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Like others have said, it is much different from any table game, or any other app (aside from pokerstars). The variance of worst hands winning is unlike anything I've ever seen in my 20 years of playing poker. I still use the app because sometimes its my bad hand that sucks out, but it certainly raises an eyebrow. What the devs tell you and what you see are two different things. Still, as long as you don't sink too much "play-money" into it, you can have a good time.


As soon as your tournament ROI reaches 55%... Every 2 or 3 outer just hits against you. Constantly... Over and over. Why on earth one would write an app to do this is beyond me... But the stats are undeniable. The worst hand wins 90% of the time on an all in show down. Is there a way to give zero stars?


PokerBros is by far my absolute favorite place to play online NLH & OFV by light-years!!! The perfect amount of games to choose from with every play level available. Even offer. 10-.20 blinds which is absolutely perfect for any and all beginner level to mid players. From daily unlimited rabbit's 🐇, win free time banks and a plethora of emojies that make the whole game funner to play and have fun with! I'd strongly recommend signing up for club Mizrachi and play daily freerolls M-F.

Run PokerBROS on PC

PokerBROS by ThinkLean is a social game where we have to play a poker game with friends from an online space, and it gives you the chance to play this game at any place at any time. You might be a beginner, a pro or a middle-level player in the poker game world, and it doesn’t matter. Every feature has been made from ground level to suit any player. And there is no need to be afraid of losing anymore.

Play with Friends and Challenge

The PokerBROS game has been designed to run in an online space, so this is a virtual world that you can invite all your friends to play with you. And also, there are several challenges that you can use to challenge your other players to the Pot Limit Omaha. Everything has been packed with a lot of fun, and there are several tournaments to participate in.
The tournaments like Sit & Go and multi Table Tournaments will really put you in a situation where you can see how far you can go in this poker world, and for more optimizations, LDPlayer 9 is here with the best features to advance the gameplay.

Create Your Own Private Poker Club

Are you interested in having your own type of poker club? Well, PokerBROS will give you this chance with many rooms as well as tables. These clubs will provide you with a more personalized experience for poker, and if you are a huge fan of playing poker games, why not participate in this PokerBROS world?

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