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Videos stop playing when scrolling through timeline, even if they are the active one on the screen. Also, whoever thought it is a good idea to only load the last couple of reply comments when there are sometimes hundreds of them should be fired immediately. Takes minutes to get to the start of a conversation. Also, no progress bar in videos which makes no sense at all.


It's really a downward spiral. I've been using it more frequently since 2017. Here's what's bad (at least on Android) -some messages don't load, the last ones just disappear after a while -the feed is really 40% ads, think about that for a second -some notifications just don't appear, ever -the shopping stuff I didn't even look into, that's just ridiculous -stories from some people are displayed as seen by default The ground basic stuff works most of the time Too bad there's no real alternative


the notification does work properly. I receive notifications about messages only when I open the app, answer the message, close the app and after a couple of minutes it comes(the notification about the message I've already opened) 🙄 also I'm annoyed about feature when you watch one post and the app decides that you finished and scroll to another one. 😑 and that I can't properly read the text under the post, because it kicks me down to the next post when I just try to read the text


Run Instagram on PC

Instagram is one of the interesting and eye-catching social media channels. The founders of this app: Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom, made this app a social networking service for sharing videos and photos. This platform allows its users to upload a video that is enhanced with several filters, and it is a great platform to meet people as well as to see a glimpse of other remarkable points in life in the best view.

Chat, Share and Find New Friends

Instagram allows you to find more and more new people to follow, and just a simple follow and a heart will make them feel like you admire them. This is a great platform to share what you would love and an excellent influencing platform to spread awareness for numerous important aspects of the world.

If you want to stay connected, Instagram also provides you with the feature of chatting, and this is a platform designed to share, hashtag and adore your most lovable person by just following. And now, you can optimize your PC to have the best powers on using Instagram with the help of LDPlayer 9.

Best Filters and Live Streaming

If you want to have a live session with your all-lovable followers, Instagram is the platform that does it perfectly, and there are so many filters to make you feel pretty. Thousands of photo editing features are available here, and right now, it is the best time to enhance these editing skills with Instagram. Share your world with others in this massive network.

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