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Last Updated: 2023-08-02

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Great gameplay; Lots of potential. However, i dont think the game is not well optimized. It doesnt run smooth. There a far too many games that are way more graphically and aesthetically pleasing to look at with half the hardware requirements. There is also a persistent server lag regardless of your ISP speed, Which in turn has the tendency to make you stuck on objects, teleport, or just outright no-clip on stairs. In-game products are ok, But most costs as much as a downpayment for a car


Okay so the update makes no sense, nothing special about it, I was hoping for the new class actually, but no, more bugs and things I cannot even explain what the heck is that, like stuck in a stair, stuck in a rock like why? Then sometimes, when I reload the game, the game goes black, like what the heck, game goes black cannot do anything, except delete the game and reinstall, fix this problems to make your game playable, lot of potential and bugs at the same time, such a disappointment.


There's soo many flaws and errors, the UI are so terribly messed up.. many features that are unnecessary.. The skills button are so stiff, can you make it easier and the effect respond immediately when I choose a skill, it's like I have to double touch it if not multiple touches so that the skills will in effect! And the most annoying part is, there's a lot of STUCK when walking, even the slightly corner of a building or any obstacles when I walk, it stuckkkk!!!! Fix it please!!!

Play DragonNest2:Evolution on PC

DragonNest2:Evolution is a new MMORPG game set in the world of Alteria by Level Infinite, and this time, you will have to protect the land with your heroes because the Alteria land is now collapsing. It is time to protect this land by gathering heroes and uniting them. In this gameplay, you will also have to face different stories of dungeon adventure, more memories, more unions and fights, and so many dragon bosses. LDPlayer 9 is the best emulator to play DragonNest2:Evolution on PC.

A New MMO Experience with More MMO Features

This game will bring you a brand new MMO experience from it, and more interactions will happen with NPCs too. You will be able to form unions and use them to launch fights against others, and there are also many dragon bosses to beat too.

There is MMO-focused mobile gameplay here, and you will meet many unions to connect with each other just like the like-minded. The game also has a semi-automatic mode that makes it easier for all the new players, and it is about the fight and growth of your characters. Moreover, you will have a trading system to interact with this game as well, allowing you to earn more coins.

The Best Fights with the Best Actions

While playing this 2D to 3D visual game at its best, it is time to have the best control over your fights by setting up the best key controls for it, and this is going to be there now with LDPlayer 9. You will have the best gameplay here with the Keyboard Mapping, which will allow you to set up control schemes as per your wish. So the whole control over the fights will solely be yours.

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