Save the Bro: Funny Choice

Brightika, Inc.
Last Updated: 2022-07-31 Current Version: 0.1.314
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“Save the Bro” - a funny game with choice! Solve tricky puzzles by choosing the decision. Bad Guy Misadventures. His rescue depends on you! Prison escape and further surprises... Save him! Decide now!

It's like the plot of a cool thriller with black humor. The man needs to make the prison escape from a dark jail where he’s locked in. Save him! What will be his choice: use a shovel or crap the toilet in a tricky way? Make the choice to find out what happens!

After prison escape, the man is released and is faced with a series of funny choices on which his life depends. Your decision may be weird or inappropriate, so much the cooler! Save him by choosing! Help the bro to decide and thereby rescue him!

You’ll need to use your IQ during all the choice games to help the hero reach the end and taste the freedom and enjoy the delights of life. Save the man! Funny, inappropriate & weird games are gathered in “Save the Bro”. You’ll have a real pleasure while playing them!

Blow your brain out and start solving helping games with the choice in “Save the Bro”!

Game features:
★ Easy gameplay and tricky puzzles
★ Lots of levels
★ Funny choices and decisions
★ Free brain teaser in your phone
★ Rescue the dude who won't let you get bored
★ The final of the game depends on you

Do you like puzzle games and cool humor?! “Save the Bro” will blow your mind with unusual puzzles and of course make you laugh! Brother again can't decide what to do - help him!

Can you complete all the funny games by choosing the right choice?
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