed key binding to form a personalized keyboard here, and that is how the efficiency of your gameplay can be raised with the best android emulator: LDPlayer.



This sums up an end for our best Diablo Immortal Hunter build guide, and we hope that you now have a clear idea of how to get him right in the game. Go through all these recommendations and make sure to do the best in this gameplay as the best Demon Hunter.

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