Last Updated: 2023-06-10

Run BallMeo on PC with LDPlayer

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating adventure with BallMeo - the Puzzle Video Game where charming characters and lovable felines eagerly await your arrival!

Slip into the delightful cat-shaped onesie and step into vibrant worlds, thwarting the villainous Doc Block while crafting the most endearing Meow balls that will leave you smitten.

🎮 How to play? 🎮
Simply swipe or point with your finger to set the perfect aim
Find the most suitable angle to shoot
Release your finger to witness the ball gracefully rebound, shattering the colorful blocks in its path

🏆 How to triumph? 🏆
Bounce ceaselessly to create captivating combos, securing dazzling scores
Gather captivating items and coveted Meow balls, empowering you to utilize awe-inspiring power-ups, enhancing your performance
Unleash your strategic prowess to outmaneuver and surpass the achievements of your cherished companions!
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What is BallMeo PC version?

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Is it legal and safe to use LDPlayer?

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Is it possible to play BallMeo on PC without Android emulator?

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Recommended PC Configurations for Playing BallMeo on PC

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How to Download and Install BallMeo on PC

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