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Last Updated: 2021-07-08 Current Version: 8.14.1
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Just when the app seemed to be getting good, it falls flat again. The filter function has become way too complicated and impacts the amount of profiles that can be seen. Very much focused on forcing users to pay. Glitches, shuts down, have to reinstall, full of fake profiles. Maybe consider other apps that are reliable and easy to use. Recommend using the free version, why pay for something unreliable?


The overall function of the app is fine and I use it often. The main issue is the ads, ESPECIALLY, lately. There are an obscene amount of ads everywhere. Sometimes I'll just tap the screen on something ad unrelated and it will open and ad into my web browser. I recently have seen auto play video ads in the banner of the messages that have audio that you CANNOT turn off or mute. I mean c'mon this is ridiculous. Secondly, they are making more and more features locked behind a paywall.


Even once you pay for the app. There is constant ads to purchase more access. The add on purchases after base purchase are very high. Base purchase allows you to see more profiles. But in order for you to be seen by more than 20 or so of the closest profiles to you , you have to pay to be seen. And it is only for a couple hours. Still a 1 star app.

Grindr – Gay Chat features for PC:

Your sexuality doesn’t define you, and Grindr is the world's first free app that ensures you can connect with others and not feel ashamed. While many apps have a hefty price tag in place, the same cannot be applied to Grindr. This chat app is even fascinating because you can easily use it on your PC without worrying about any calls disturbing you.

On the PC, you won't have to pay heed to other calls and notifications, and you will be able to communicate through the big screen instead of slouching over your mobile phone. Another great feature is that this app, when launched on the PC, lets you use two different accounts or more simultaneously. Thus, no fear of battery loss or unnecessary botherations.


Can I access Grindr – Gay Chat via PC?

You can indeed enjoy this chatting app through the LDPlayer that is the Android emulator. It is completely free and easy to install. Hence, no hassle, and you can have an experience of a lifetime.


How good is the LDPlayer for Grindr – Gay Chat?

Considering that the app itself hasn't released a version suited to the PC, you can certainly reap benefits with the LDPlayer. It is the world's most trusted Android emulator free of charge and does in no way crash.

It caters to many games such as Among Us, Free Fire, and PUBG Mobile and has built a stellar reputation for itself worldwide. LDPlayer is for anyone who needs a hindrance-free journey, whether it be in gaming or through messaging. It consists of 3 large stores, including the LDStore, and the Google Play Store.

If you want to be a part of the LDPlayer family, all you have to do is install and run it. Once you do, you will never want to let go of this beauty again, and this is our guarantee to you!

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