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Last Updated: 2022-01-27 Current Version: 0.2.12
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The magical floating continent is filled with the six elements of light, dark, fire, ice, grass and water. Everything is protected by the world tree and has also gained the power of the elements.
But there is a crisis hidden behind the calm, and the gate of the abyss is opened! Fallen monsters emerged and destroyed the villages everywhere. The expedition team needs to be formed!
Here, players will act as the leader of the pioneering group, recruit heroes, form a team, and destroy the demonized monsters to regain the stronghold and guard the elemental continent!
Here, as a mage, you will become the head of the expedition team.You need to recruit heroes, form a team, destroy fallen monsters, recapture the stronghold and guard the element continent!


1.Idle game, put it there
-A game that starts and ends anytime as you will.
-Game loot gained during your sleep.

2.Specil magic
-Real-time magic that can be manually released, which is full of strategies
-Gorgeous special effects, super cool battle experience

3.Elemental hero cultivating
-Six element heroes of light, darkness, fire, water, ice and grass
-Elemental faction advantages and special hero skills
-Reset resources are 100% returned, so no cultivation materials are wasted

4.Multiple exciting ways to play
- Adventure in the Lower Underground Palace
-Attack Element Tower
-Fortress raid which is rougue like
More exciting content is waiting for your exploration!

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